3 More High School Wake Ups


So that was a fun morning assembly. Goodness I can’t wait to get out of this damn school. I suppose the silver lining is that that was the very last assembly with my HOY I’ll ever have… except for the graduation assembly we have on Friday that I’ll be leaving early from for rehearsals.

Every damn week he does the countdown.

Today he FINALLY brought up Prom and was like: “oh hey lol there’s a prom email going out tonight lol yeah do the form and get the cheque and bring it in tomorrow or else lol”. I want to throttle him.

Then he went on to talk about Muck Up Day and how it shouldn’t be called “Muck Up” Day and that we’re essentially getting rid of it thanks to last year’s cohort. Which is great. Not. One by one they’re whittling away our “Sixth Form Privileges”.

We have a fire drill during P2 so that should be interesting… today is pretty full on actually…

P1- Normal
P2- Fire drill
Break- Ladakh meeting + See HOY about acapella performance on Friday
P3- Concert rehearsals
P4- Normal (ughhhh it’s English… might try to skip it… but he has DEFINITELY seen me in school so I’ll need to be very careful about how I do this…)
Lunch- Choir rehersals
P5- Normal
P6- Normal (but I have an essay due in that I haven’t done, whoops)
Biology Tuition
Maths Tuition

And then I get to stop and breathe and TRY to get an English essay done for tomorrow. IBFML. No, I am the main reason I’m in this shitty position. I don’t know how to get my act together… I’ll sort it out somehow.


You guys were a bit funny yesterday, the searches that got you here were quite nice!


All except the marshmallow death one were quite sweet! 😛

Near Events and Fangirling

Near Events and Fangirling

So there’s 36 days until exams.
And there’s 7 days until school’s out forever.

Something around 3 months until I graduate.

And from what my friends tell me… I have until Friday night to try and memorise what it feels like to be whole. I’m sleeping at Chimmercharlie’s house on Thursday night and we’re “going to school” on Friday (we’ll be on Easter holiday as of Friday) and so I’ll have until about 7-8pm on Friday.

We’re going to try and finish Season 2. I hear very scary things about Season 2. As a Team Sam fangirl… apparently the ending Season 2 will leave me on the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water…

It’s going to be bad. I’m almost temped to not watch to the end, but I know I won’t get a chance to later… I want to catch up with the girls so bad. SO BAD! But not at the cost that I know is unavoidable. Thinking about what could possibly damage me so hard at the end of this season makes my heart hurt.

PLUS I’ve reached my Tumblr reblog limit (grrrrrrr), which means I’m just torturing myself as I scroll through all these posts that I want… no… NEED on my blog that are about beautiful men (like my Jared, or my Aaron and such like).

I’ve got to revise now… two songs on repeat- Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” and “Radioactive”… yes I am aware just how far behind I am on music trends, haha.

So Thursday-Friday is going to be fun. Expect lots of ugly crying photos. LOTS. Expect me to fangirl and moan and try to rip my heart out…

I won’t be able to tear it from myself though because I’ve already given it to Jared. I won’t be able to surrender it because it’s going to have been torn out already. The season ending is going to be brutal. And it only gets worse from there I hear.

I really have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. I thought I did. I never wanted this. This deep, dark, dank hole. It’s testing my limits, pushing my fangirling to new heights.

I don’t want to watch Supernatural but I NEED TO *desperate gasping*

English after this… ew.

Okay. Breathe.

Keep calm and keep up the pretense of studying.
#IB Mantra


Counting Down

Counting Down

So dad’s going to pick me up at 2pm (only 2 hours more to survive!).

I’m in English and we’ve hardly started and Mr. Asshole is already royally pissing me off. And the other girl (I need to give her a nickname…) is also pissing me off.

Basically, the girl that pisses me off is counting down the number of schooldays until we finish Year 13. I am counting down until the first day of exams. I have no problem with count downs. None. Nada. You know what I *do* have a problem with? TELLING PEOPLE THAT DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!

She walked in and was all “oh my god, I was in class and blah blah really hates me now, I think I pissed the whole class off because I told them all we only have 18 more wake ups blah blah blah, why would they be mad at me? I mean, surely that’s what they want to know? Only 18 more wake ups! Yay.”

And her little minion was all “oh my god you’re so right! Why and how could they possibly hate you? Oh my gaaaaaaahd”

Yeah. It’s sickening.


Sorry, he just mentioned TOK…. he always does… I think he just knows how to push my buttons and does so. Repeatedly. I wonder if he can read my mind and is just trying to see how far he can wind me up before I explode and go ape-shit in the classroom and never return again. He’s doing a pretty damn good job. I think I’m about 7 shitty comments away from walking out. We’re supposed to be watching the ending of “Streetcar Named Desire”… he’s blathering on about exams. UGH!

