Goodnight 2012

Goodnight 2012

Well I suppose this will be the very last midnight we’ll ever have for 2012!!!! It’s been a fab year and I can only hope that next year is just as good (if not better!)

This year has brought me:
– Travelling to Beijing
– Performing on the Forbidden City Concert Hall
– Having a SOLO there
– MEETING Karl (freaking) Jenkins
– Going to Evanescence
– Having a “moment” with Troy (*sigh*)
– Getting into a fight over who he threw his towel to- me obvs
– WINNING the fight
– Going to The Wiggles
– MEETING Jeff and Greg!!!
– Getting a job as a dancer in a kids show!
– Going to a Kim Hyun Joong Concert!
– Camping in Borneo for 4 days
– Going to the F1 for the first time in my life!
– Seeing Maroon 5 at the F1
– Starting savings for Greece
– Ku De Ta!
– Sailing
– Seeing DOLPHINS! 😀

I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing, but it’s nearly 5am for me with my jet lag so… 😛

I’ll probs add to or expand on this list tomorrow.

Anyway, I HOPE YOUR LAST MORNING OF 2012 IS A GREAT ONE! I hope you all have a freaking awesome 2013!

I might go see “Les Mis” tomorrow… I love love love the music. I’ve never seen it (like, at all). But I listen to the soundtrack religiously, and I know it all word for word. Every track. Memorised. And I cry when I listen to it. I really would prefer to see the Broadway first… but the movie is out and it’s so tempting!!!! I’m really weak when it comes to temptations… so I’ll probably end up going. :3

I’m not thrilled with the casting, but what can ya do? I reckon the chick playing Eponine will be interesting, she’s the girl from Broadway I’m told so she should be amazing to listen to!

So excited for the NEW YEARS PARTIES!!! I’m actually popular this year! Which is rather lovely :3

Anyway, night all! 🙂



Sailing 2012

PicMonkey Collage

It dawns on me, now that we’ve come in from our last day of sailing, that this is the last time I’ll be sailing until 2013. Sounds so far away…

I’m more burned than ever, but I’ve loved every hour we’ve spent at sea. I’ve finally just got the hang of the ropes and knots- mind you I’ve lost most of the skin from my palms in doing so… haha.

It’s been sunny and rainy and hot and cold and so very, very good.

Now, all the sheets and sails are away. The ropes are tidy and all that’s left to do is pack for the flight tomorrow.

Didn’t see any dolphins today, just penguins 🙂

My boat shoes have officially fallen to pieces, I’ve been trailing bits of sun-faded purple rubber all over the boat as I’ve run about to secure the mooring lines and all that.

Nothing much else to say. I’m covered in salt- feel a bit like the “stalwart Odysseus”, except, not scaring poor royal maids with my wild nakedness, nor pissing off the gods for blinding their sons… Think I might head for an early shower to cool off the burns to be honest. I have no clue what to wear home that won’t chafe the burns while at the same time keeping me warm… Gah. Clothes. Why.

I have done NADA revision. All that “focus” has vanished and I have barely anything done. Well, guess what I’m going to be doing on the flight home!! Eeesh. What fun. -.-

Well, I have gone a bit camera crazy so here are a lot more photos, enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage-4 PicMonkey Collage-3 PicMonkey Collage-1 PicMonkey Collage-2

Full Moon Tonight

Photo on 2012-12-27 at 15.30 #3

Chilling on the boat after a hard day of sailing. Dad’s got Fred Dagg blaring from his iPad, been such a long time since we’ve listened to him 😛

While we were sailing today we saw dolphins which was sooo exciting!! Two different pods on two different occasions, I spotted them both times so I feel special haha. The first time I went into the hull to grab the camera and missed watching them swim under the bow. But the second time I spotted them I was up the bow end, hanging from the fore-wire. I got to watch them play under the bow, they were so freaking close!!!

Every so often I’d take over the tiller from dad, good lord the wind today! We sailed at 45 degrees (for those of you that don’t know- you’re pretty much half in the water because the boat’s tilted at such a crazy scary angle!) pretty much all day. SO FUN/TERRIFYING! Haha.

So yeah, we’ve recovered from that with chocolate thickshakes and potato-cakes. Yum :3

We’re just sitting on the boat, and relaxing. It’s a full moon tonight so hopefully the sky’ll be clear and we can do some star-gazing.

Here are just some photos of the marina for you all. Update tomorrow- if not later! 🙂

Photo on 2012-12-27 at 15.31 #3 Photo on 2012-12-27 at 15.32


Just Got In…

Photo on 2012-12-27 at 13.42 #2

Just got back from sailing. 10 solid hours of sea and surf. My shoulders are now burned. -.-

WE SAW DOLPHINS!!!!! TWICE!!!!! (I’m convinced I saw them a third time… but who knows)

I will DEFO be uploading the crappy photos I got of their fins when I’m home, haha.

Well, it’s off to dinner for a hard-earned chocolate thickshake, methinks!!!

I’ll upload more soon hopefully! 🙂

Just Chilling in the Chill

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 08.42

We got back to the boat a couple of hours ago (feels like it at least), we’re just chilling on the boat because it’s raining and windy and cold outside. Dad’s turned on the internet and so we’re all just being blobs. I should do revision but screw it (<– I’ll regret this I know).

My backpack has officially broken- the one with all my books of revision in it. Yeah, one of the backpack handles has snapped off and now there’s a great big hole in the top of it. *Facepalm*

I’ll need to get a new backpack from somewhere to put all my revision in before we fly out… YEAHHHH! AN EXCUSE TO HIT THE POST-CHRISTMAS SALES!! 😀 haha

Looking forwards to going home, at the same time I’m not. I like it here on the boat, it’s so nice and relaxed. I get to sleep! Revision is preferable to exams, let’s be honest. But all my friends are at home and I like being in Singapore. University will be so strange. I keep feeling like this will be the last “normal” Christmas season ever. I mean, after this I will technically be flying the  coup!

I’ll have finished school, hopefully have been to Greece, applied to University and accommodation and be visiting my family. Then it’s off to Uni, living by myself for the first time in my life. Come on, it’ll be so WEIRD! After that it just gets weirder because I’ll have to move into my very own home and start living like an adult!!! That’s all so scary and close!

Yeah, I won’t think about that right now. Have IB Exams to ace first.

Hope you’re all having a great Boxing Day!! 🙂

Back to the Boat

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 06.25


Tin Spaaaaaaghetti!


Okay, not the most attractive photo, but whatever! I haven’t had tin spaghetti since the last time I went sailing at Easter! I love this stuff :3

Rocking out to “Sexy and I Know It”, best way to start the day, eh? 🙂

We have found an internet source. We have called it “The Dongle”, I don’t know what it’s really called, I just worship the wood it touches on the table.

Goodness the wind is high today! Crazy loud, whistling through the masts of the boats moored here. No sun, but it’s still bright outside, the sky is pretty much white bordering on grey, but it’s not cold. It’s cooler when the wind hits you, but other than that it’s pretty nice weather!

In other news, the sunburn on my nose is starting to peel… yup, I look stunning right now (Y)

Ooooh! It’s just started raining! It’s not noisy, at all… it’s so weird! Singapore rain is like golf balls of water hitting the ground pretty damn hard, here? It’s like snowflakes…

Yeah, I need to go revise now. I should blog a bit more later, we’re visiting my Godmother, we’ll be staying at hers tonight!



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