Being Goldilocks

Being Goldilocks

Lots of people have appreciated my outfit so far. I’ll post a full length photo later (I’m in Biology right now, so kinda can’t).

TONIGHT I AM HAVING THE SUPERNATURAL MARATHON! AHHHHH!!!!!!! Chimmercharlie says I can’t show up unless I bring at least 10 dumplings… MUST REMEMBER DUMPLINGS.

My heart is crackling (yes. Crackling. Deal with it.) at the thought of 19 hours of Jared Padalecki. Yum.

What else…

Oh yeah. Heartbreaking update for you all. The Greece Dream. The reason I started this whole blog. It just got $720 lighter.

*Struggles to hold back sob*

Yes, dear friends and followers. I am paying for some of my Graduation things and it has come to a total of $720. I am no longer at €1,054… right now I only have €602.50. That’s it.

SG $$
Before: 1,680
After: 960

EU €€
Before: 1,054
After: 602.50

See? Handing over the envelopes of cash made me feel faint… but I know it’s worth it (my new mantra). It’s worth it. It has to be worth it. I know the Phuket trip (the majority of the spent cash) WILL be worth it… it’ll be whether I’ll enjoy the rest of the money I’m spending.

The money wallet is thinner and lighter. It’s still got a significant amount of money in it… but homigod these are difficult times for me.

I have to raise the money back after I graduate. I know I CAN, it’s just how FAST can I do it? I’ll always think- if I hadn’t spent that money I’d be $720 richer right now… I need to figure out how to get over that hurdle… *Sigh*

Just think about Padalecki. Just think about Padalecki. Just think about Padalecki. *gulp*



Near Events and Fangirling

Near Events and Fangirling

So there’s 36 days until exams.
And there’s 7 days until school’s out forever.

Something around 3 months until I graduate.

And from what my friends tell me… I have until Friday night to try and memorise what it feels like to be whole. I’m sleeping at Chimmercharlie’s house on Thursday night and we’re “going to school” on Friday (we’ll be on Easter holiday as of Friday) and so I’ll have until about 7-8pm on Friday.

We’re going to try and finish Season 2. I hear very scary things about Season 2. As a Team Sam fangirl… apparently the ending Season 2 will leave me on the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water…

It’s going to be bad. I’m almost temped to not watch to the end, but I know I won’t get a chance to later… I want to catch up with the girls so bad. SO BAD! But not at the cost that I know is unavoidable. Thinking about what could possibly damage me so hard at the end of this season makes my heart hurt.

PLUS I’ve reached my Tumblr reblog limit (grrrrrrr), which means I’m just torturing myself as I scroll through all these posts that I want… no… NEED on my blog that are about beautiful men (like my Jared, or my Aaron and such like).

I’ve got to revise now… two songs on repeat- Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” and “Radioactive”… yes I am aware just how far behind I am on music trends, haha.

So Thursday-Friday is going to be fun. Expect lots of ugly crying photos. LOTS. Expect me to fangirl and moan and try to rip my heart out…

I won’t be able to tear it from myself though because I’ve already given it to Jared. I won’t be able to surrender it because it’s going to have been torn out already. The season ending is going to be brutal. And it only gets worse from there I hear.

I really have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. I thought I did. I never wanted this. This deep, dark, dank hole. It’s testing my limits, pushing my fangirling to new heights.

I don’t want to watch Supernatural but I NEED TO *desperate gasping*

English after this… ew.

Okay. Breathe.

Keep calm and keep up the pretense of studying.
#IB Mantra


I Found These…

For context for these photos click the link above. I just found them on my Facebook. Homijesus I was so attractive. How am I still not married? Seriously.



Yes that really is me. I’m so attractive right?!


My youthful beauty has slipped away from me… *que “Memory” from Cats to start playing*

Anyway, the guy on my left, yeah. That’s him. The guy I found last week. The guy I used to be best friends with etc. As I said earlier… for more info, click the link 🙂

Yet Another One of Those Days

Yet Another One of Those Days

So I made the mistake of telling the ‘rents about wanting to maybe possibly go to the UK (or at least start looking).

They laid into me… guilting me with the money thing. I see their point, I really do, but I don’t think they get how stressful it is.

