Ugly Weather

Dad flew out this morning. It rained like hell. Waay too heavy to take the dog out for longer than half an hour, and by some “miracle” it poured even harder as soon as I got home.

When mum got home from dropping dad at the airport we managed to clear the air. Quite an anti-climax after the all the hostility for the past few days- not that I’m complaining.

Spent the rest of the day at home studying and doing chores. I was quite proud of myself! I was very productive! 😀

I rewarded myself at the end of the day to hit up the shops in the city for the late night shopping. I reaaaaally needed work clothes for tomorrow. Mum was to meet me later in the evening after I’d found a few bits and pieces. She told me to check out Cue and so, after having no luck in any of the other stores I’d been to (and a bubble tea and some KFC), I went to have a look.

Lo, I found the most gorgeous jacket. Three perfect white shirts- button down with cap sleeves, exactly what I was looking for.

The shop assistant that doted on me had handed me the matching skirt to complete the look- and boy did it look good (well, if “good” is synonymous with “Victorian school teacher”). I didn’t care much about the skirt, I have work bottoms, but the shirts and jacket. Wow. I wanted those. I REALLY wanted those.

Cue mum to come in and rain on my parade.

Okay I will put my hands up right now and say that this particular shop is pricy. Too pricy. Each shirt was $95 and the jacket- my gorgeous, beautiful jacket- was something like $300. BUT when mum TELLS me to go to the shop, I expect there’s a reason, i.e. she’s aware of the prices and is ok with it.

She completely dashed my hopes of getting any of the pieces AND pretty much humiliated me in front of the shop assistant.

Needless to say we were crappy with each other for a while.

I really want that jacket. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be watching it like a hawk and the second that baby hits the sales rack, I’m buying it. I should be able to afford it by then.

After a while we sorted out our problems and bought 2 long sleeve white shirts on sale at a different branch of Cue. Then I took her back to David Jones to wander the racks and wound up buying this jacket from some fancy brand that had gone from $400 to $130 on sale. Mum said the bargain was too good to pass up and that she’d buy it for me. So yeah, I have all my work clothes now.

It was a lot heavier than the one I wanted, longer and two buttoned instead of one, there’s slightly more restriction in the arm movement but whatever, I was too frustrated to bother fighting (and even I couldn’t deny the discount was fabulous).

I was so relieved to finally get all my stuff together for orientation tomorrow so I suggested we got thickshakes to celebrate. She agreed, proceeded to not buy one for herself and then drink half of mine. *Rolls eyes*

When we got home Mei was hosting a gatho- I had no idea there’d be people so it came as a bit of a shock to find about 10 or so people in the kitchen. Mum and I stayed upstairs and out of the way, watching “The Leap Year”.

Mei’s friends didn’t bloody leave until 1am and only because mum was threatening to come down. I can’t believe they stayed so late!

Anyway, I’m just about to crash for the night. I have orientation tomorrow and I’m very excited, although I’ll probably look like a raccoon tomorrow morning 😛

Night! 🙂

Well Today Sucked

The fight from last night didn’t blow over this morning.

Ugh. Basically, after I wrote last night’s post, mum flounced in with these two skirts that upon first inspection looked WAAY too short for work. She got offended, I tried them on and apologised when they turned out to be fine. Ish. They are maybe 2 inches above the knee?? So possibly pushing it for uniform… but I’ll see.

I really love one of the skirts though.

Anyway, it was all going fine after that until it sort of tripped into a fight. I don’t even know how it happened. It was barely a day ago and I still can’t figure out how we got from there to here in a split second. Chimmercharlie and I chatted last night and she got my mind off it, thankfully.

But today. Ugh. Mum woke me up before my alarm and insulted me and left, bitched to dad and then he came up and yelled at me to get out of bed. Then they yelled at me to do this that and the other… effectively making me late for tuition. Dad offered to drive me, but because my mum’s a total sadist, she insisted.

When I got out of the car 5 minutes later she called me a bitch and I don’t know how I managed to keep my reply in my head. “I learn from the best”. Eeesh, the tip of my tongue should have been on the floor I was biting it so hard!

