Another “Beach” Day

But not quite…

We were supposed to go the beach at Wynnum… (is that how it’s spelled?? No clue… not important) but as it turns out there is no beach at Wynnum. Or at least, no beach where we went 😛

My sister cracked the shits when she realised there would be no baking on the sand and so I was left to babysit her while my mother and godmother walked the dog down the boardwalk. I spent the day reading stories on Wattpad until my phone died just as we got into the car to go home. It was a nice day out… if a little quiet.

I didn’t get ANY maths done. Again. BUT! When I got home there was a voicemail from the tuition centre saying my tutor’s sick and so my session is now postponed until Friday! 😀


I said a big “stuff you” to the maths work (once AGAIN) and watched ‘Supernatural’, which means I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE EPISODE I’VE BEEN EXCITED TO WATCH SINCE THE DAY I STARTED SEASON 1!!


I did not stop laughing. The episode is pure genius and I love it love it love it LOVE IT!

God DAYUM it’s a funny episode.

AHHH! I can see myself watching it a thousand times over in the future 😀

But I’m not going to put any spoilers up so… I’ll just leave it there 😛

After dinner we watched “Slideshow”- still by far one of the best shows on live TV :3

It all gets a bit boring from there. Watched TV, cleaned the kitchen, wrote on Wattpad and chatted with Chimmercharlie again…

So yeah. That’s it. Night! 🙂


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