Happy New Year Everyone! :)


^You can semi-see my awful, awful sunburn… yikes o.O

Hi everyone, just wishing you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2013!

I hope you all keep your resolutions (for a few weeks at least haha)- I’ve yet to make mine beyond “pass exams with 40/45” and “go to Greece”… yeah. Haha.

May the best of last year be the worst you have to deal with this year! (It makes sense in my head… I hope it translates for you guys :P)

2013 has finally arrived. We’ve survived the end of the world and all that jazz so let’s celebrate life all year long! 😀

Spent today with my mother and sister, we played ‘Just Dance 3’ (owned that shit man, haha) and drank orange juice (<– it’s a big deal, I haven’t had OJ for a very, very long time!) and finished it all off by watching “The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012”. Hilarious as ever!

So yeah, I hope life goes swimmingly for everyone! May all your (good) wishes come true and all your goals be achieved!

That’s all from me until tomorrow!