So yeah. Tuition was really good. I’m going to miss her when the exams are all over.

I’d told mum I was going to walk home when I’d gotten out of the car (hence prompting her to call me a bitch….. riiiiight. Whatever). I really don’t get mum. Sometimes when we fight it’ll drag on for ages, but other times it’s like an elastic band and we’ll fight and she’ll come home and be like lol nothing happened lol and if my mood doesn’t match hers we fight even more… I was kind of hoping this fight would fall into the latter category.

Unfortunately today just wasn’t my day. AND dad’s here. So mum has someone to bitch to. Someone who is legally bound to be on her bloody side.


Dad started the conversation. Together we can be quite rational and calm when we discuss something we’re unhappy about. Unluckily, mum was lurking on the kitchen counter and floated into the discussion, promptly cut dad off mid-sentence and turned the moderate conversation into a full blown screaming match that lasted in the vicinity of 2 hours. Joy of fucking joys. Welcome to my life.

I would go into what colourful language was used and what choice adjectives were flung, but it would take too long so let me recap the highlights:
– Mum called me childish for zipping my lips when she said I talk too much, then flounced away later in the arguement and told me that no-one liked me (well, more specifically, the twins don’t like me because they think I’m high maintenance- a statement she has since withdrawn, funnily enough. Notice I say WITHDRAWN (as in claimed she never said it and that even if she did I had misinterpreted what she’d meant by it- but lets be real, how many different ways can you “interpret” someone calling you “high maintenance”), not APOLOGISED for). My mum is the queen of childish
– Mum can apparently read my mind and rewrite history
– She took my phone off me
– She finally admitted she was disappointed in my IB results among other things
– I officially decided to give her the money back for the damn resits because I’m fucking tired of it being a topic of conversation
– I finally declared my desperation to leave this fucking house, I don’t care how much she wants me to stay
– Apparently she had forgotten that she has long been the cause of my friendship breakdowns over the years (when I gave her 3 separate examples spanning 8 years)
– After the argument was over I plugged my headphones in- listening to nothing mind you- because they help block out sound. She demanded to know what I was listening to, despite being able to see the end of the cord going to NOTHING, and insisted I take the headphones out because, and I quote: “You (me) are not funny, you are not clever. You are sad.”

Aaaaaaand I’M the childish one.

Anyhoo. That drama filled the rest of the day. I went out around 2:30ish to get some note paper for more revision- YES I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED A WHOLE TOPIC OF CHEMISTRY TODAY!! YAY ME!! 😀

Only to come home to Round Two with dad.

Thankfully, though, it was just him and I. He tried to guilt me into apologising to mum, which, needless to say, didn’t work. I got to tell him my side of it all. Which is, in short: She has a car, I have cabin fever. Then, of course, he filled his duty as loyal husband by telling me that she didn’t mean some of the stuff she’d said in the argument blah blah blah and how she felt bad about this or that, to which I replied that 1) I’m not psychic, how the hell am I supposed to know about what they tell each other in the car and 2) It’s all well and good that she feels bad about X, Y and Z… but she needs to tell ME that if she really means it. God KNOWS she expects that of me -.-

Mum and I are still at logger heads. She’s totally demonstrating how to be a mature adult right now by completely ignoring my existence. Which, you know, is always a nice touch.

Dad flies out tomorrow. Ugh. Shoot me now. I guess I’ll be in turtle-shell mode for the rest of the week then. I’ll have my laptop, thankfully, she can’t take it off me for the sole reason that I need it to revise. She’d take it off me in a heartbeat if she could.

*Rolls eyes* Whaaateverrr.

So yah. Tomorrow is Friday, finally… I’m planning to revise and then head into the city for a bit to buy myself a work shirt for Saturday’s orientation. Mum’s bought me skirts. Fab. They’re nice skirts. Whatever. The problem? I don’t need frexing work pants at the moment.

I told her DAYS ago that I needed button down shirts and a black jacket. Naturally though, she knew better than the DOCUMENTATION I HAD BEEN SENT BY MYER STATING I NEED A BLACK JACKET and had brushed it off saying that when she’d worked there (back in the stone ages) that she hadn’t needed a jacket, furthermore she’d never seen any Myer staff in a jacket, ergo she wasn’t going to buy me one.

