Baking Babe Once More

Started the morning as I do every morning by walking the dog. I’m stil not talking to mum after she bitched at me last night about the internet usage. So naturally, I watched another episode of Supernatural- my own lame attempt at “payback”.

Then I started doing something semi-useful and began my Myer online induction thingy. I’ve set up my two face-to-face meeting things too, so I’m well on my way to employment and financial freaking independence. Finally. Sort of. Ugh.

I am currently obsessed with “Almost is Never Enough” bu Ariana Grande. I am very ashamed, but not enough to stop listening to it- tee hee πŸ˜›

Studied for a bit and got bored so, as I had the house to myself, I decided to bake myself some brownies. Which coincided with the exact moment my mother dearest (heavy sarcasm) chose to call me and drop on me out of nowhere that if I had any plans this evening (HAH!! Funny -.-) that I was to drop them because I am to babysit one of her friends kids. Babysit is used in the most abstract sense of the word. The very nature of the job- emphasis on job- is that it implies being paid. Which I wasn’t. Mum deemed my tone of voice unacceptable- good thing she couldn’t hear me rolling my eyes- and so I wasn’t to be paid.

Whatever. She’s going to be childish. It kinda of backfired too because the kid brought a really fun board game (that she whooped my ass in. Twice.) to play. We danced to pop music like “Single Ladies” and old Britney hits and baked cookies together. I am an awesome babysitter.

Sorry- I’m writing this all very last minute because I have tuition tomorrow morning and I’m shattered (I also need to get up early again to walk the dog. I know I’ve been doing it for months but now that summer is here? Nearly here? It gets hotter earlier and I have to go out earlier to avoid the dog overheating. Bloody early mornings -.-

So yeah. Night all :/

Girl Time

This morning I walked the dog and rushed out to the city around 9:15-ish. I was supposed to be meeting a gal pal at 10ish, but I wanted to get to the bank first (to grab some TFN info from them). Unfortunately for me my cute banker wasn’t there 😦

(But when I walked past again in the afternoon, lo, there he was. I felt like kicking myself- haha)

Also unfortunately- sorta- my friend got held up at home and couldn’t make it until closer to 11-11:30ish, so I had some time to kill. I say “sorta” not because I didn’t want to see her, but because I really don’t mind walking around on my own. I bought bubble tea and checked my emails and discovered possibly the best news of the month!


So yeah! After doing a little celebratory dance (in my head…) I decided to fill the remainder of my time by finding the actual TFN office that I had to go to later. Thank goodness I did because IΒ definitelyΒ would have wound up in the wrong place had I not- silly building designs, hiding the important lifts waaay behind the lifts to nowhere πŸ˜›

Then my friend showed up and we walked around the shops because she wanted a new skirt for her trip in a week or so. We found the skirt quite quickly, but kept it from getting awkward by window shopping in places that (well I couldn’t at least) we couldn’t afford πŸ˜›

Finally we decided to give up on the pretense of Β shopping and headed back to the food court and I bought us both double thick chocolate shakes (that were so thick we had to get bubble tea straws in order to drink them! BEAUTIFUL!! Hahah!) We chatted about books and TV shows and whatnot and then she caught me up on all the Brisbane gossip from the few months before I showed up here. It was really nice to finally hang out with a girl my age after so long.

However, all good things come to an end and we had to split- she wanted to buy books for the flight and I had to head for my TFN interview. Once that was done (surprisingly quickly! And with the loveliest lady), I walked out of the office only to see a Dymocks! YAY BOOKS! I was supposed to go home after the interview, but seeing as I don’t get out often and all I had to go home to was revision I decided to treat myself and lose myself in the book shop for an hour.

It was like coming home. Being surrounded by books. I think I’d be a happy librarian. Or book shop owner. *Sigh* In a perfect world, maybe.

After that I thought- why stop there with the treating? So I hit up the local KFC to satisfy my fried chicken cravings. I’ve missed KFC. It’s been months. I haven’t had it since Singapore 😦

It tastes different here… but not a bad different. Not better, just different πŸ˜›

Alas, I couldn’t put off going home anymore after that so I caught the train back and settled into revision only to be disrupted barely an hour later to walk the dog again. The night got worse from there, came home to fight with my mother and sister. Joy of joys.

