Being Goldilocks

Being Goldilocks

Lots of people have appreciated my outfit so far. I’ll post a full length photo later (I’m in Biology right now, so kinda can’t).

TONIGHT I AM HAVING THE SUPERNATURAL MARATHON! AHHHHH!!!!!!! Chimmercharlie says I can’t show up unless I bring at least 10 dumplings… MUST REMEMBER DUMPLINGS.

My heart is crackling (yes. Crackling. Deal with it.) at the thought of 19 hours of Jared Padalecki. Yum.

What else…

Oh yeah. Heartbreaking update for you all. The Greece Dream. The reason I started this whole blog. It just got $720 lighter.

*Struggles to hold back sob*

Yes, dear friends and followers. I am paying for some of my Graduation things and it has come to a total of $720. I am no longer at €1,054… right now I only have €602.50. That’s it.

SG $$
Before: 1,680
After: 960

EU €€
Before: 1,054
After: 602.50

See? Handing over the envelopes of cash made me feel faint… but I know it’s worth it (my new mantra). It’s worth it. It has to be worth it. I know the Phuket trip (the majority of the spent cash) WILL be worth it… it’ll be whether I’ll enjoy the rest of the money I’m spending.

The money wallet is thinner and lighter. It’s still got a significant amount of money in it… but homigod these are difficult times for me.

I have to raise the money back after I graduate. I know I CAN, it’s just how FAST can I do it? I’ll always think- if I hadn’t spent that money I’d be $720 richer right now… I need to figure out how to get over that hurdle… *Sigh*

Just think about Padalecki. Just think about Padalecki. Just think about Padalecki. *gulp*




I’VE BROKEN €1,000!!!!


Yeah, The Bags Are That Bad…

Yeah, The Bags Are That Bad...

Ugh. I need to go to bed. I think I’ll be able to function for maybe an hour longer?

Must. Finish. Final. CAS. Reflection.

I’ve come so far, I won’t fail now. I feel like dying and it doesn’t help that my parents chose tonight to pick not one but TWO fights with me. I’m so sick of them. Jeez.

At least I have a movie and sushi dinner to look forwards to tomorrow/today. I’ll be tutoring for 2 hours so I’ll be able to feed myself, but it means I’ll be late to go out with my friends, which is a shame. But hey, money.

Screw IB. I’m so done with this shit…


Ready For The Day

Ready For The Day

Just about to get dressed and order a taxi to head over to tutor again, should be alright. The hard part will be getting her to focus. Poor kid has so much tuition, I worry if she’ll ever think for herself- or at least if her parents will ever let her think for herself.

It’s a strange society we live in here in Singapore. I’m sure it’s similar to any other society that is driven to be the best. There’s probably a whole lot of people in the world that are just like the people here in Singapore, but I’ve not heard much about them.

So the plan is to work, then go to school and do revision, then head out for sushi dinner with my friends. I’m quite excited for today, it’s going to be so lovely. 🙂

If this is what University is like then I swear I’m ready for it. I just need to improve my time management… and probably my ability to save up. Saving up for Greece is easy, but general savings… I’m not as good with that. I can save and save and save until I have $700 sitting there… then summer will come and BOOM all gone by the end of the holidays. It’s not a great way to earn and spend…

Oh well, I guess I’ll learn some day! 🙂

Gotta go! Write later! 🙂


My Fa-jah


I just got my dad to watch “Fight Club”! Yes, you heard me right! My dad! MINE! Watching “Fight Club”!!!!


He thought it was good!! CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH! Hahaha! My dad was so dead against watching it, I couldn’t even get him to read it! I’ve been begging him to watch it since when I studied for the first time in 2011!

This is the same book that I did a presentation on back in 2011, my first ever IB exam. English Lit. Aced that shit. Got a level 7!! Did my presentation on religion in “Fight Club” and I have to say it’s probably one of my most favourite assignments ever done! (Even though I had to give up my actual birthday to work on it, and I mean the entire day… Oh well, time well spent, clearly!)

The movie is just as good as the book (something that can very rarely be said of movies based on books- or as I like to say “VERY LOOSELY based on books… we used the characters names… enjoy”), but “Fight Club”- despite the obvious, for those that have seen it, is very close to the original text.