Fine. Freaking fine. I’ll buy it myself.

So yeah. I have no idea how I’m going to sneak out of the house in order to do that, but I’ll find a way.

Exams are getting closer. It’s quite nerve-wrecking to be in this stupid position again. I was an idiot for choosing to resit my exams -.-

Uhmmmmmm. What else. Hum, hum, hum… I can’t remember anything else to mention… so until tomorrow adieu! 🙂

Myer Induction Day!

I had an awesome day today, I had no clue what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when I (finally) found the training room.

I had to catch the bus in this morning and arrived at the mall 15 minutes early, expecting to find the entrance within 10 minutes… only to find myself on the brink of tears 2 minutes before the start time, still stuck outside. Thankfully though, another trainee happened to be walking back from her car and she collected one other girl and I on her way back so I only wound up being 2 minutes late.

I really enjoyed the training session. Our instructor was lovely and informative and she kept the mood focused but fun. When we had our morning break I even managed to make a few tentative friends! The girl that arrived with me wound up being my buddy for the rest of the day and I have to admit that come the end of the day I was sad to see her leave, knowing I’ll probably never see her again.

The day was filled with assessments and activities that kept us all busy. I really enjoyed it all to be completely honest. I got to learn new skills and have a laugh. There was a slight element of pressure to the atmosphere, no-one forgot that we were there to train for a job, but our instructor ensured we didn’t feel that we couldn’t ask for help if we got stuck. Mistakes were welcome- as long as you didn’t turn off the “training mode” on the register 😛

So yeah. The day didn’t exactly fly by, but I was slightly taken aback when 5:30 rolled around and we had to leave. I can’t wait for Saturday- I have orientation for 2 hours and then I can start clocking hours!

Technically I “officially” started working for Myer today, but I don’t think it’ll really hit me until I’m on the sales floor. Which is a very exciting prospect!!

Tomorrow is tuition… ugh. Not ugh, my tutor is a bore, but ugh, maths. Study in general.

I can’t believe the exams are in 25 days. I want to shoot myself in the face. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? UGH! I am so annoyed with myself -.-

Whatever, I have to sleep so I’m not too groggy for probability revision in the morning (*cries quietly*)

Night! 🙂

Strength of Will, Come To Me!

Choir last night was uber fun! We did a great selection of songs, mostly acapella pop songs- so stuff like “Animal” by Neon Trees and a few of the arrangements from “Pitch Perfect”.

Have to admit I was hit by a massive wave of home sickness when they all burst into- of all freaking songs- “You’re the Voice”. It’s everywhere at the moment! Dami sings it last night, I sing it tonight! Haha!

I miss Chimmercharlie and thankfully Randers is back in Brizzy in less than a week! YAY!

I’m so freaking glad to be singing again 😀 😀 😀

Bonus: I go to meet some lovely new people and after the session ended I bought myself a sizeable stash of caramello chocolates for emergencies at home!

Which brings me to today. I studied a little in the morning… but managed to get distracted by everything and everyone. I seriously need motivation. Well, drive. I need the ability to kick myself up the arse and get into gear to revise. I need blinkers. Sole focus on revision as opposed to my useless terror when each night comes because I’ve had yet another unproductive day.

One of the gals here had invited me out for milkshakes this afternoon. I’d mistakenly thought it was supposed to be a quick catch up thing…. nope. She was supposed to pick me up at 2:45… but she didn’t show up until closer to 5pm. Then I got to meet the kids I might take over babysitting (or my sister if I can’t make it). Wound up coming home at 6:30-7ish. Aishhh…

Anyway, we had a yum dinner tonight- tacos! Unfortunately, everyone was snappy at each other for some bizarre reason. So, naturally, I wound up fighting with bitchy sister and crappy mum after dinner.

I’m just so freaking frustrated with everything. UGH I WANT TO LEAVE THIS DAMN HOUSE I HAVE CABIN FEVER!! D:

I feel very riled up and unhappy so I’m about to call Chimmercharlie, it’ll be nice to distract myself with her awesome Uni life. Ugh, I wish I was at uni. This is so shit here.

