Baking Babe Once More

Started the morning as I do every morning by walking the dog. I’m stil not talking to mum after she bitched at me last night about the internet usage. So naturally, I watched another episode of Supernatural- my own lame attempt at “payback”.

Then I started doing something semi-useful and began my Myer online induction thingy. I’ve set up my two face-to-face meeting things too, so I’m well on my way to employment and financial freaking independence. Finally. Sort of. Ugh.

I am currently obsessed with “Almost is Never Enough” bu Ariana Grande. I am very ashamed, but not enough to stop listening to it- tee hee 😛

Studied for a bit and got bored so, as I had the house to myself, I decided to bake myself some brownies. Which coincided with the exact moment my mother dearest (heavy sarcasm) chose to call me and drop on me out of nowhere that if I had any plans this evening (HAH!! Funny -.-) that I was to drop them because I am to babysit one of her friends kids. Babysit is used in the most abstract sense of the word. The very nature of the job- emphasis on job- is that it implies being paid. Which I wasn’t. Mum deemed my tone of voice unacceptable- good thing she couldn’t hear me rolling my eyes- and so I wasn’t to be paid.

Whatever. She’s going to be childish. It kinda of backfired too because the kid brought a really fun board game (that she whooped my ass in. Twice.) to play. We danced to pop music like “Single Ladies” and old Britney hits and baked cookies together. I am an awesome babysitter.

Sorry- I’m writing this all very last minute because I have tuition tomorrow morning and I’m shattered (I also need to get up early again to walk the dog. I know I’ve been doing it for months but now that summer is here? Nearly here? It gets hotter earlier and I have to go out earlier to avoid the dog overheating. Bloody early mornings -.-

So yeah. Night all :/


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