If I had to chose, I’d still probably say the book is better… but only by a smidgen. That is huge coming from a book lover like myself. So yeah.

My dad didn’t want to watch it because he didn’t want to watch “mindless violence” and it has taken months to convince him that it’s not actually about the fighting, but about the screw-with-your-head, roller-coaster-psychology of the premise.

Love, love, LOVE Palahniuk. Fucked up genius that he is. I don’t even know what could possibly influence a guy to write such trippy stuff, but let me be the first to recommend it!! My dad’s a pilot and I swear I’ll never see the oxygen masks (or safety brochures for that matter) the same ever again.

I really want to read his other stuff, “Choke” for instance, or “Lullaby”. I’ll get around to it after graduation I reckon. Can’t freaking wait!

Other stuff that’s happened today. Well, I tutored today, earned some cash (woo!), paid back some money I owed my mum and have officially got the money to go out for dinner tomorrow night. Yay me! Whatever is left will go towards Greece.

I better go now, do all the pre-bed rituals, maybe cram some more essay work in… but I have to get up before 11am tomorrow (**groans**) because I’m tutoring again (whoopwhoop!) so more money for Greece!!!

All in all, today has been a great day! Very productive and very pleasant.

G’night everyone and I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! 😀

100% Done With This School (Warning: I Rant)


Ok, so the assembly wasn’t terrible. I mean the talker guy was quite funny, his speaking style is a cross between Jimeoin (accent and delivery of jokes) and Eddie Izzard (the actual jokes). All in all, I liked him. However. Who the hell wants to sit through a freaking lecture on finances first thing on a Friday morning when you’re in a bad place already?

I sure as hell didn’t. When I said I got busted in that last post, that was real time, I had honestly just written all of that when Fuckwit… I mean my Chemistry teacher decided to walk in and herd us all to the assembly. I could kill her I am so angry. I’m livid. I want to cut “mudblood” into her arm while screaming at her about how much she fucking sucks as a Chemistry teacher and as a mother to her own child- she’s so nasty to her kid.

Now I’ve had to sign in and I have no clue if I even have English today seeing as my teacher is in a conference. Normally, for any other freaking teacher, that would mean no lesson. Not our good ol’ Mr. Asshole. He probably has a cover teacher lurking somewhere.

I just want to scream. It is so frustrating. I can’t do anything right. Not even skive ONE FREAKING CLASS. I can’t get my 40, I cry at fucking everything. EVERY. THING.

That’s why mum and I got into a fight yesterday. I nearly cried and she embarrassed me by pointing it out as I tried to keep my shit together, which only made it harder. So when we left I snapped at her (did NOT yell as she claims I did, bitch) and said she didn’t have to say anything about me tearing up.

Thus started our current stalemate.

I know her opinions on my hair and frankly I don’t care. I mean, I do. She’s paying for it afterall but we went to the hairdresser yesterday to get an opinion on going back to my natural colour. I’m very aware that she wants me to cut my hair off, or at least 3 inches… (multiply that by 2 and a half and that’s how much the hairdresser will take off, guaranteed).

I don’t want to get my hair cut. I’ve been growing it long for 8 years. I chopped it all off once when I was 11 years old. It’s taken since then for it to have grown this long- by “this long” I mean around halfway down my back.

It’s my fucking hair. Let’s see who put me in this position where I dye my hair in the first place, oh yeah, wait, that would be MY MOTHER.

I never wanted to colour my hair. Never ever ever. I really can’t stand hairdressers. I can’t stand having my hair touched. Seriously, it’s a big issue for me. Anything with my hair is a big issue for me.

It all started when my sister wanted to dye her hair. She’s always been a step ahead of me: she wanted her ears pierced, I didn’t; she wanted to dye her hair, I didn’t; she wanted to get a pedicure, I didn’t.

All but the ear piercings have turned out disastrous for me. The first time I ever, ever got a pedicure I wound up with infected and ingrown toenails. Lovely, isnt’ it? It was chronic for about 4 years or so before mum finally got a doctor to do surgery on my toes. I wound up getting part of one of my nails completely cut off and acid poured down it to ensure that it would never grow back. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the charming life I lead.

