My Dad the Mediator


Mum and I still aren’t getting along, but hey, what’s new there.

We all went to Ascot together for lunch, mum ditched a little early to do something or the other while I finished eating and dad paid the bill, which gave dad and I the perfect opportunity to voice my issues with her.

I love having dad home.

After lunch we headed home and I studied for a teensy bit before dad insisted we watch “Black’s Books” and bonded some more. It’s so chill when he’s home. I don’t constantly feel like I’m looking over my shoulder or watching my bloody step.

Then, miracle of miracles, as I was walking the dog in the evening the twins phoned to invite me out for the night, but mum and dad were at a house auction and I was busy walking the dog so I had to wait to confirm with them…

…I asked when they got home, after being perfectly polite and asking how the auction had gone, only to be shot down completely by mum. Thus ensued yet another fight.

But this one was different.

Because dad was home.


I didn’t get to go out.

But that doesn’t matter. Well, it does, but it doesn’t. Dad basically sat between mum and I and mediated the argument. It was so much more civil and calm and clean!!!

Of course there’s still some lingering tension between mum and I. She didn’t get to blow off steam and yell at me as I know she’s just ITCHING to do, but at least I don’t have to deal with it tonight.

I finished the last of my raspberry vodka with dinner tonight. It was such a well spent $40 :3

It sucks that I didn’t get to go out. It’s been freaking AGES since I’ve last seen the boys, but at least I got to watch “The Croods” again tonight instead. (I’m far too easily placated).

It was supposed to be a family thing, but naturally my sister wanted nothing to do with a movie that doesn’t involve fake tans and bad drama. And my mother dearest, who doesn’t like animated movies on a good day, fell asleep.

But you know what gets me about the whole damn thing?

I watch all the bullcrap she deems to be quality TV with little to no grumbling. I don’t ask to change the channel, I don’t bugger off while she watches those disgusting medical shows that she KNOWS make me feel ill to watch. Nope, I sit dutifully by her just so we can “bond”.

She knows I’ve wanted to watch this film with the whole family for WEEKS! In fact, no, MONTHS! Ever since I saw it! I wanted it to be a family bonding film, despite the fact it was an animated kids movie- IT’S A BLOODY GOOD MOVIE!

But no. Mum fell asleep. Natu-freaking-lly.

The way I see it, I have two options- get shitty with mum and my sister for not even TRYING… or I can be happy that I got to watch one of my all time favourite movies again with my dad. I chose the latter.

Sure the female section of my family is vapid and utterly annoying, but at least dad is here to offer a brief reprieve from their stupid TV shows and barbed remarks. We have the same sense of humour and the same (more or less) approach to things in life. We get the frex along.

We compromise.

Unlike my mother.

Whatever. I refuse to get shitty. I’m going to bed now, happy that I’ve re-watched one of my favourite movies and had my feet rubbed. Goodnight all 🙂


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