Rushed Off My Feet

So work this morning was interesting.

I finally got to meet my new boss! He’s lovely and really friendly (which is SUCH a relief). He has an alright taste in music and he’s very smart- well, I assume he is, he’s doing a double degree: Law and Commerce. But, more importantly, HE LIKES DISNEY!! He has my approval. We shall work well together 😛

He asked me to work an extra half hour, which was great because it meant I got paid more… but sucked because mum didn’t read her texts properly (sure) and didn’t buy me crepes. So I didn’t start this week with crepes! I wanted to cry! I still do actually… I can’t believe I’ve missed it for the first week ever 😦

The day didn’t get any better from there unfortunately. Mei picked me up and I was immediately flung into dealing with people I couldn’t be bothered to deal with (not without my precious crepes). Mum hosted a big-ish lunch today with all these people from Singapore. There was about 8 of us in total- and that’s a lot when you’re only used to sharing the table with 2-3 other people. Maximum. Ever.

It felt like a stampede of people. It was very overwhelming (but that was nothing compared to what was about to come). I wound up playing waitress and being chained to the sink, washing dish after dish after dish, wiping up tables and various other surfaces. I didn’t get a chance to change out of work gear, soo I even looked the part!

At around 4pm everyone (bar one woman) left and the house was quiet once again. I finished cleaning up and started my online training again for Myer, but didn’t get to finish it (good news: I’m halfway through it! YAY! FINALLY! :D)

As awesome as that is though… I felt like shit.

Awful throbbing headache, sore/blurry eyes, just felt generally ick…

Then the dinner lot showed up.

45-freaking-minutes early.

No joke.

Around 5:15ish nine more people (total: 3 under 10s, 3 teens, 4 families= 4 mums and 2 dads) trooped through our doors. And I’d thought it had been noisy before. It was like a bomb had gone off. All of a sudden there was this explosion of noise and it was. Just. So. MUCH. I seriously couldn’t deal.

So I ran out and walked the dog for as long as I could (nearly 45 minutes) before it just got too dark to see. Thankfully when I got back my head was a bit clearer, so I was able to smile at least.

The little girls wanted to play board games and when I showed them where to find them they pulled out 3 and started their mess making endeavours. I swear, there was not one room they didn’t leave a game in. The games weren’t even easy little ones, nope, they were full on thousand piece games (Articulate, Twister, Battleship). Once they were bored with the first two they went outside and had water drinking competitions and all I could envision was them throwing it all up from drinking too much, too fast.

I got “lucky” then because once they were all settled, teens doing whatever, kiddies drinking themselves sick, adults socialising… I actually got a chance to sit down and RELAX for the first time that day. Not for long though. No, no, no, I wasn’t getting off that easy today. The littlies decided they played follow the leader and stomped around and decided shouting in my ear while I read was a good idea, I had to grin and bear it.

Ignoring everything as much as possibly could, I read until I was needed again. That’s pretty much how the rest of the dinner period continued- I moved when I was needed and read when I wasn’t. Needless to say, dinner was looooooong.

After dinner I went upstairs with the teens to watch X-Factor. Aussie Hits tonight. Very exciting. Dami sang “You’re the Voice” and it just made me think of Singapore and Chimmercharlie and Randers. They love that song, they played it all the time because one of the “Merlin” behind the scenes things had Colin Morgan and Bradley James singing it and they’re obsessed with those men so… naturally… it’s a bit of an anthem for them 😛


About halfway through the show the girls showed up again and asked me to set up their 4th freaking game. Monopoly. I wanted to cry. Doesn’t help that my little sister is an annoying little bitch and refused to pause it. I missed the end. AND FREAKING THEN THEY ALL LEFT AS I WAS DEALING OUT THE MONEY.



I wanted to cry but kept my shit together. Somehow. No clue how I kept my cool. I really don’t.

Anyway, everyone had left (well, all but one woman- mum’s currently driving her to the airport now), mum said I didn’t have to do dishes.

I am absolutely shattered, I want to call Chimmercharlie but I just don’t have the energy to hold the phone to my ear or form words right now.

Instead, at around 11pm (with the house freshly empty) dad and I watched “Blacks Books” and rubbed each other’s feet. To add to this sweet day ending- I just got another fan on Watty! I’M NOW AT 101 FANS!! 😀

Super exciting!

But now it’s time to crash for the next 4 months. Niiiiight 🙂

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