IB & Me

In the IB my subjects are:

  • HL: English Literature
  • HL: Philosophy
  • HL: Biology
  • SL: Chemistry
  • SL: Maths
  • AB: Chinese

Because my school is a British school, the IB is a relatively new course compared to the more traditional A-Levels (made obvious by the crap teachers we have for most of our subjects…), despite this I’m hoping to come out the other side with 40/45 points (Lit-7, Chi-7, Philo-6, Bio-6/7, Chem-6, Maths-5, +3 for TOK/EE/CAS).

TOK, blah, anyone who is/will be/ has studied IB knows how boring the subject is… I pretty much treat it as a second philosophy lesson even though it is stressed over and over again that it is “nothing like philosophy”…. yeah… right… whatever.

My EE (Extended Essay) is an English Lit one (shoot me), I wanted to do a Classics one, which I was assured at the time that I’d be able to do, I have a great relationship with the Classics department at my school (I was the only one in my year group to do BOTH Classics AND Latin at GCSE- got A* in both, yay!). Unfortunately, that fell through and I’ve wound up doing an English comparative essay between “Oedipus Rex” (<– my Classics link -.-) and “King Lear”.
My title is: “How is the concept of fate used in different ways by the playwrights Shakespeare and Sophocles to enhance an audience’s response to dramatic tragedy in King Lear and Oedipus the King

For CAS… well. My CAS achievements (Creative. Action. Service.) are frankly quite impressive I’d like to think. I’m pretty much done with my CAS to be honest, I only have to finish writing up my reflections to turn in and be done with it.


  • Creative Writing (http://www.wattpad.com/user/MentalMozart)
  • ToyBox Productions (Danced in a legit kids show!)
  • Beijing ISCMS (Huge choral trip in Asia, goes to different schools every year… I talk more about this on my “Adventure” page :3)
  • 6 of 1 (A teacher-sixth form only choir, to be invited to join is a big honour)


  • Basketball SEASAC (huge honour- it’s the best team in my school)
  • Netball LIONS (another huge sporting honour, it’s the best netball team in school)
  • NYAA Gold (more about this on my “Adventures” page)


  • Rainbow Centre (Volunteering at the local school for mentally and physically disabled children)
  • 20/20 English Language Project (I am part of a 3-womanned team that have single handly created and are currently running lessons for the cleaners of my school to learn English, something they’ve always wanted to do but have been unable to do because of money issues or time issues)
  • Basketball Coaching

Other School Photos…

Sweet Surprise for Our Lit Teacher :3

Just Your Average Biology Class

Another Biology Class…

Time For a Little Chemistry (Y)


P.C.R. Biology Fieldtrip to the “Science Centre”


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