I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Today has been bloody full on. Seriously.

My feet are so damn sore.

I’ve walked and walked and walked- besides dinner I really don’t think I’ve sat down at all.

Work this morning was good though- very busy, which is never a bad thing! I hit the ground running with a $90 sale first thing! Go me! In fact, today was so busy I actually lost count of how much merchandise I sold! Felt pretty damn awesome.

Saw a few characters too. Some good, some not so good.

One chick walked past in a t-shirt with a picture of minions stealing the tardis on it. I seriously wanted to stop her and ask for a photo. It was a beautiful shirt 😛

The not-so-good came in the form of a 6″ something muscle man (could tell he’s a douche from his tattoos…) coming over to my stall while I was manning it alone (these chicks must really like me because every weekend they find some reason to disappear at the same time for half an hour or so) and asking me how exactly I was going to sell the product to him in a really patronising tone. I’m sure he didn’t mean to come off as intimidating as he did- but holy hell this guy was buff and towered over me and his delivery of the question was undeniably terse.

Thankfully, two passers-by came to my rescue. Swooping in on this guy and gushing over the product. Look- anyone that’s been reading my blog knows that I don’t believe in the product I’m selling. It’s total BS and completely overpriced… but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t negatively impact anyone’s health, I’m selling them the placebo effect so if they take the bait and buy it then whatever. I get paid either way. Had I been left to “sell” the product to him… I probably would have stuttered through some half-assed explanation of what the Magnesium Oil does… he wouldn’t have bought it- something in his body language kinda screamed that he didn’t believe it. He was practically laughing at me when he walked over.

So yeah, these people popping up out of nowhere was fab. They just went on and on about how amazing the product is and how it’s cured her 5-month tennis elbow in a week and blah blah blah. They scared him away pretty much. About 5 minutes into their speech he gave me this bewildered look and tried to laugh but this couple- I should mention they were at least in their 50s- just kept talking. When they finally left he just picked up a bottle and pretended to examine it before putting it down and scampering away.

He didn’t come back for the rest of the morning. Well, he wouldn’t walk past the stall. It was quite funny really. I saw the chick he was with and when she walked past us he walked int he opposite direction and met her at the door so he wouldn’t have to walk past our stall. Poor guy, made me laugh 😛

So yeah. Work was good, busy, but good.

There was just one hitch in today’s smooth running- I didn’t get to meet my new boss. Today was supposed to be the day I met my current employer’s younger brother- a.k.a. the guy taking over the stall from here on out. As of next week it’ll just be him and I running this stall. No more lovely ladies 😦

It’s a shame, I really like them, they’re sweet. I can only assume that he’ll be lovely too if he’s related to them. I asked a bit about him today in his absence. I won’t lie- I was interested to meet him before, but now more than ever. Turns out he’s 19!!! He’s at uni! My interest in this guy just spiked. I thought he’d be in his mid-20s at least! But 19?!?! This is sounding very promising :3

So yeahhhh next weekend will be MORE than interesting! 😀

After I finished I had my crepes, as per usual. The crepe guy- Justin- and I are on great terms now. We’re on a first name basis with one another and he’s memorised my order. It’s fab 😀

Then came the first big journey of the day- getting home.

I could have caught the bus, I know, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to figure out how long it took to WALK home.

To cut a long, very boring story short- it takes 45 minutes.

I nearly got hit by a bus, but no matter 😛

And here is where my silly-ness hits new peaks. I bought a bottle of Bundy (Bundaberg) Lemon Lime and Bitters on the way home. It comes in a green bottle and to the untrained eye looks just like a beer bottle. As I was walking down the final stretch to get home, a cop car passed and I full on nearly had a heart attack. Here in Australia- I don’t know about the rest of the world but the rule certainly wasn’t something I was aware of in Singapore at least- you can’t publicly drink alcohol or carry alcohol or something silly like that. I’m not quite sure I understand why… but whatever. So anyway, this cop car goes by and all I can think is OH MY GOD THEY’RE GOING TO STOP AND ARREST ME FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL OH GOD MY FIRST EVER ARREST.

I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Needless to say nothing happened.

Which was sort of disappointing.

Sort of.

When I got home and I had lovely long shower and watched an episode of “Vicar of Dibley”. I swear my feet were somewhere between numb and throbbing. Mum sent a text about 5 minutes into the episode telling me to make cupcakes. I waited until the show ended before gingerly getting to my feet again, it was like walking on glass. Of course, as soon as the cupcakes were baked I had to take the dog for a walk and try not to cry 😛

Once I was home I saw mum for the first time since she’d dropped me to work this morning, but we were “late” and so we had to rush through icing the cakes and changing and getting our asses over to our weekly Sunday Night X-Factor and Dinner Gathering thing. We weren’t late.

In the past my family has tried to form Sunday night traditions- for a while we had Friday Night Athletics and Top Gear as a tradition (until we stopped doing athletics…). Then we had Sunday Night Roasts with a family that lived one street from us (until the friendship between the son and I, our sisters and our mothers exploded completely).

Now? Sundays are for strawberries and X-Factor.

I like this tradition and I don’t see myself falling out with any of the family. It helps that I’m 2 years older than the oldest “kid” there. So the friendship doesn’t really extend past Sunday dinners.

X-Factor was… hmm… tonight. Dami did an awesome job with a bad song choice. I reckon Ronan was trying to sabotage her. Dick move. Oh well, she’ll make it through voting so I’m not worried 🙂

I’m home now and just about to watch another episode of Season 8 so NIGHT ALL! 🙂


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