I’m so freaking tired of being trapped here! The people are unbearable and there’s nothing to do. I’m too far away from friends to actually ever up and do things with them and it’s not like I could anyway because mum always says no.

I’m so sick of it! I can’t wait for uni! I seriously can’t. UGH!

And on that sour note, goodnight :/

My Face Hurts

Photo on 2013-10-07 at 11.28 #2

It’s not even noon yet and I’m just ready to go back to bed.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, I have a headache and my eyes just plain hurt.

Haven’t accomplished much today- but the day is still young- I’ve done some chores, watched an episode of Supernatural (I seriously can’t believe I’m up to season 8 already!!!) and am currently on the brink of doing some ACTUAL REVISION! It’s a miracle, I know.

But I just… ugh… everything hurts and reading the small print in textbooks and online… it’s such an awfully tedious prospect.

Right now I’d rather be asleep somewhere nice and warm.

OR in the arms of a person I like- oh yes I went there, for the first time ever I may be actually admitting to having a crush on someone. I’ve shied away from this topic for 11 months and here I am, admitting that yes, I, an 18 year old girl, have a love life.

Pfffffft. I thought I’d be able to say that with a straight face. JUST KIDDING! I HAVE NO LOVE LIFE LOL. Nah, I just feel lonely and I want someone I like to like me back is all. Nothing unusual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever. It’s not a new sensation- especially with the sexual frustration that comes with watching every damn episode of Supernatural- DAMMIT JARED WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE TOO PERFECT FOR THIS WORLD AND GEN IS A LUCKY, LUCKY LADY!!!!! πŸ˜₯

But yeah, moving on. I’d rather be one special someone or asleep right now. Or with my Singapore friends.

That would be nice.

But my head hurts too much for a lot of people. I could deal with maybe one or two… three people’s company, max right now. Chimmercharlie, Randers and Pheebers perhaps? Maybe Buiface, Staples or Pamerra. I don’t know, I just miss familiarity.

Ughhhhh- all this homesickness doesn’t help with my headache (or Winchester-induced heartache).

So yeah. Not much to report. The rest of the day doesn’t look very exciting either.

Might be going shopping with a gal pal here- I’m finally branching out from just the boys!!!

Tomorrow’s going to be a bit full on- have to go to the bank and get a bank statement, possibly go shopping with a new friend, then hit up the government building on Elizabeth Street to finish my TFN application! FINALLY!

Oh sweet mother of Jesus, mum’s rattling the damn cutlery around and I want to scream or cry tears of blood. Yes, the headache is bad. JUST. STOP. MUM. Good LORD the world will not come to a halt if the cutlery isn’t banged around…


Where was I?

Bloody hell, no idea. Everything is too noisy right now. Is this what a hang over feels like? THIS ISN’T FAIR I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN DRINKING!??! What am I being punished for?

…Actually, don’t answer that.

Argghhhhh. Fine. I’m going to try my best to study now. Might watch another episode of Supernatural later as a “reward”. Hah. You’re head hurts? NOW TRY HAVING YOUR HEART RIPPED OUT AND CRUSHED IN GLASS FOR YOU TO SWALLOW WHEN WE GIVE IT BACK TO YOU HAHAHAHAHA HAHA HA HAHAHA.

Yeah. It’s going to be a fan-freaking-tastic reward. -.-

Whatever, bye πŸ™‚

I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Today has been bloody full on. Seriously.

My feet are so damn sore.

I’ve walked and walked and walked- besides dinner I really don’t think I’ve sat down at all.

Work this morning was good though- very busy, which is never a bad thing! I hit the ground running with a $90 sale first thing! Go me! In fact, today was so busy I actually lost count of how much merchandise I sold! Felt pretty damn awesome.

Saw a few characters too. Some good, some not so good.