Night :/

Time is Running Out

Today was quite slow… I finally finished Myer Online Training! Huzzah!

My exams are in 28 days and it’s really hitting home now just how little time I have left to relearn all my subjects.

In better, more procrastinating news- I’ve been invited to join a choir at 5:30 tonight, I’m very excited to go! I’ve missed singing!

So yeah, there’s not much else to report, so I’ll update you all tomorrow about choir!

Bye! 🙂

Rushed Off My Feet

So work this morning was interesting.

I finally got to meet my new boss! He’s lovely and really friendly (which is SUCH a relief). He has an alright taste in music and he’s very smart- well, I assume he is, he’s doing a double degree: Law and Commerce. But, more importantly, HE LIKES DISNEY!! He has my approval. We shall work well together 😛

He asked me to work an extra half hour, which was great because it meant I got paid more… but sucked because mum didn’t read her texts properly (sure) and didn’t buy me crepes. So I didn’t start this week with crepes! I wanted to cry! I still do actually… I can’t believe I’ve missed it for the first week ever 😦

The day didn’t get any better from there unfortunately. Mei picked me up and I was immediately flung into dealing with people I couldn’t be bothered to deal with (not without my precious crepes). Mum hosted a big-ish lunch today with all these people from Singapore. There was about 8 of us in total- and that’s a lot when you’re only used to sharing the table with 2-3 other people. Maximum. Ever.

It felt like a stampede of people. It was very overwhelming (but that was nothing compared to what was about to come). I wound up playing waitress and being chained to the sink, washing dish after dish after dish, wiping up tables and various other surfaces. I didn’t get a chance to change out of work gear, soo I even looked the part!

At around 4pm everyone (bar one woman) left and the house was quiet once again. I finished cleaning up and started my online training again for Myer, but didn’t get to finish it (good news: I’m halfway through it! YAY! FINALLY! :D)

As awesome as that is though… I felt like shit.

Awful throbbing headache, sore/blurry eyes, just felt generally ick…

Then the dinner lot showed up.

45-freaking-minutes early.

No joke.

Around 5:15ish nine more people (total: 3 under 10s, 3 teens, 4 families= 4 mums and 2 dads) trooped through our doors. And I’d thought it had been noisy before. It was like a bomb had gone off. All of a sudden there was this explosion of noise and it was. Just. So. MUCH. I seriously couldn’t deal.

So I ran out and walked the dog for as long as I could (nearly 45 minutes) before it just got too dark to see. Thankfully when I got back my head was a bit clearer, so I was able to smile at least.

The little girls wanted to play board games and when I showed them where to find them they pulled out 3 and started their mess making endeavours. I swear, there was not one room they didn’t leave a game in. The games weren’t even easy little ones, nope, they were full on thousand piece games (Articulate, Twister, Battleship). Once they were bored with the first two they went outside and had water drinking competitions and all I could envision was them throwing it all up from drinking too much, too fast.

I got “lucky” then because once they were all settled, teens doing whatever, kiddies drinking themselves sick, adults socialising… I actually got a chance to sit down and RELAX for the first time that day. Not for long though. No, no, no, I wasn’t getting off that easy today. The littlies decided they played follow the leader and stomped around and decided shouting in my ear while I read was a good idea, I had to grin and bear it.

Ignoring everything as much as possibly could, I read until I was needed again. That’s pretty much how the rest of the dinner period continued- I moved when I was needed and read when I wasn’t. Needless to say, dinner was looooooong.

After dinner I went upstairs with the teens to watch X-Factor. Aussie Hits tonight. Very exciting. Dami sang “You’re the Voice” and it just made me think of Singapore and Chimmercharlie and Randers. They love that song, they played it all the time because one of the “Merlin” behind the scenes things had Colin Morgan and Bradley James singing it and they’re obsessed with those men so… naturally… it’s a bit of an anthem for them 😛


About halfway through the show the girls showed up again and asked me to set up their 4th freaking game. Monopoly. I wanted to cry. Doesn’t help that my little sister is an annoying little bitch and refused to pause it. I missed the end. AND FREAKING THEN THEY ALL LEFT AS I WAS DEALING OUT THE MONEY.