The hair dye? As I said, I never wanted my hair done, I knew it was more trouble than it was worth. But mum begged, she insisted, she pleaded and after months and months and months I finally let her play Barbie with my hair. She did a home job highlight set on my hair and it just got worse from there. After a few months the highlights got so bad that I looked like I had tiger stripes in my hair and we went to get it done professionally. Which was the start of my problems.

I get my hair done professionally. I fucking HATE getting my hair done. I HATE IT. SO MUCH. WITH A BLINDING PASSION. Most hairdressers are sadists in my opinion. The first time I had my hair “fixed”, I sat in a chair for nearly 9 hours while about 5 different people danced around my room, brushing, tugging, dying, pulling, washing, blow drying and styling my hair.

It was torture to sit there for 9 hours, my butt died. I honestly couldn’t feel it when I sat down for the rest of the day. It felt so weird. Anyway, put yourself in my shoes, I can’t stand people touching my hair and here I have 5 whole people fussing over it. Taking teeny tiny strands and pulling at it and fiddling with it, then brushing whatever crap they’ve done to it, then putting it back, only to pick up the next  tiniest section of hair they can manage to hold. FOR 9 HOURS.

So yeah. I hate hairdressers. I’ve been getting my hair done for years. I hate it, but I liked being this blonde. I am naturally blonde…. just dirty/ashy blonde, not yellow.

I finally decide to get my hair back to natural and that’s huge for me. Only for mum to start pressuring the hairdresser into admitting I needed the haircut too. I GET IT! I had “terrible” ends as a result of the dipdying, I get it. But CHRIST I’m already over emotional for no rational reason at the moment, the second they started saying I needed so much hair chopped off and was no longer about only dying my hair, it started to get to me. It was too much. I was only prepared to talk about changing my hair colour.

I didn’t want to consider cutting it off too. I know I’ll have to. But it’s frustrating because they’re both fretting over “if I don’t like the new colour then I can never go back to this blonde until all this hair grows out” and I’m sat there like “I don’t fucking care! That’s the point! I want it to grow out, I don’t want to dye it anymore! Why don’t you understand?!”.

So mum and I started fighting when we left the hairdresser, got home and both presented our sides of the story to dad and then sort of got stuck in this stalemate because she won’t get her way.

It makes me want to hit something, or someone, because she won’t let me shave it and fix the whole damn problem. But she won’t let me get the colour taken out unless I get it cut. With the length of my roots right now, if I cut all the coloured parts of my hair I’d look like a cross between Rapunzel at the end of “Tangled” and a dude. THAT IS HOW LONG THESE FREAKING ROOTS ARE!

I just want them gone! I just want to not have to worry about my hair anymore. I want a colour that is similar enough to my natural colour that I can just dye it and be done with it, letting it grow out until all the colour is gone and I’m left with natural hair. My own hair.

So yeah. That’s how yesterday ended. Then this morning she bails, we’re left floundering to try to get to school, I decide that I don’t want to go to class. I decide, why the fuck should I go to an assembly about finances in the UK and US when I’m not even applying there? Nor have any plans to live there in the near future. All my friends skip. They skip regularly. If they can, then so can !I Surely! Surely it can’t be that hard to sit in the library and do my English essay that I so desperately want to finish!

But, of course, my fucking luck kicks in. Not only am I busted, but I’m busted by one of the teachers I hate most in the school. AND to top it all off, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top… she’s the only class I have today.

Chemistry is the ONLY CLASS I HAVE TODAY.


So yeah. I’m in a shitty mood. I’m sure it’ll get better though, I have choir today. We’re singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and although our choir is pretty shitty, all the year 13ers (there’s 3 of us) are getting solos in it. So that is something I’m definitely looking forwards to.

What was your last solo in the school? Oh, just “Bohemian Rhapsody”… Freaking awesome. 😀

Then tonight I’m going to watch the school production, which is supposed to be really, really good.

Hang on. Something just occurred to me.

Oh my god.

I think this day just got better.

I actually don’t think I have chemistry afterall….

I’ve finished the topic in class. I’ve done all the questions. I just need to get the question sheet off her and then I can come back to the library. Right? I mean… that’s what I’ve been doing all week. Chemistry is over until after mocks for me….