One chick walked past in a t-shirt with a picture of minions stealing the tardis on it. I seriously wanted to stop her and ask for a photo. It was a beautiful shirt πŸ˜›

The not-so-good came in the form of a 6″ something muscle man (could tell he’s a douche from his tattoos…) coming over to my stall while I was manning it alone (these chicks must really like me because every weekend they find some reason to disappear at the same time for half an hour or so) and asking me how exactly I was going to sell the product to him in a really patronising tone. I’m sure he didn’t mean to come off as intimidating as he did- but holy hell this guy was buff and towered over me and his delivery of the question was undeniably terse.

Thankfully, two passers-by came to my rescue. Swooping in on this guy and gushing over the product. Look- anyone that’s been reading my blog knows that I don’t believe in the product I’m selling. It’s total BS and completely overpriced… but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t negatively impact anyone’s health, I’m selling them the placebo effect so if they take the bait and buy it then whatever. I get paid either way. Had I been left to “sell” the product to him… I probably would have stuttered through some half-assed explanation of what the Magnesium Oil does… he wouldn’t have bought it- something in his body language kinda screamed that he didn’t believe it. He was practically laughing at me when he walked over.

So yeah, these people popping up out of nowhere was fab. They just went on and on about how amazing the product is and how it’s cured her 5-month tennis elbow in a week and blah blah blah. They scared him away pretty much. About 5 minutes into their speech he gave me this bewildered look and tried to laugh but this couple- I should mention they were at least in their 50s- just kept talking. When they finally left he just picked up a bottle and pretended to examine it before putting it down and scampering away.

He didn’t come back for the rest of the morning. Well, he wouldn’t walk past the stall. It was quite funny really. I saw the chick he was with and when she walked past us he walked int he opposite direction and met her at the door so he wouldn’t have to walk past our stall. Poor guy, made me laugh πŸ˜›

So yeah. Work was good, busy, but good.

There was just one hitch in today’s smooth running- I didn’t get to meet my new boss. Today was supposed to be the day I met my current employer’s younger brother- a.k.a. the guy taking over the stall from here on out. As of next week it’ll just be him and I running this stall. No more lovely ladies 😦

It’s a shame, I really like them, they’re sweet. I can only assume that he’ll be lovely too if he’s related to them. I asked a bit about him today in his absence. I won’t lie- I was interested to meet him before, but now more than ever. Turns out he’s 19!!! He’s at uni! My interest in this guy just spiked. I thought he’d be in his mid-20s at least! But 19?!?! This is sounding very promising :3

So yeahhhh next weekend will be MORE than interesting! πŸ˜€

After I finished I had my crepes, as per usual. The crepe guy- Justin- and I are on great terms now. We’re on a first name basis with one another and he’s memorised my order. It’s fab πŸ˜€

Then came the first big journey of the day- getting home.

I could have caught the bus, I know, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to figure out how long it took to WALK home.

To cut a long, very boring story short- it takes 45 minutes.

I nearly got hit by a bus, but no matter πŸ˜›

And here is where my silly-ness hits new peaks. I bought a bottle of Bundy (Bundaberg) Lemon Lime and Bitters on the way home. It comes in a green bottle and to the untrained eye looks just like a beer bottle. As I was walking down the final stretch to get home, a cop car passed and I full on nearly had a heart attack. Here in Australia- I don’t know about the rest of the world but the rule certainly wasn’t something I was aware of in Singapore at least- you can’t publicly drink alcohol or carry alcohol or something silly like that. I’m not quite sure I understand why… but whatever. So anyway, this cop car goes by and all I can think is OH MY GOD THEY’RE GOING TO STOP AND ARREST ME FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL OH GOD MY FIRST EVER ARREST.

I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Needless to say nothing happened.

Which was sort of disappointing.

Sort of.

