Happy New Year Everyone! :)


^You can semi-see my awful, awful sunburn… yikes o.O

Hi everyone, just wishing you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2013!

I hope you all keep your resolutions (for a few weeks at least haha)- I’ve yet to make mine beyond “pass exams with 40/45” and “go to Greece”… yeah. Haha.

May the best of last year be the worst you have to deal with this year! (It makes sense in my head… I hope it translates for you guys :P)

2013 has finally arrived. We’ve survived the end of the world and all that jazz so let’s celebrate life all year long! 😀

Spent today with my mother and sister, we played ‘Just Dance 3’ (owned that shit man, haha) and drank orange juice (<– it’s a big deal, I haven’t had OJ for a very, very long time!) and finished it all off by watching “The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012”. Hilarious as ever!

So yeah, I hope life goes swimmingly for everyone! May all your (good) wishes come true and all your goals be achieved!

That’s all from me until tomorrow!



In Zeelund

Oh hei all!

I tried to post something at the airport last night but I guess it didn’t post :S (sorrrryyyyy)

I’m not on my laptop right now so no photo either, I’ll try and fix that in later posts (Y)

Anyway, guess the world didn’t end afterall? Haha (SUCH a relief :P)

Moving on, the day so far has been lovely, the weather out here is gorgeous- it’s going to get pretty bad though, we have gale force winds coming up on Sunday so we’ll be crashing at a friend’s house most likely! (Photo opportunity!!)

I’m spending this time revising but most importantly I FINALLY STARTED READING “NEVERMORE”!!!! I packed “Nevermore” in my luggage and brought “Angel” with me, thinking that I hadn’t read it. I had. Yeah. That was a boring 10 hours of revision on the plane (:P). But now I’m on dry land… well, not in the sky at least (haha)- and I’ve started reading the very last Maximum Ride Book! YAY! I’m loving it so far, I don’t want it to end but at the same time I’ve been dying to read the latest book (and I know my friends have been dying to talk about it in public for a LONG time now haha)!!

So yeah, New Zealand is lovely. Did some food shopping with mum (SO MUCH CRAP FOOD- HOORAH!), dad’s currently revising his sailing skills and I only have about 2 minutes now on the internet so I better go. I’ll blog again (hopefully) later, but it’s more likely that I’ll be blogging again tomorrow!

Wish I could write more… hmm, I saw a few cute guys at the airport, nearly talked to one but my parents were there and I was minding the bags… Still hoping to find a cute boater boy (hurhurhur, wish me luck!!)

Talk to you later!!

Oh No…

Oh No...

Seriously? Seriously? Really? Honestly? Is this happening right now?

I just wanna go to *bed*!!!!

I get up to pack my bags and set up for the school day tomorrow and LO! I only have a red shirt left for school tomorrow.

No. Nonononononononono. NO.

I only wear red on Wednesdays. EVER. No Pink. No White. Red. Only red on Wednesdays, I can wear it other days if it so pleases me. AS LONG AS I have the red shirt for Wednesday.

OH GAWD MY OCD WON’T LET ME REST! I can’t wear *red* to school tomorrow! My brain will go haywire and the world will explode!

Some people just want to watch the world burn… those people are the types of people that give me no option but to wear red on a TUESDAY!

I am honestly on the brink of having a melt-down. I’m so damn tired and this shirt issue might just push me officially over the edge.


What am I going to do? Not complete my pre-sleeping ritual? Or put out my red uniform and destroy the world as I know it???

First World White Girl Problems.

I actually think I’m going to cry. When I go into the real world, I think I’m going to die. I’ll be fodder for people that know real hardships.

How will I survive Greece if I can’t even break my OCD for *one day*…. well TWO technically… as it’ll have a knock on effect… SHUT UP… ok… ok… *breathe*

Life. Why.