Last High School Holiday Ever


I let Chimmercharlie do my make up…

(She needed it for her Theatre coursework- never fear, we’re not THAT weird… most of the time)

I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I go back to school. Ew.

Today was alright. I had my hair cut (HATE HAIRDRESSERS OMG **sees red**), which apparently required 2 people. Ugh. The actually CUTTING of the hair REALLY sucks though… I’ve been growing it for about 6 years now :/

After that I got the MRT to Chimmercharlie’s for lunch. We finished Season 3!!! I just started Season 4 of ‘Supernatural’! OMG SO GOOD! YAY I’VE FINALLY MET CAS!!!!!

As for work/revision- nada. I’m working on that now though. Fingers crossed I’ll get all my Chinese writing papers in… that’s the one I’m most concerned about. Then Philo… then English… in short- I’m screwed (Y)

Oh well, I better get cracking. Bye!!

It’s just weird beyond belief that I’ll never have a school holiday at my school EVER AGAIN! No more half term breaks, no more term breaks,Β no more summer holidays… *shudder*


End of the Day

End of the Day

Went into school. Studied (LEGIT!! So proud of myself!!). Went out to get lunch. Got SOAKED in the rain on the way back (wasn’t counting on that… whoops). Did acapella rehearsals. They went… alright. It wasn’t brilliant, but it was definitely progress. I need to organise another session for next week (I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that… but oh well).


What else…

Had tuition. Watched the first Bourne movie with my dad. I’d never seen it before- I liked it! Now I’m looking forwards to watching the other 3 with him.

I have to go to bed now though… stupid communal study computer thing. He’ll know if I’m awake and he sent me to bed about 20 minutes ago… o.O

Night all! πŸ™‚


Lunchtime Lecture

On Friday last week I went to a Classics lecture and I just googled the guy who gave the lecture and found this:


Ughh!!!! The whole University thing is getting to me more than usual. All (99% at least) of my friends are going to the UK and I’m off to Australia. I know the degree I want to do… but as far as I’m concerned it’s only offered at Exeter… which, if I’m not wrong, is only ~63 miles from Bristol… where Chimmercharlie is planning to go.

I know you’re not supposed to go where your friends go… and if I applied to Exeter I wouldn’t be following people per se… I’d just be going with the crowd. But the most compelling argument for applying to the UK (in a sudden change of heart…) is that it is the ONLY place I’ve found that offers the degree I want.

Dead serious.

I want to do Ancient History and Archaeology. Exeter offers it. See?



Nowhere in Australia offers it. I’ve looked and looked and looked. I’ve emailed the Universities… it really isn’t offered there. To make matters worse, I don’t live there so enquiring about it instead of just emailing is nearly impossible. I shouldn’t be worrying about it until after the exams, even I changed my mind and applied I’d still be going in a year behind everyone else.

I so desperately want to do Ancient History and Archaeology… I don’t want to lose my friends either… this is a solve for both. It does my degree!!! Does anyone realise how torturous it is to know that the degree DOES EXIST but I can’t take it? I mean I could… but I’m not sure if I’d be allowed to.

Moving to the UK… it’s against everything in me. I have always dreamed of going home to Australia and being with my whole family. Australia is the dream. But this dream… it isn’t as complete as I like to make it out to be.

The degree isn’t there. The family is a shattered mess all over the country. I don’t even have a preference as to which Uni I want to go to.

The thing about Australia though… WEATHER. WEATHER. WEATHER. And… um WEATHER. But aside from that it’s justΒ easier! I’ll be with my family (more or less), I’m pretty much guaranteed entry for a single degree (29 points people… 29. UK is asking minimum of 36.) and there’s no “UCAS” and “Personal Statement” bullshit. It’s straight-up grades for Australia.

UGHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m going to focus on my work. I can’t think about these things. It’s giving me heartache. And a headache. And a pit in the bottom of my stomach.


Long Day

Long Day

So not everything today went to plan…

First off, my friend couldn’t meet me for lunch because she had an appointment, which really sucks but what can you do… we’re trying to rearrange for tomorrow (fingers crossed!!)

Uhmmm, what else… went to English. Boring as batshit. More exam stuff. *Rolls eyes*

Oh! I bumped into my ever-lovely Chemistry teacher who, in the space of 2 sentences, intimated that I’d skipped class this morning… yeah… a self study class in which she can’t answer our questions… I’m **really** missing out there. Anyway, I put her in her place and told her I’d been sick and only come in at break. God I can’t STAND that woman -.-

What else… I had Classics rehearsals. I didn’t finish the speech in time but she liked what I presented so I have to hand over the polished version by Friday.

Uhmm… After that I had a Ladakh meeting! Once again, boring as shit. It was pretty pointless. We showed up with parents and watched the exact same hour long powerpoint that they’ve shown up EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME they’ve presented to us. It was led up by Mr. Asshole, so naturally I was in a good mood -.-

So yeah, after that my dad took me to buy a Ladakh journal, which I have started writing in. (Only stuff relating to Ladakh, so I’ll only write on the days we have Ladakh meetings or whatnot.)

