End of the Day

End of the Day

Went into school. Studied (LEGIT!! So proud of myself!!). Went out to get lunch. Got SOAKED in the rain on the way back (wasn’t counting on that… whoops). Did acapella rehearsals. They went… alright. It wasn’t brilliant, but it was definitely progress. I need to organise another session for next week (I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that… but oh well).


What else…

Had tuition. Watched the first Bourne movie with my dad. I’d never seen it before- I liked it! Now I’m looking forwards to watching the other 3 with him.

I have to go to bed now though… stupid communal study computer thing. He’ll know if I’m awake and he sent me to bed about 20 minutes ago… o.O

Night all! πŸ™‚



Kicking the Bucket


My laptop is very sick at the moment. The “mother-battery” (or whatever the guy at the epi-centre said) has some problems and I have to get it serviced… eeeesh! Do I do it now? Or after exams? He said it would take 3-4 working days and he could ask for it to be fast-tracked as a special case on top of that (I told him I had exams coming up). He was really nice about it.

My iPod is a goner too. Apparently they don’t fix iPods in Singapore. I’d have to get it replaced. *SIGH*

I guess if there’s nothing that can be done then there’s nothing to stop me having at it with tweezers to try and fix the damage (the charger port has been dented so I can’t plug it in to charge).

I have to go in to school later- just waiting for dad to get back from the airport, then he can drop me in.

While I was out I had a poke around a prom dress shop and came out empty handed. Such a shame. I need to get my Muck Up Day costume sorted too! It’s the Friday we go back!!! I know what IΒ want to do… but one of my friends had a better idea the other day… I’ll get it done at some point over the break.

My sister is yet to send meΒ her pictures from our night clubbing, but I got these two from Pheebers:


Pheebers and I


My sister and I

Out of Time… Oopsie


So I didn’t get around to reblogging today… whoops.

Short summary though:

– I went to school
– Chimmercharlie taught me a lot of Biology
– I cried a lot. A LOT a lot.
– I went out to dinner with the fam
– Dropped mum and sister off at the airport
– Am preparing to go to the Apple store tomorrow to get my iPod and laptop checked out (and probably buy a new charger…)

I am a bit worried about tomorrow morning to be honest… I’ll have to be a big kid :S

At least I’ll get to start Season 3 tomorrow! WOOO!! πŸ˜€

Photo’s from last night! More are coming! For now there is only this one (courtesy of Avalon):


Laptop Apocalypse

Laptop Apocalypse

So I was happily working away last night before my dad came home. When he did I went to greet him and ended up spending some quality time with the family (…for about an hour). Anyway, when I came back up to continue working, it crashed.

Not immediately… but about half an hour into working (and by “working” I mean organising the Phuket Graduation Trip on Facebook), my FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP went bye-bye.

Naturally I stayed calm for about 5 minutes until I realised that nothing was happening… then I freaked the hell out (I texted Chimmercharlie for about 20 minutes straight, I sent her a text that was 4 messages long in which I quote to her an adapted version of “Javert’s Suicide” from “Les Mis”). There was nothing I could do- couldn’t talk to the parents as I was supposed to be in bed, I don’t know anything about computers so I couldn’t fix it myself, and finally I didn’t have a computer to google how to fix computers!

I think it was the final straw on my stress and mind and body because I feel really ill… not contagious ill, just *sick* ugh…

My knight in shining armour came in the form of my Tutor buddy, the girl who sits next to me for registration plugged her charger in instead of mine… I was convinced nothing would happen.. but whaddayaknow! Here is my laptop, up and running again!

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to go and buy ANOTHER new charger. Damn.


Still feel very dodgy though… I was going to go home in second period (my parents said to just call…), but now I think I’ll just skip P2 and do Philosophy homework instead. After that I’ll go to Philosophy (P3) and even English (somehow I’ll make it through…), then choir. As for Chemistry, as it’s a self-taught thing, I’m not going to go. Then my final lesson is Philosophy. Worst comes to worst, I go home after lunch.

I don’t often get sick… but when I do… good lordy. I refuse to acknowledge that I’m falling ill though.



I am sincerely sick of:

  • My school
  • IB
  • Most of my teachers
  • Most of my classmates
  • Myself
  • My life
  • My inability to conquer maths
  • My inability to focus
  • Not being able to read
  • Not being able to write
  • Constantly feeling stressed
  • Constantly feeling tired
  • Constantly feeling sick
  • Constantly feeling guilty
  • Know I am the only one that can fix my situation
  • Coursework
  • Homework
  • Idiots
  • Staying awake
  • Being emotional
  • Wanting to cry or scream every hour
  • Constantly craving chocolate
  • Treating my family like shit because I can’t keep my shit together
  • Treating my friends with disrespect because I don’t have enough self-respect to care
  • Feeling empty
  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling crowded
  • Feeling fake
  • Feeling unreal
  • Not playing basketball
  • Not playing netball
  • Not being a good singer
  • Never being able to watch T.V.
  • Never being able to watch movies
  • Never being able to properly relax
  • My addiction to tetris
  • My addiction to ribena
  • My obsession with food that’s bad for me
  • My aversion to running
  • My workload
  • My inability to stop caring
  • My inability to care enough
  • My total apathy for the subjects I’m not doing well in
  • My complete lack of regard for those that I’m okay at
  • The way I treat my Bio teacher
  • The way I treat my Philo teacher
  • The fact it’s illegal to kill my Chem teacher in any of the creative ways I think up in class (or at all for that matter)
  • Anything that breathes
  • Anything that doesn’t breathe for that matter…

Just let me get out already.