Back To School One Last Time


Oh dear god. I’m here. It’s here. This is finally happening. I’m in the final countdown until my last day of high school EVER.

Last night I watched about 5-6 hours of behind the scenes/ comicon interviews for Supernatural. SO FREAKING GOOD. But now my eyes are sore as hell.

Somehow I changed my background desktop picture too… I have no idea how to turn it back or if I even WANT to turn it back… it’s a still from “A Day in Jared and Jensen’s Life”. (OMG WHY ARE THEY SO GODLIKE AND BEAUTIFUL)… it’s from their make-up trailer bit where Jared’s eating all the candies :3






Excuse me while I scrape my ovaries off the wall…

It’s certainly an improvement on my previous background (my IB exam schedule- which I now know by heart) and I certainly need his gorgeous face to get me through each hellish day. I really make this much harder for myself than it needs to be. If only I would do the freaking work… :/

My Latest Gadget

So I downloaded a new free app, it’s a countdown thing.

It tells me exactly how many days/hours/minutes/seconds I have left until I start my exams.


That’s what it reads RIGHT NOW.

I want to shoot myself. This is why my blog-counter-downer says it’s 1 month I guess…

Hopefully this, coupled with my exam schedule background:


Will kick my ass into gear. I officially have less than 60 days to learn the rest of ALL my subjects and revise EVERYTHING. My heart rate has actually picked up just thinking about it. I don’t feel at all prepared for this. Maths is done, English is done, Philosophy is done… Chinese is more or less done.

Biology and Chemistry aren’t though.

Chemistry isn’t done.

I have TWO WHOLE OPTIONS left to learn for Chemistry (as opposed to just one in Biology).


“Revision”- Lam-Paca-Blam Style


So I just ran away from this eejit for the last hour… I stole his phone… well no, not initially. I was playing the Icon Pop Quiz Game thing and then he demanded that I start working… so I made a run for it.

Then he started fraping me. So I fraped back. My frapes:

  • If I get 20 likes I will slap myself in the face with a fish… Videoed of course!
  • Sometimes I try to convince myself I’m manly… But then I realize I still have sandwiches to make
  • Sometimes I like to pretend I’m Marilyn Monroe 😉
  • I have 100 plush toy unicorns
  • Like for like, comment for comment because I love rainbows

Yup. I’m original AND hilarious. Not. Whatever.

Then I stepped it up a bit. I changed his middle name to “Llama-Lover”. Again, I’m so funny. AND THEN, to top it all off my plan was to change ALL his pictures to pictures of alpacas… because they’re not llamas. But everyone guessed my plan the second they saw the facebook name update.

So instead I did this:









So yeah. I had fun. Then I made an alpaca picture his lock screen and background screen on his phone. Oh! And to make sure he didn’t change it back too soon my friend changed his password (Y)

All in good humour, don’t worry. He has his phone back and his new password. It’s all good.

Here’s a photo of us “revising”:



Now we’re off for sushi dinner :3

I’m praying to whatever is out there that my parents don’t discover what I got up to today 😛