We have our first lecture with the Medical Team on Saturday afternoon. I’m excited for the trip… not so much Mr. Asshole and the Head Bitchy in my English class (they’re both on the trip with me… one of them isn’t coming home with me…).

OH! Good news! My awesome, awesome, AWESOME Philosophy teacher is coming with us on the trip! YAY! So I reckon I’ll stay glued to her side throughout and with any luck I’ll avoid double homicide! (Y)

We gave her a lift after the Ladakh meeting. Goodness, she is so lovely. :3

What else…

I have some work to do. Due today, naturally… There was something else though…


I’m taking my sister out drinking this weekend! WOO! Hahaha! Talk about being an irresponsible guardian! Haha!

It’s the norm here in Singapore for expat kids around the age of… 16? Sometimes earlier… to go clubbing. I don’t drink, personally. But, my freshly 16 year old sister DOES (not alcoholic-style, she just likes alcohol more than I do…).

I was allowed to go clubbing for the first time when I was 16, so it’s only fair that SHE be allowed to as well. I gave one condition: I must be the first to take her out.

So it is! She isn’t clubbing, she’s just coming to Chuppitos with a few of her friends and I’m going with a few of mine. It should be nice! I’m making her give me $15 as a provisor (I’m gonna buy her a Blow-Job-Shot!! πŸ˜€ hurhurhur, I’m such a good big sister XD).

So yeah.

It’s been a nice day, a bit lazy, a bit stressful. *Sigh*

My mum flew out to a sports competition this morning, so it’s just dad and my sister and I at home. We all watched “Up” with dinner. Such a lovely family evening. But I have to catch-up the work I’ve neglected all day now… oops haha!


Wednesday, Catch Up Day

Wednesday, Catch Up Day

I never got around to writing again for you all last night. Basically, I went home after choir (thank goodness I went to choir as well! We learned 2 new songs!), and then slept… then went to the doctor’s then came home and slept. Yeah. Exciting times.

Anyway, I’m not dying, which is always a plus. He said it’ll pass in a few days and in the meantime to take these drugs for reducing the aches and pains.

As you can see, I’ve made it into school so I’m fine πŸ˜›

I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 9am… YAY! Most sleep I’ve had in a LONG LONG TIME!

Came into school at break and am now skipping Maths in order to get my Classics Speech written. Should be straight forward, but there’s so much to say! I have to present it at the end of the day so I’m a little nervous.

English is in a few minutes… I have to go to that because I’m not yet bad ass enough to skip an entire day of school πŸ˜›

Uhmm… oh yeah! I’m meeting up with an old friend of mine at lunch! Yeah! She’s coming here at about 1pm and then we’re going off-site for lunch. She leaves for America on Friday so today is the only time we’ll be able to see each other. I miss this girl, she’s been a close friend of mine for years! She left for America (boarding school, loser) about… 2-3 years ago? So yeah, I’m seeing her for lunch today. πŸ™‚

Okay, back to work on the speech! The actual presentation is on Monday! (Eeesh!) So it needs to be done today. I’m going to be talking about “Love in Ancient Greece”. I might post the speech up here if you like? πŸ™‚


Laptop Apocalypse

Laptop Apocalypse

So I was happily working away last night before my dad came home. When he did I went to greet him and ended up spending some quality time with the family (…for about an hour). Anyway, when I came back up to continue working, it crashed.

Not immediately… but about half an hour into working (and by “working” I mean organising the Phuket Graduation Trip on Facebook), my FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP went bye-bye.

Naturally I stayed calm for about 5 minutes until I realised that nothing was happening… then I freaked the hell out (I texted Chimmercharlie for about 20 minutes straight, I sent her a text that was 4 messages long in which I quote to her an adapted version of “Javert’s Suicide” from “Les Mis”). There was nothing I could do- couldn’t talk to the parents as I was supposed to be in bed, I don’t know anything about computers so I couldn’t fix it myself, and finally I didn’t have a computer to google how to fix computers!

I think it was the final straw on my stress and mind and body because I feel really ill… not contagious ill, just *sick* ugh…

My knight in shining armour came in the form of my Tutor buddy, the girl who sits next to me for registration plugged her charger in instead of mine… I was convinced nothing would happen.. but whaddayaknow! Here is my laptop, up and running again!

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to go and buy ANOTHER new charger. Damn.


Still feel very dodgy though… I was going to go home in second period (my parents said to just call…), but now I think I’ll just skip P2 and do Philosophy homework instead. After that I’ll go to Philosophy (P3) and even English (somehow I’ll make it through…), then choir. As for Chemistry, as it’s a self-taught thing, I’m not going to go. Then my final lesson is Philosophy. Worst comes to worst, I go home after lunch.

I don’t often get sick… but when I do… good lordy. I refuse to acknowledge that I’m falling ill though.


We Be In Maths

We Be In Maths

I swear those of you that have regularly checked my blog must know my school schedule by now… hahaha

Anyway, my day has been lovely! Had a nice lunch (albeit very quiet and awkward… BUT HEY! FREE FOOD IS GOOD FOOD!) with the CEO of the school. Uhmm, all my classes have run pretty smoothly and now I’m finally in my last class.

Chimmercharlie and I are going to watch “16 Candles” after this. I’ve convinced her to watch it with me :3


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