Anyway, back to the countdown thing. I have a count down, I hate it, but I have it because I know it’ll make me work. THAT DOESN’T MEAN I FORCE THAT ON OTHER PEOPLE! If someone doesn’t have a count down or doesn’t ASK you for how many days left… IT GENERALLY MEANS THEY DON’T CARE OR WANT TO KNOW! JEEZ! IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE?

I wonder why they hate my poor little delicate bitch of a classmate? I don’t… Maybe it’s because she’s just being insensitive. Perhaps they don’t need the extra pressure. I wonder if maybe it’s because, unlike her, they can’t/don’t take days off school because they’re feeling “a little stressed out”/”hung over”. Gee, I wonder why people would hate on a girl that just reminds them of how short a time it is before we all die in the exams.

GODDAMN I CAN’T STAND HER!! It doesn’t help that I’m sick. Ugh. People.

Just got to survive this. Then choir. Then I go home. Ewwwww, I have tuition tonight…….. ughhhhhh. If he claps at me to make me shut up again I think I’ll slap him.

Is it even possible to be this horrible all the time? I really hope I’m a freak of nature… it would suck if there are more people out there like me (suck for the person and suck for the people that have to deal with them)… I feel sorry for my friends and family. I really don’t know how they put up with me, but I’m glad they do…

Okay. 40 minutes until the end of the lesson. Ignore the throbbing headache. Ignore the awful sick feeling. Ignore that you want to throttle the teacher. Just breathe and focus on how fast the clock is moving.

If I go down for homicide then I’ll make sure to let you all know before I’m locked up.




Yay For Power Naps!

Yay For Power Naps!

So I skipped Chinese and had a nap in the nurse! YAY! I feel a lot better now! All I’m really worried about now is my English class… I wonder if he’ll still want those damn essays in? If not then woo! Great! If so, then fuuuuck -.-

Anyway, I’ll tell him I forgot it and write it….. at some point- maybe aim for it to go in on Thursday? Meh.

I had my meeting about the assembly tomorrow, shouldn’t be too bad (as long as I can still talk, haha). I just need to make up some slides and send them to the P.E. Dept.

What else… yeah, I just need to finish off my IA at some point and send that in. Will probably do it in the Chemistry lesson (not sure if I have a lesson seeing as she’s focusing on the HL at the moment- the SL core course is over, we need to do the second option now…).

The sleep has really cleared my head, I’m glad I didn’t just skip and go to the library! I was really freaking out about today at the beginning of the day because all I could see was an un-hackable mound of places to be and things to do, now? Now it’s just a day to take step by step. That’s all. Step by step. Breathe.

So yeah. In Philosophy now, have 4 more school activities (3 lessons, 1 activity) until ELLIE GOULDING! ELLIE GOULDING! ELLIE GOULDING! 😀 😀 😀

No clue what to wear tonight! I’m really excited! It’s the first concert I’ve been to since last year (oh poor little hard done by me… not, haha).

Okay, paying attention now- bye! 🙂


Time To Be Productive

Time To Be Productive

I am going to get my CAS Reflections done and handed in in the next half hour… okay hour. I officially have all my sign offs, I just need to write up another 4 reflections and hand them in. Yay! It’s possible. Then I can do my Philo (extension ’til tomorrow) and my World Lit (due next week).

It hasn’t stopped raining around here. The skies are constantly black, it’s a tad depressing… and inconvenient. The rain is just so heavy here! I know Singapore only has two seasons “Wet” and “Wetter” (aka “Dry” and “Wet”), right now we’re supposedly in the “Dry” season and all it’s done is belt it down… *Sigh*

I have tuition tonight, hopefully I’ll have something sugary close-by to keep me awake long enough to pay attention to him. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so little sleep in IB… I’m coping surprisingly well all things considered.

I’m shattered yet, physically tired as hell- but so far I’ve managed to battle off my desire to doze (that’s not to say I have been perky all day because lets be honest, I’ve been anything *but* perky today…)

So yeah, onto CAS. Onto glory!

I feel so truly shitty. I have convinced myself (in the space of a day) that I have microplasma again. It would explain why I’ve found it so hard to run/ breathe over the last few games (yes I know I’m unfit, but I have a very quick recovery time… which seems to be slowing down- don’t go thinking I’m making excuses, I genuinely do have a fast bounce back rate, and what I’m going through at the moment isn’t me being unfit, it’s me being sick).

It’s sad that I find it so hard to tell my parents that I’m sick… my mum has this terrible attitude of “if you’re still walking, you’re fine” sorta thing. She has little time or sympathy for sickness. It took a whole two months before we went to the doctor the first time I got microplasma, and a month the second time. Who knows how long I’ve had it this time, but I definitely recognise the symptoms… oh well, as I said earlier, I’ll give it a few more days before I jump to conclusions.