I wanted to cry but kept my shit together. Somehow. No clue how I kept my cool. I really don’t.

Anyway, everyone had left (well, all but one woman- mum’s currently driving her to the airport now), mum said I didn’t have to do dishes.

I am absolutely shattered, I want to call Chimmercharlie but I just don’t have the energy to hold the phone to my ear or form words right now.

Instead, at around 11pm (with the house freshly empty) dad and I watched “Blacks Books” and rubbed each other’s feet. To add to this sweet day ending- I just got another fan on Watty! I’M NOW AT 101 FANS!! 😀

Super exciting!

But now it’s time to crash for the next 4 months. Niiiiight 🙂

More Procrastination

I walked the dog this morning. Did no work and didn’t watch Supernatural either. I know. Shocker.

Instead I walked to the nearby mall with dad to drop off some forms and when we came home I distracted myself with nothings until all of a sudden the day had disappeared.

It’s alarming.


I have no idea where the day has gone.

Mei has gone to a sleepover so it’s just the adults in tonight (teehee, I’m an adult :3), we’re going to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”! Well, dad and I are… mum will probably fall asleep.

Yah! I’m going to go set up the film. Talk to you all tomorrow! 🙂

Retail Therapy

This morning I got a sleep in. Yay! One of the many perks of dad being home- he likes to make up for lost time with the dog by walking her morning and night :3

Mum yelled at people over the phone all morning. Yes, I do mean yelled. Yes, I do mean all freaking morning. I nearly deafened myself with the volume level required in my headphones in order to block out her screeching.

The upside of the whole ordeal?

Turns out the reason she was yelling at me the other night? The reason we’re in a stalemate at the moment? Because I’ve supposedly blown the internet usage?

Nope. The internet has not, in fact, been overused at all.

So she apologised to me and we’re all good now! It’s quite a strange flip to have switched. Can’t say I’m complaining. Apologies from my mum are rarer than diamonds.

Soooo, hummm, what else. Oh yeah, I signed up for Uni Accommodation in Macquarie and I send all the forms and payments off tomorrow!

Once all the boring bits were over with the three of us trooped off for some lunch and shopping. Dad finally bought his BBQ and mum got a gorgeous dress.

I should probably mention that when we got home I did no study whatsoever. Having dad home is great for the family dynamics- the fights are nearly non-existant (and when they do occur at least I’m not the only one fighting my corner, it’s 2-on-2 again, finally!).

Dinner was awesome and I finished off the Midori. I’m on such a roll with the alcohol 😛

Well- that was the last of my alcohol. I’ve had that Midori since I graduated in May, hahaha. The empty bottle now adorns our kitchen cupboards, keeping the vodka bottles company 😛

After dinner I wanted to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” with the family, but my sister had basketball so they all went to that and I was left to do the dishes. I didn’t mind at all though because I got to call the ever-lovely Chimmercharlie :3

I also discovered my dog loves playing with the left over soap suds. We had a lot of fun playing with them 😛

Once all the dishes were washed and dried (and the dog dried too for that matter :P), I was left with a total conundrum. Did I watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” as originally planned? Or take advantage of the empty house to watch more Supernatural?? OR I could finally pull my thumb out and watch the second season of Sherlock…

It was an extremely difficult decision 😛

No joke.

In the end I figured I couldn’t go on any more days without my Supernatural fix (it’s been what- 2 days since I last watched it?? :O).

I had finished an episode and a half by the time they all came home and kicked me off the couch… banishing me to my room -.-

Whatever. I’m going to watch a few more episodes until I can no longer hold my eyes open… So I better get on with that 😛

Night all! 😀

My Dad the Mediator


Mum and I still aren’t getting along, but hey, what’s new there.

We all went to Ascot together for lunch, mum ditched a little early to do something or the other while I finished eating and dad paid the bill, which gave dad and I the perfect opportunity to voice my issues with her.

I love having dad home.

After lunch we headed home and I studied for a teensy bit before dad insisted we watch “Black’s Books” and bonded some more. It’s so chill when he’s home. I don’t constantly feel like I’m looking over my shoulder or watching my bloody step.

