Strength of Will, Come To Me!

Choir last night was uber fun! We did a great selection of songs, mostly acapella pop songs- so stuff like “Animal” by Neon Trees and a few of the arrangements from “Pitch Perfect”.

Have to admit I was hit by a massive wave of home sickness when they all burst into- of all freaking songs- “You’re the Voice”. It’s everywhere at the moment! Dami sings it last night, I sing it tonight! Haha!

I miss Chimmercharlie and thankfully Randers is back in Brizzy in less than a week! YAY!

I’m so freaking glad to be singing again 😀 😀 😀

Bonus: I go to meet some lovely new people and after the session ended I bought myself a sizeable stash of caramello chocolates for emergencies at home!

Which brings me to today. I studied a little in the morning… but managed to get distracted by everything and everyone. I seriously need motivation. Well, drive. I need the ability to kick myself up the arse and get into gear to revise. I need blinkers. Sole focus on revision as opposed to my useless terror when each night comes because I’ve had yet another unproductive day.

One of the gals here had invited me out for milkshakes this afternoon. I’d mistakenly thought it was supposed to be a quick catch up thing…. nope. She was supposed to pick me up at 2:45… but she didn’t show up until closer to 5pm. Then I got to meet the kids I might take over babysitting (or my sister if I can’t make it). Wound up coming home at 6:30-7ish. Aishhh…

Anyway, we had a yum dinner tonight- tacos! Unfortunately, everyone was snappy at each other for some bizarre reason. So, naturally, I wound up fighting with bitchy sister and crappy mum after dinner.

I’m just so freaking frustrated with everything. UGH I WANT TO LEAVE THIS DAMN HOUSE I HAVE CABIN FEVER!! D:

I feel very riled up and unhappy so I’m about to call Chimmercharlie, it’ll be nice to distract myself with her awesome Uni life. Ugh, I wish I was at uni. This is so shit here.

Night :/

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