Adventures of My Life (So Far)

  • Trekking through the wild Bornean Jungle for 4 days and 3 nights (camping in hammocks we put up in the trees, sooooo much fun!!! Absolutely exhausting though… and if that isn’t tiring enough…)

Trekking in the Jungle

My First Aid Course

Dinner: Night 1

Lunch: Day 2

  • Flying Fox on the Last Day Before the Climb

    Climbing Mt. Kinabalu (the tallest mountain in SE Asia! I made it all the way to the top in time to watch the sunrise, I still don’t know how I did it, but holy MOLY it was AMAZING! And this little expedition came right after the jungle trek… we trekked for 4 days to (near) the base camp and then hiked up the mountain the very next day, stayed (barely) one night at the only hostel up there, then woke up at 2am to climb to the top by 6am. In pitch black and negative temperatures. It was the most terrifying, thrilling, exhausting, proudest- ugh so many more adjectives could fit here- thing I’ve done so far in my life!) (P.S.- the above two were part of my NYAA Gold)

At Base Camp for Kinabalu (behind us)

  • Laban Rata: Last Stop Before the Top

  • A Hot Cuppa Before Bedtime (at 5:30pm)

    Last Sign Post Before the Top!

    Celebrating Making it to the Top!

    Me on the Plateaux… I’m shaking like crazy under all that still!

Shattered on the Flight Home

  • Singing a solo on the Forbidden City Concert Hall stage in Beijing! That’s right! The trip featured my all time FAVOURITE (living) composer Karl Jenkins!
  • My Solo

Rehearsals- Voted in the Top 5 Photos of ISCMS

Walking through the Forbidden City


  • Meeting Kim Hyun Joong after his concert!

Freebies from the concert!

  • Finished my Baden Powell (I’ve been a part of the Brownie-Guides organisation from Rainbows all the way up to Young Leader- which comes after Baden Powelling)

Baden Powell Award Ceremony at the British High Commissioner’s 🙂


Baden Powell Adventure Trip






  • Perth Netball Tour (First time the school has gone truly overseas for a netball event!)

  • Visiting Italy!

On a Merry-Go-Round in Florence


  • All my school trips! (Malacca, Sabah, Tioman, Chiang Mai, Vietnam, Cambodia)

Cambodia Trip (just in case you didn’t realise…)

  • Cambodia (The Killing Fields: Real Human Skulls)

    The Local Cuisine (is now a good time to mention my arachnophobia?)

    Angkor Wat


    Long House in Vietnam

    Ox and Cart Rice Planting in Chiang Mai

    Riding the Ox

    Teaching English at a Long Neck Tribe (Chiang Mai)






















  • Building houses in Cambodia.

  • Taking part in the MUN (done it twice, once as Yemen, once as Greece!)
War Meeting                                    Lunch
  • Meeting the Beelzebubs (Especially Eli!!)

Eli & I

  • Making and selling jewellery


  • Walking down Orchard Road (main shopping road in Singapore) dressed as various characters…

Wearing Card Gladiator Helmets and Yelling “SALVE” to all passing strangers

As Red Riding Hood… I got given a weird robotic toy rabbit at a movie shop, which I promptly hit somewhere before I left

Most recently as ‘Misa’ from the “Death Note” anime






















  • Represented my school at the Outwards Bound Expedition












  • Dancing in a kids show! (ToyBox Productions)

We met them at the “Wiggles” Concert and a month later… ta daa!

  • Cosplay (AFA) I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS and have now finally done it! Went as “Misa” from Death Note



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