I used to know that no matter what I’d get into Uni. I used to know that no matter what I’d go to Australia.

I don’t anymore.

About any of it.

I’m still going to do my damnest… but what if it isn’t good enough now?

I just want to KNOW. The UK sure isn’t my ideal Uni location… but I’ve always said it’s about the degree, not the place. I’ve talked the talk and now it’s time for me to step up and walk the walk.

Anyway. Parents are blowing it off for now. I guess I should too… but I now have this niggle in the back of my mind. Ugh. I hate being a teenager.

What else. Oh yeah, I made up with my friend (stopped talking to him for about 2 weeks… over different things, the last week of ignoring him has been because he pissed me off… but that’s all sorted out now) 😀

Uhmmmmm… I don’t really know what else to say.


Can’t wait to watch the entire series… and own it on DVD… just imagine all the box sets lining my walls :’3

Anyway, I have about 400000000 Chinese writing papers to do for tomorrow morning. Eeesh. Such fun. -.-


Lunchtime Lecture

On Friday last week I went to a Classics lecture and I just googled the guy who gave the lecture and found this:


Ughh!!!! The whole University thing is getting to me more than usual. All (99% at least) of my friends are going to the UK and I’m off to Australia. I know the degree I want to do… but as far as I’m concerned it’s only offered at Exeter… which, if I’m not wrong, is only ~63 miles from Bristol… where Chimmercharlie is planning to go.

I know you’re not supposed to go where your friends go… and if I applied to Exeter I wouldn’t be following people per se… I’d just be going with the crowd. But the most compelling argument for applying to the UK (in a sudden change of heart…) is that it is the ONLY place I’ve found that offers the degree I want.

Dead serious.

I want to do Ancient History and Archaeology. Exeter offers it. See?



Nowhere in Australia offers it. I’ve looked and looked and looked. I’ve emailed the Universities… it really isn’t offered there. To make matters worse, I don’t live there so enquiring about it instead of just emailing is nearly impossible. I shouldn’t be worrying about it until after the exams, even I changed my mind and applied I’d still be going in a year behind everyone else.

I so desperately want to do Ancient History and Archaeology… I don’t want to lose my friends either… this is a solve for both. It does my degree!!! Does anyone realise how torturous it is to know that the degree DOES EXIST but I can’t take it? I mean I could… but I’m not sure if I’d be allowed to.

Moving to the UK… it’s against everything in me. I have always dreamed of going home to Australia and being with my whole family. Australia is the dream. But this dream… it isn’t as complete as I like to make it out to be.

The degree isn’t there. The family is a shattered mess all over the country. I don’t even have a preference as to which Uni I want to go to.

The thing about Australia though… WEATHER. WEATHER. WEATHER. And… um WEATHER. But aside from that it’s just easier! I’ll be with my family (more or less), I’m pretty much guaranteed entry for a single degree (29 points people… 29. UK is asking minimum of 36.) and there’s no “UCAS” and “Personal Statement” bullshit. It’s straight-up grades for Australia.

UGHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m going to focus on my work. I can’t think about these things. It’s giving me heartache. And a headache. And a pit in the bottom of my stomach.


Bad Idea & Late Nights

Bad Idea & Late Nights

So. I might have stayed up until 3:15am with Chimmercharlie last night. Maybe o.O

I feel tired, but not dead. That’s gotta count for something right?

I’m not going to first period Chinese- so that means……. Chemistry 2nd period… she won’t bug me I don’t think, so I technically have 2 morning frees… followed by 3rd period free. Might go to sign off my Biology IAs at break.

Have to finish my Philosophy and my Chinese today… Philosophy has a better chance honestly (only because it’s in English)…

Today marks the start of the official countdown. Four days left this week- we break up on Thursday.

9 days until we break up for study leave.

8 days from today will be my last day as a student here.


A Fine Product of Procrastination

A Fine Product of Procrastination

This is what us three amigos got upto yesterday. Chimmercharlie, Randers and I, that is.

We wrote up a list of hot guys and dibs-ed 5 each before it became a free-for-all.

You can see it in this picture… but on the right side of that we wrote up a list of how many homes we’d be wrecking if any of these couplings ever came true.

Chimmercharlie and I tied with 7 each, Randers only had 5.

We are soooo productive. :3


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