Ugly Weather

Dad flew out this morning. It rained like hell. Waay too heavy to take the dog out for longer than half an hour, and by some “miracle” it poured even harder as soon as I got home.

When mum got home from dropping dad at the airport we managed to clear the air. Quite an anti-climax after the all the hostility for the past few days- not that I’m complaining.

Spent the rest of the day at home studying and doing chores. I was quite proud of myself! I was very productive! 😀

I rewarded myself at the end of the day to hit up the shops in the city for the late night shopping. I reaaaaally needed work clothes for tomorrow. Mum was to meet me later in the evening after I’d found a few bits and pieces. She told me to check out Cue and so, after having no luck in any of the other stores I’d been to (and a bubble tea and some KFC), I went to have a look.

Lo, I found the most gorgeous jacket. Three perfect white shirts- button down with cap sleeves, exactly what I was looking for.

The shop assistant that doted on me had handed me the matching skirt to complete the look- and boy did it look good (well, if “good” is synonymous with “Victorian school teacher”). I didn’t care much about the skirt, I have work bottoms, but the shirts and jacket. Wow. I wanted those. I REALLY wanted those.

Cue mum to come in and rain on my parade.

Okay I will put my hands up right now and say that this particular shop is pricy. Too pricy. Each shirt was $95 and the jacket- my gorgeous, beautiful jacket- was something like $300. BUT when mum TELLS me to go to the shop, I expect there’s a reason, i.e. she’s aware of the prices and is ok with it.

She completely dashed my hopes of getting any of the pieces AND pretty much humiliated me in front of the shop assistant.

Needless to say we were crappy with each other for a while.

I really want that jacket. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be watching it like a hawk and the second that baby hits the sales rack, I’m buying it. I should be able to afford it by then.

After a while we sorted out our problems and bought 2 long sleeve white shirts on sale at a different branch of Cue. Then I took her back to David Jones to wander the racks and wound up buying this jacket from some fancy brand that had gone from $400 to $130 on sale. Mum said the bargain was too good to pass up and that she’d buy it for me. So yeah, I have all my work clothes now.

It was a lot heavier than the one I wanted, longer and two buttoned instead of one, there’s slightly more restriction in the arm movement but whatever, I was too frustrated to bother fighting (and even I couldn’t deny the discount was fabulous).

I was so relieved to finally get all my stuff together for orientation tomorrow so I suggested we got thickshakes to celebrate. She agreed, proceeded to not buy one for herself and then drink half of mine. *Rolls eyes*

When we got home Mei was hosting a gatho- I had no idea there’d be people so it came as a bit of a shock to find about 10 or so people in the kitchen. Mum and I stayed upstairs and out of the way, watching “The Leap Year”.

Mei’s friends didn’t bloody leave until 1am and only because mum was threatening to come down. I can’t believe they stayed so late!

Anyway, I’m just about to crash for the night. I have orientation tomorrow and I’m very excited, although I’ll probably look like a raccoon tomorrow morning 😛

Night! 🙂

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