YES! SCORE! OMG! OK! SEE? THIS DAY HAS ALREADY JUST GOTTEN 9352680952730% BETTER. I will get the answers off her at break or something… or get them off Nataree. Then I don’t have to see her at all.

English (right now) is a free. TOK is a free. Chemistry is a free. Then I have choir. Then I have one of my ONLY legitimate in-the-timetable frees!

TGIF! Okay, that is probably one of the biggest and best mood swings I’ve ever had ever. All documented in real time, right here.

Hell yeah, my blog, keepin’ it real bitchezzzz! Hahahahahhaa.

I’m smiling so hard right now! God my hormones are fucked. ANYWAY! I am going to finish my English essay and then skip around with the fairies. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY READERS!


PS- I just got another job for tomorrow! More money! Yay! (I think I’m bipolar… just maybe.)

Whatta Fool

Whatta Fool

I appear to have been leading myself (and thus you all) into delusion about exactly how much money I’d have been earning on the nannying gig.

Turns out mum didn’t say $3,000… she said $300. Somewhere a “0” was added in the translation. That’s a pretty significant difference.

Is giving up the India trip worth staying in Singapore for a measly $300? Sure it’d be a great help… but let’s be honest, if I just start some of my other jobs *earlier* (like… this weekend), then I might be able to make up (if not *more*) the “losses”.

Frankly I don’t know how the whole nannying business would go down. Let’s be honest, a solid night of babysitting in Singapore could fetch you… what… $30-$50 a night? So if I were to say they paid me that per night I was nanny… I’d be earning between $630-$1,050? Ish?

No doubt any money helps. All the jobs I can get will be the boost I need. But maybe… if the jobs I’ll be losing are not as income-worthy as I originally thought then I might be able to go to Ladakh?

Maybe I’ll be able to do it all?

I spoke to my mum about it earlier… she corrected my money mistake and said that if I can get the Alumni Grant then I can go.

To hell with it, I’m applying.

Wish me luck! 😀


Just a Question… :S


Well my friend and I were talking about my blog today and she mentioned something that caught my interest. Blog donations. As in, people sending you money. It sounded like a great idea so I googled it and read up about it and I’m not entirely sure anymore.

Basically what I’d like to humbly ask (because I don’t in any way think my blog is that great), is your opinion on whether or not you’d be interesting in donating a few dollars to my blog?

I feel like a horrible person asking for it. I mean, it’s rude to ask people for money, especially when it’s not going to a charity or anything… It’s going into my pocket to help pay for my trip to Greece.

So what I’d like to know is whether or not it’s worth my while getting a PayPal account and setting it all up? Is anyone interested? Would anyone be interested?

Please, please reply! Just a simple yes or no…

I’m just curious as to how this all works. Would you be more likely to donate if I wrote more of a certain type of post? Because I’d be happy to oblige. This whole donation idea I’m toying with sounds really cool at first, but the more I think about it the more bogged down in the ethics of it all I become (stupid me for doing Philosophy HL at IB -.-)…

Yeah, feedback please- if you have a spare minute… I’m really torn about this and as much as I could really do with the extra money, however little, to work towards my dream, I am very aware of the stark contrast between the better and more worthwhile charities that need donations and my whiney white girl blog (dealing with all her first-world-problems on an open online forum)…

I’m not putting any of this very eloquently, I know, but I just want to get the main message across and that is: Would you be interested in potentially donating a teeny amount of cash to help me achieve my dream trip to Greece?



Three Cheers for Belated Birthday Presents!

Three Cheers for Belated Birthday Presents!

Just got a late birthday present, bringing my total up to SG$1,100!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!! Broken the $1000 mark!! So exciting! Can’t wait to start working now to try and treble what you bank (<– Spoken in Anne Robinson’s voice, “The Weakest Link”) and get closer to Greece! This brings me to €690!
Today has been so great!
A lot of running around at school, but nothing terrible. How can you have a *bad* day when you start it with surprise McDonalds? Haha. I hope my optimism carries through the last two weeks of school!
PS- I’ve just gotten off the basketball court so I’m gross looking and still in kit… we won! Now I need a shower, haha.


