The Bubble Bursts… Again

Today went swimmingly! Well, more or less. Mum and I nearly got into a fight last night, that definitely still hung in the air between us today.

Had tuition first thing this morning, wasn’t too bad, muddled through another topic and a half. My sister drove mum and I home where we all promptly picked up our technologies and sat outside (ughh, it was at mum’s insistance) and spent time together not communicating. Mum and Mei had a semi go at me about “not being a part of the family”. It’s been going on for a while now. I’m tired of the tune to be honest. I do try to be with them, but there’s only so much reality TV I can watch- and when I ask to watch “Tangled” or “The Croods” (I KNOW they don’t like quote “cartoons” *rolls eyes*) they stall and put it off until I offer something else, like “Across the Universe” or “16 Candles”… but no, they’re still not interested. They’d rather watch that god-awful immoral show: “Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You”. (And yes, for those of you who feel as outraged as I do about the title alone- it is exactly as bad as it sounds.) They have this bullshit defense for watching it too and I just can’t stand it. So EXCUSE ME for have a CONSCIENCE.

Anyway, after a few hours mum decided she wanted to watch a movie at the cinema with the two of us, neither of us really wanted to watch the film she chose, but whatever, family bonding all that, so we agreed.

But first mum wanted to go Chermside (a mall nearby) for a bit, so mum and I set off together, laughing all the way.

That was until the car cracked the shits and started smoking and stinking and making all these awful noises. Thankfully though there was a dealership on the way to the mall so we stopped there and swapped cars. From the speed at which they got us a new car, I’m going to guess that whatever is wrong with the car is pretty bad… :/

So yeah, after that little adventure we made it to the mall, bought doughnuts and chattered happily along. She had to go chat with the Optus people, at which point I took my queue to be a little naughty and buy my sister and I some sweeties without mum knowing :3

Of course, all good things come to an end and by the end of the mall walking mum and I nearly got into another fight… we only barely avoided it.

Coming home I’d expected to just pick up Mei and go… but no we all sort of settled in for some reason. I checked my emails and found that I’d been given my first choice Macquarie Accommodation! SO EXCITING! And kinda sad at the same time- Randers and I were really looking at renting a place together here and go to UQ… but it’s a really tough choice. Macquarie is the better academic choice because it offers a unique degree… If I go to UQ, well, apart from friendship there’s nothing it really offers me. I still haven’t paid for the QTAC application so technically I haven’t even applied yet. It’s a tough choice, choosing between friends and a degree. UGH!

So yeah. I guess I’m going to Macquarie. It’s been my first choice Uni for a while, but I really wasn’t expecting the friends I’d make here. I knew I’d make friends… but I don’t know. I barely see them but they’re all that keep me sane, I’ve become dependent on seeing them. *Sigh* I know I’ll get over it. There’s just part of me that doesn’t want to go because I know how this sort of thing works… I’m an expat kid, people leaving is the norm for me. You make friends, they leave, you stay in touch for a bit but then you lose contact and it’s no biggie because you’ve moved on. But me? I don’t want to be the kid they move on from. I’m not used to it. All my Singapore friends are doing it now, they’re all at Uni and having fun and going through those bumps together. Me? I’m stuck at home studying.

Now the only Singapore friend I’m left with… I’m leaving.

She doesn’t know yet. I haven’t said anything to her… I’ll get the accommodation concrete then break the news to her. This situation sucks, but there’s no other choice. I have to do what’s best for ME.

God, I hate growing up.

So yeah, I called mum down to see the confirmation email. Randers and I were making inappropriate jokes on Facebook chat about the Supernatural case so when my phone buzzed and I didn’t touch it, mum picked it up and I panicked- wouldn’t you? She always has a go at me for checking my phone while we’re talking, so I wasn’t going to touch it, but when she picked it up I was terrified she’d read the messages…

I asked her to put my phone down- NICELY may I add! And she flipped out. I’m not even kidding, zero to sixty on the anger scale in half a second. She bitched at me for 5 minutes before storming off upstairs.

Needless to say, we didn’t go to the cinema.

Now, I’ve had Buffy “Once More, With Feeling” stuck in my head for AGES now… so I once again donned my “sneaky buyer” mode and “accidentally on purpose” bought the soundtrack for the episode on iTunes. She doesn’t know I’ve bought it…

Mind you, she hasn’t said anything about me buying “Pride and Prejudice”… that was a while ago so the bill for that has CERTAINLY come in by now… whatever. It’s not like these purchases are breaking the bank.

And if that’s the best I’ve got to “get back” at mum… buying music… then it’s hardly like she has a lot to complain about.

“Oh god, my awful teenager, she bought a BBC classics TV show/an album of TV music last time we fought.”


Boo hoo on her.

I could be running away or doing weed or just generally “disgracing” the family (she told me if I ever ran away I’d be “disgracing” the family… typical, she’s more concerned about how we’re perceived than the actual problem- why am I running away in the first place? Pah! And she wonders where I get my “I-care-more-about-others-than-family” attitude from? Ughhhhhh).

Anyway, whatever. Once I figured we weren’t going to the cinema, I opened Wattpad and continued working on my story. I AM SO CLOSE TO FINISHING- IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!!

So yeah, skyped Chimmercharlie just then and am about to go up to bed so mum doesn’t bitch at me again.

So yeah, night all! 🙂

PS- TGIF! Tomorrow I have a party! Woo! 😀


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