Recovery, I Clean Up Gooooood!

Hoooooolyyyyyyy shit. Last night was. Wow. Ok. Um. Where to start.

No hook ups.
No boy drama. (But plenty of good ol’ drama.)
No hot messes… well at least none of them were ME.
No vomiting. (Again, not on my part anyway.)

So what DID go down then?

Pre’s with the girls was so much fun, we spent it in the bathroom (which was nearly the size of my BEDROOM) drinking champagne (well, not me, I can’t say I’m too fond of bubbly) and dancing. The girls know all the words to most rap songs. I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed πŸ˜›

We rocked up to the bar about an hour late… apparently that’s normal here though o.O

The bar was lovely, but the girls decided they wanted me drunk- job or no job in the morning (ah yes, I had work this morning… THAT was fun -.-). They were pretty hammered though so it was easy to fake being on my 8th glass of alcohols when I’d only had 2 and a bit- tee hee.

Everyone was so friendly and I even made a few new mates! πŸ˜€

The twins’ mum picked up my bag for me, which was such a relief. Then the drama started kicking in. One of the girls I’d come to the party with wanted to go to the bathroom so I went with her. She was completely shitfaced so she walked into a lot of things and stumbled, but thankfully we made it in one piece. Once in the bathroom we bumped into another girl from pre’s and together we hung out in the bathroom until they were done peeing. There were only two toilets on the roof where we were. An middle-aged-to-old looking lady walked in and was waiting when they came out…

Turns out this lady was a psychologist.

These girls were drunk enough to spill their problems to her. She was an absolute sweetheart, handing out advice like glitter in fairyland. Naturally, when the half hour conversation (that poor woman’s bladder- and friends outside!!) ended, we had a selfie altogether.

Once outside we made conversation with other people until one of the girls decided to pee again. Making our way back we found one toilet taken… with a girl making herself throw up. Not because she was ill, but apparently there’s a thing called “strategic vomitting”?? Anyway, she was going for it and the girl I was with decided she was going to as well.

With both toilets occupied with vomitting girls, a queue started forming. The other girls kept giving me looks- none of them were from the party we were at, they were all older- mid-twenties maybe? They started sympathising with the girls puking, but at the same time it was clear they were getting impatient.

And then?

ALL THE WATER IN THE BUILDING STOPPED RUNNING. All of it. There was no running water.

The toilets wouldn’t flush. The sinks wouldn’t run.

Suffice to say, the ladies left after that. Heck, I left after that! Thankfully, some of the vomitting girls’ closer friends showed up and took over from me. After that little adventure I hung out with this small group of 4- 3 guys and a girl. They were all lovely people and we had a good laugh.

At around 10pm one of the twins stumbled up to us and demanded we take him to the clubs that instant and so we all up-ed and out-ed there, trouping along from SOUTH BRISBANE/SOUTH BANK through the CITY and all the way to the freaking VALLEY! It was something like a 45 minute walk! It was intense.

But, thankfully, not sweaty.

On the way the birthday boy nearly fell into some water features, walked into trees and got lost but none of those things came close to the hilarity that ensued from meeting a group of bible bashers in the city centre. Apparently they’re after-hour regulars there. They just stand there and try to introduce Jesus into the hearts of Brisbane’s drunks post-10pm. I picked up a little flyer/story thing from them. My god did I laugh at it. I desperately wanted to go back and start a fight with them. The argument on the flyer is flawed… SO FUNNY!

Anyway, apparently we were missing out because they were also handing out FREE BIBLES!!!

Goodness me, I really wish I had gone back and spoken to them. Discussed their view on the whole conversion thing. Honestly, I don’t have TOO MUCH of an issue with religion. Generally, if you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. BUT if you ACTIVELY seek me out and try to force your opinion onto me, I will retaliate. Well, about religion anyway. People can live their lives however they like as long as it doesn’t negatively impinge on others. Telling someone they’re a bad person cursed to eternal flames because they don’t believe in your imaginary friend certainly falls into the “negative impact” column in my books.

Anyway, we went on our merry way to the Valley and got stamped for Alhambra. I like it there, the deco is gorgeous! After about an hour everyone else showed up and splintered off. Over the course of the next few hours I went to one other club- called… Lemur? I think? Where I got groped- and epically rejected said groper. As well as a bar called “Our Place”, which I’d been to on Thursday night.

Someone vomited down my leg at “Our Place”. That was pleasant. Not. I nearly gagged, but kept moving and tried my best to ignore the wetness of it in my shoe.

Fun times.

At around 2am one of the birthday boys decided we’d head to Maccers en route to going home to his place. Him, one of his friends and I then promptly piled into a cab (I told them they didn’t know how to party if they thought a 2am turn in was hardcore…) and headed off.

I had a really good time just chatting with the boys on the adventure home, it was bloody cold though (and I was wearing this itty bitty little dress… ughhh… I was FREEZING!). Once we eventually got to his home we just chilled downstairs. I was supposed to be sleeping down there with them, but wound up back in the spare room upstairs when birthday boy number 2 showed up with 3 more friends.

It was a fun night and I wound up crashing at 5:25am. My goodness. I only got about 2 and a half hours sleep before mum came to pick me up for work. I was shattered, but somehow managed to muddle through the next 3 hours.

I’d cleaned myself up just before going to work, scrubbed off my make up and the club stamps, made my hair look presentable, brushed my teeth about 50 times, slathered myself with deo… all for 3 slow hours on the job.


I didn’t know whether to curse them or take it as a positive- they trust me enough to run the stall! πŸ˜€

Anyway, after that I WALKED HOME (ughhhhh) and showered for a small eternity. Best shower ever, haha!

Then just did nothing around the house for a while before mum dragged me outside to wash the damn car (**groan**). After washing the car we headed to “Cold Rock” for ice cream (YUM!!!!) and then came home for dinner. As you do. Haha!

So yeah. That brings us up to date with right now! About to crash for the next century, I’m so friggin’ tired. I nearly fell asleep in the car on the way to get ice cream. *Sigh*



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