Then, miracle of miracles, as I was walking the dog in the evening the twins phoned to invite me out for the night, but mum and dad were at a house auction and I was busy walking the dog so I had to wait to confirm with them…

…I asked when they got home, after being perfectly polite and asking how the auction had gone, only to be shot down completely by mum. Thus ensued yet another fight.

But this one was different.

Because dad was home.


I didn’t get to go out.

But that doesn’t matter. Well, it does, but it doesn’t. Dad basically sat between mum and I and mediated the argument. It was so much more civil and calm and clean!!!

Of course there’s still some lingering tension between mum and I. She didn’t get to blow off steam and yell at me as I know she’s just ITCHING to do, but at least I don’t have to deal with it tonight.

I finished the last of my raspberry vodka with dinner tonight. It was such a well spent $40 :3

It sucks that I didn’t get to go out. It’s been freaking AGES since I’ve last seen the boys, but at least I got to watch “The Croods” again tonight instead. (I’m far too easily placated).

It was supposed to be a family thing, but naturally my sister wanted nothing to do with a movie that doesn’t involve fake tans and bad drama. And my mother dearest, who doesn’t like animated movies on a good day, fell asleep.

But you know what gets me about the whole damn thing?

I watch all the bullcrap she deems to be quality TV with little to no grumbling. I don’t ask to change the channel, I don’t bugger off while she watches those disgusting medical shows that she KNOWS make me feel ill to watch. Nope, I sit dutifully by her just so we can “bond”.

She knows I’ve wanted to watch this film with the whole family for WEEKS! In fact, no, MONTHS! Ever since I saw it! I wanted it to be a family bonding film, despite the fact it was an animated kids movie- IT’S A BLOODY GOOD MOVIE!

But no. Mum fell asleep. Natu-freaking-lly.

The way I see it, I have two options- get shitty with mum and my sister for not even TRYING… or I can be happy that I got to watch one of my all time favourite movies again with my dad. I chose the latter.

Sure the female section of my family is vapid and utterly annoying, but at least dad is here to offer a brief reprieve from their stupid TV shows and barbed remarks. We have the same sense of humour and the same (more or less) approach to things in life. We get the frex along.

We compromise.

Unlike my mother.

Whatever. I refuse to get shitty. I’m going to bed now, happy that I’ve re-watched one of my favourite movies and had my feet rubbed. Goodnight all 🙂

Baking Babe Once More

Started the morning as I do every morning by walking the dog. I’m stil not talking to mum after she bitched at me last night about the internet usage. So naturally, I watched another episode of Supernatural- my own lame attempt at “payback”.

Then I started doing something semi-useful and began my Myer online induction thingy. I’ve set up my two face-to-face meeting things too, so I’m well on my way to employment and financial freaking independence. Finally. Sort of. Ugh.

I am currently obsessed with “Almost is Never Enough” bu Ariana Grande. I am very ashamed, but not enough to stop listening to it- tee hee 😛

Studied for a bit and got bored so, as I had the house to myself, I decided to bake myself some brownies. Which coincided with the exact moment my mother dearest (heavy sarcasm) chose to call me and drop on me out of nowhere that if I had any plans this evening (HAH!! Funny -.-) that I was to drop them because I am to babysit one of her friends kids. Babysit is used in the most abstract sense of the word. The very nature of the job- emphasis on job- is that it implies being paid. Which I wasn’t. Mum deemed my tone of voice unacceptable- good thing she couldn’t hear me rolling my eyes- and so I wasn’t to be paid.

Whatever. She’s going to be childish. It kinda of backfired too because the kid brought a really fun board game (that she whooped my ass in. Twice.) to play. We danced to pop music like “Single Ladies” and old Britney hits and baked cookies together. I am an awesome babysitter.

Sorry- I’m writing this all very last minute because I have tuition tomorrow morning and I’m shattered (I also need to get up early again to walk the dog. I know I’ve been doing it for months but now that summer is here? Nearly here? It gets hotter earlier and I have to go out earlier to avoid the dog overheating. Bloody early mornings -.-

So yeah. Night all :/

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