When I got home and I had lovely long shower and watched an episode of “Vicar of Dibley”. I swear my feet were somewhere between numb and throbbing. Mum sent a text about 5 minutes into the episode telling me to make cupcakes. I waited until the show ended before gingerly getting to my feet again, it was like walking on glass. Of course, as soon as the cupcakes were baked I had to take the dog for a walk and try not to cry πŸ˜›

Once I was home I saw mum for the first time since she’d dropped me to work this morning, but we were “late” and so we had to rush through icing the cakes and changing and getting our asses over to our weekly Sunday Night X-Factor and Dinner Gathering thing. We weren’t late.

In the past my family has tried to form Sunday night traditions- for a while we had Friday Night Athletics and Top Gear as a tradition (until we stopped doing athletics…). Then we had Sunday Night Roasts with a family that lived one street from us (until the friendship between the son and I, our sisters and our mothers exploded completely).

Now? Sundays are for strawberries and X-Factor.

I like this tradition and I don’t see myself falling out with any of the family. It helps that I’m 2 years older than the oldest “kid” there. So the friendship doesn’t really extend past Sunday dinners.

X-Factor was… hmm… tonight. Dami did an awesome job with a bad song choice. I reckon Ronan was trying to sabotage her. Dick move. Oh well, she’ll make it through voting so I’m not worried πŸ™‚

I’m home now and just about to watch another episode of Season 8 so NIGHT ALL! πŸ™‚

A Gatho and a Half

This morning I did a few chores and FINISHED Β SEASON 7 OF SUPERNATURAL!!!!


The season 7 gag reel has GOT to be the funniest of all of them so far. I nearly cried I was laughing so hard. I love the show so much but HATE IT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

So yeah… naturally I’ve pushed ahead with season 8.

But only got to the end of episode 1 when one of the twins text and dropped on me that tonight’s gatho started at 2pm… not 7pm. I wanted to throttle him.

Mum and I had a small fight but then she dropped me off at 4-ish. I didn’t pack any clothes or bikini or whatever, I just showed up in flip-flops, denim shorts and a baggy shirt, only to find out it was a semi-pool-party and the girls wanted to parade around half naked in front of the boys. Not in a sexy-ohh-look-at-me kinda way, just in a hey-summer-has-started-yay kinda way. They got into such a flap trying to find me a bikini and it took about half an hour to convince them I really didn’t care and I’d just sit by the pool with them. None of them really went in the pool anyway so I wasn’t missing anything πŸ˜›

After a few hours they wrapped up and went inside to change so I hung out with the boys outside. It was really nice and chill. We all chatted until it was dark before moving inside for pizza. It didn’t take long before someone started hollering for drinking games to commence so at 7pm the hard out drinking began.

I survived two rounds of King’s Cup/Ring of Fire before quitting all the games and moved inside to chat with a few other non-drinkers.

At 9ish everyone started getting hyped up to go clubbing and so I took that as my cue to get out of dodge and high tailed it to the twins’ house- where I currently am writing this.

One of the twins is clubbing and the other is out with a gal… so yes, I am alone in their house being a dull little shit. Whatever. Mum’s coming to pick me up in a few minutes so I should really figure out what to do with the house key they gave me to get in…

I’m not sure if their dad is still awake- if so he can let me out. If not, awkwaaard. :/

So yeah. I’m going to go explore and see what I can do about getting out of the house.

Bye! πŸ™‚

I Wish I Could Make Reading This Blog Worth Your While

Blah, blah blah today is dull as ever. Last night was really chill and fun. It’s when gathos like last night’s happen that I’m really happy to live here in Australia. There was only 6 of us in the end, but it was super relaxed.

The boys wound up breaking the driving curfew by an hour or so… but they all got home fine so there’s no harm done.

Today has just been “chemistry” revision and ‘Supernatural’ episodes. NEARLY FINISHED THE SEASON!

Mei has gone to a sleepover so it’s just mum and I tonight. We’re about to watch “Pride and Prejudice” so I better go get ready for bed.

Night all! πŸ™‚

Being Somewhat Proactive

Tuition this morning melted my brain- as per usual.

I was supposed to finish an exam question when I got home, nope. I flicked on some more ‘Supernatural’. Been watching it all day. Nearly half way. Teehee.

