Well Today Sucked

The fight from last night didn’t blow over this morning.

Ugh. Basically, after I wrote last night’s post, mum flounced in with these two skirts that upon first inspection looked WAAY too short for work. She got offended, I tried them on and apologised when they turned out to be fine. Ish. They are maybe 2 inches above the knee?? So possibly pushing it for uniform… but I’ll see.

I really love one of the skirts though.

Anyway, it was all going fine after that until it sort of tripped into a fight. I don’t even know how it happened. It was barely a day ago and I still can’t figure out how we got from there to here in a split second. Chimmercharlie and I chatted last night and she got my mind off it, thankfully.

But today. Ugh. Mum woke me up before my alarm and insulted me and left, bitched to dad and then he came up and yelled at me to get out of bed. Then they yelled at me to do this that and the other… effectively making me late for tuition. Dad offered to drive me, but because my mum’s a total sadist, she insisted.

When I got out of the car 5 minutes later she called me a bitch and I don’t know how I managed to keep my reply in my head. “I learn from the best”. Eeesh, the tip of my tongue should have been on the floor I was biting it so hard!

So yeah. Tuition was really good. I’m going to miss her when the exams are all over.

I’d told mum I was going to walk home when I’d gotten out of the car (hence prompting her to call me a bitch….. riiiiight. Whatever). I really don’t get mum. Sometimes when we fight it’ll drag on for ages, but other times it’s like an elastic band and we’ll fight and she’ll come home and be like lol nothing happened lol and if my mood doesn’t match hers we fight even more… I was kind of hoping this fight would fall into the latter category.

Unfortunately today just wasn’t my day. AND dad’s here. So mum has someone to bitch to. Someone who is legally bound to be on her bloody side.


Dad started the conversation. Together we can be quite rational and calm when we discuss something we’re unhappy about. Unluckily, mum was lurking on the kitchen counter and floated into the discussion, promptly cut dad off mid-sentence and turned the moderate conversation into a full blown screaming match that lasted in the vicinity of 2 hours. Joy of fucking joys. Welcome to my life.

I would go into what colourful language was used and what choice adjectives were flung, but it would take too long so let me recap the highlights:
– Mum called me childish for zipping my lips when she said I talk too much, then flounced away later in the arguement and told me that no-one liked me (well, more specifically, the twins don’t like me because they think I’m high maintenance- a statement she has since withdrawn, funnily enough. Notice I say WITHDRAWN (as in claimed she never said it and that even if she did I had misinterpreted what she’d meant by it- but lets be real, how many different ways can you “interpret” someone calling you “high maintenance”), not APOLOGISED for). My mum is the queen of childish
– Mum can apparently read my mind and rewrite history
– She took my phone off me
– She finally admitted she was disappointed in my IB results among other things
– I officially decided to give her the money back for the damn resits because I’m fucking tired of it being a topic of conversation
– I finally declared my desperation to leave this fucking house, I don’t care how much she wants me to stay
– Apparently she had forgotten that she has long been the cause of my friendship breakdowns over the years (when I gave her 3 separate examples spanning 8 years)
– After the argument was over I plugged my headphones in- listening to nothing mind you- because they help block out sound. She demanded to know what I was listening to, despite being able to see the end of the cord going to NOTHING, and insisted I take the headphones out because, and I quote: “You (me) are not funny, you are not clever. You are sad.”

Aaaaaaand I’M the childish one.

Anyhoo. That drama filled the rest of the day. I went out around 2:30ish to get some note paper for more revision- YES I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED A WHOLE TOPIC OF CHEMISTRY TODAY!! YAY ME!! 😀

Only to come home to Round Two with dad.

Thankfully, though, it was just him and I. He tried to guilt me into apologising to mum, which, needless to say, didn’t work. I got to tell him my side of it all. Which is, in short: She has a car, I have cabin fever. Then, of course, he filled his duty as loyal husband by telling me that she didn’t mean some of the stuff she’d said in the argument blah blah blah and how she felt bad about this or that, to which I replied that 1) I’m not psychic, how the hell am I supposed to know about what they tell each other in the car and 2) It’s all well and good that she feels bad about X, Y and Z… but she needs to tell ME that if she really means it. God KNOWS she expects that of me -.-

Mum and I are still at logger heads. She’s totally demonstrating how to be a mature adult right now by completely ignoring my existence. Which, you know, is always a nice touch.

Dad flies out tomorrow. Ugh. Shoot me now. I guess I’ll be in turtle-shell mode for the rest of the week then. I’ll have my laptop, thankfully, she can’t take it off me for the sole reason that I need it to revise. She’d take it off me in a heartbeat if she could.

*Rolls eyes* Whaaateverrr.

So yah. Tomorrow is Friday, finally… I’m planning to revise and then head into the city for a bit to buy myself a work shirt for Saturday’s orientation. Mum’s bought me skirts. Fab. They’re nice skirts. Whatever. The problem? I don’t need frexing work pants at the moment.

I told her DAYS ago that I needed button down shirts and a black jacket. Naturally though, she knew better than the DOCUMENTATION I HAD BEEN SENT BY MYER STATING I NEED A BLACK JACKET and had brushed it off saying that when she’d worked there (back in the stone ages) that she hadn’t needed a jacket, furthermore she’d never seen any Myer staff in a jacket, ergo she wasn’t going to buy me one.

Fine. Freaking fine. I’ll buy it myself.

So yeah. I have no idea how I’m going to sneak out of the house in order to do that, but I’ll find a way.

Exams are getting closer. It’s quite nerve-wrecking to be in this stupid position again. I was an idiot for choosing to resit my exams -.-

Uhmmmmmm. What else. Hum, hum, hum… I can’t remember anything else to mention… so until tomorrow adieu! 🙂

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