On The Money Front


Gotta say I’m shattered. So. Damn. Tired. That’s IB for you though… Probably going to be EE-ing it through the night. Then I found out that my Basketball Coach (a.k.a. MY MUM) has be at pre-school training at least 10 minutes BEFORE we start training, which inevitably means that I have to wake up EVEN EARLIER than the ALREADY EARLY morning I have on Thursdays just to be at school for shooting practice with the team before the actual school day starts. Sure it’s an honour to be on the team, but holy moly I think I might collapse from sleep deprivation… thank goodness the Christmas Hollies are coming up!

ANYWAY- This is a money post.

I was looking over my job prospects leading up to Greece so far and have figured out this:

  • I am volunteering for Friday Night babysitting (from now until exams)
  • I will be benching as many Home-Games as I can (whenever there’s a game on)
  • I will be nannying for 3-weeks after exams (hardcore stuff right here)
  • I will be teaching one child to love reading at least once a week(after exams)
  • I will be teaching another child to pronounce words properly at least once a week as well(after exams)

So far, the money looks like it should be more or less easy to earn! I’m tempted to say “I don’t know what I was so worried about!”- but goodness knows I won’t tempt fate like that!

In the past I have done tuition for GCSE students, bringing one particular student from a D in Biology up to a B+! Another student I brought from a C to an A- in Chemistry! So that’s also another avenue I can look into after exams are over. On the topic of studying, I will be selling my IB revision guides to whichever poor new IB student needs them, as well as my written revision notes! That should rake in a little extra cash…

I’m also considering putting up notices in the supermarkets advertising my babysitting services, potential tuition services, and might just throw in the offer to do dog walking for families that just don’t always have the time.

I’m really hoping this will get me enough cash to start making solid plans for Greece. As much as I’m planning as I do this blog, it’s very hard to pin down exactly what my plan of action is. I need a game plan, a list of where I want to go, what I want to do there, how many nights I want to stay for and then how much it should all approximately cost to stay there and so all that. Right now, the plan ain’t so concrete… which is good because it means I’m working so damn hard on my school work that I don’t have time to really sit down and plan it, but it sucks at the same time because I want to know how much money I need to earn (at least a target).

Despite all the hardships of school work and team work and the Traditional Year 13 Christmas Panto rehearsals, Greece is the shining beacon that is drawing me steadfastly onwards (teehee I’ve always wanted to use “steadfastly” in a sentence!). Greece seems as tangible as it is as far away right now.

The due dates I’m facing right now:

  • 29th Nov- EE Final Draft
  • 8th Dec- Charity Carolling Events (x2 on the same night)
  • 12th Dec- TOK First Draft Essay
  • 12th Dec- 20/20 Lunchtime Christmas Party
  • 14th Dec- Panto
  • 14th Dec- Sister’s Birthday (Crap, I’m broke and need to buy presents…)
  • 21st Jan- Mocks Start
  • 23rd Jan- Chinese Speaking Exam (real)
  • 31st Jan- Mocks End
  • 31st Jan- Leave for SEASAC Basketball
  • 17th May- LAST REAL IB EXAM
  • <Working: Nannying, teaching, babysitting>
  • 28th June- GRADUATION AND YEAR 13 PROM!!!!!!!

Long term. Just gotta plan long term. See the light at the end of the tunnel and not focus on how far away it seems to be. After I graduate I go to Greece. After I graduate I go to Greece. After I graduate I go to Greece.


It’s racing towards us all. It’s also moving at snails pace. I should really go to bed soon- lol jk. I’ll probably end up sleeping in the nurse’s office for first period (I have one of my very rare free periods so I might as well take advantage of it!) then somehow stagger through the rest of tomorrow, through my Sports Council Meeting at lunch and Chemistry Tuition at 7pm. Ugh, IB, I hate you so damn much.

As much as I love blogging… I can really see this starting to slow down after a few weeks once I get more into my revision phase. But until then I should be pretty active. Don’t worry, the closer I get to Greece, the more posts will go up (probably- I damn well hope so at least!)


IB likes to pose as this triangle… but any IB student knows that if you want “Good Grades” you need to give up BOTH of the other two… I’m pretty sure when I finish IB I’ll sit in the corner of my room just rocking back and forth with no idea what to do with my life. Yes, people of the world, this is what IB does to you.                  IBFML (Y)

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