BUT I have finally done something about my “I’m-too-lonely-to-function” situation. I’ve organised a small gatho tonight. Well, I say “I” have… all I did was text one of the boys to bring some other guys over. There should be about 7 of us in total, which suits me fine.

They’re supposed to be here soon… I’m trying to figure out if I have enough time to watch another episode or not… Don’t think so. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I better clean up the general “hanging out” area, but it’s very likely I’ll wind up belting out Disney songs while I wait for them to get their asses here.

Bye! πŸ™‚

Obsessed? Maybe.


I have tuition tomorrow morning. Whoops.

So right now mum and mei are on their way home with pizza (three cheers!!) and I’m racing through writing up some revision flash cards. It’s only matrices so I’m not too worried.

So yeah.

I’m going to finish these flash cards and then watch more Supernatural. Naturally. :3

BYE! πŸ™‚

Racing Through ‘Supernatural’- Oh No

Soooooo I finished ‘Supernatural’ season 6 last night o.O

Started season 7 today- you know- after I watched the gag reel. I freaking reckon the budget went up this season- IT’S SCARY!! D:

I’ve been watching episodes all day since I can’t be arsed to revise Bio. I tried. I really did, but to no avail πŸ˜›

I was supposed to be going out tonight. Sort of. Last night, while I was walking the dog one of the boys text me inviting me to a gatho… that was happening an hour and a half after he text me. At Indooroopilly. That’s at least a 45 minute drive from where I live AND I was walking the dog when he texted… so yeah. That disappointment happened. Then today they were talking about hosting a chill one at their place… only to cancel last minute. I’m getting really frustrated to be honest. I like hanging out with them, for goodness sake it’s the only time I get out of the house to socialise… but at the same time I don’t want to seem desperate/clingy/rude. I’d hate to annoy them, but the downside of it all is that I’m left hanging way too often.

Ugh. Oh well. No-one said moving country was going to be easy.

So yeah. Mum’s out at a movie and I’m home watching Supernatural. Now I’m going to watch more episodes WOOOOOO πŸ˜€

Bye! πŸ™‚

New Experiences…

So, I finally know how much I have to drink to get drunk!

I started drinking during dinner and had had 4 vodka shots by the time we actually started the drinking games. I didn’t feel anything, not even a buzz, not until half way through the movie.

After the movie one of the girls had fallen asleep and so the 3 of us left “standing” decided to play “King’s Cup”.

Needless to say I was very drunk by the end of it.

The whole, stumbling on flat ground and laughing at everything and nearly knocking over my glass when I go to grab it…

It took 12 and a bit shots of Vodka.

Good. Lord.

I still remember everything from last night, I didn’t break anything, didn’t ruin anything, still had the common sense to put my laptop away before anything got spilled on it, I didn’t text anyone or update my facebook. There were no photos. I think I did pretty well for a first time!

I’m 18, nearly 19, I was drinking at HOME with my sister and one of her friends… hardly a hard partier… I was in PJs so I didn’t humiliate myself. There were no photos taken, so there’s nothing to be uploaded on facebook OR held against me if my sister decides to blackmail me for whatever reason. Mum was upstairs and fully aware. I think I did a good.

And now I can officially say I’ve been drunk! πŸ˜€

I didn’t wake up with a hangover either! I dreamed that I had a headache, which is weird, but when I actually came to (at 9am dammit), I was headache free. So yeah!

We did some significant damage to the Vodka though:


I didn’t want to eat though.

I’m glad I waited so long before I got drunk and although it was fun, now that I’ve done it once, I don’t need to do it anymore AND people will leave me alone at parties! The past few parties have been marred slightly by drunk people coming up to me with drinks and telling me “I’m gonna get you soooooo drunk tonight”. Now the novelty is gone! πŸ˜€


So yeah that was last night.

Today has been pretty slow. Not done anything besides have a shower and eat a massive bowl of chicken noodle soup when I regained my appetite. I’ve studied a little and now I’m going to watch the FINAL FEW EPISODES OF SUPERNATURAL SEASON 6 OH NO!!! D:

So yeah, byee! πŸ™‚

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