Oh Goodness No! Friday! No!


Just got back from walking the dog around the Botanical Gardens with mum and the sister. Dear. God. I had to wake up BEFORE 7:30! THIS IS NOT OKAY. AT ALL. Grrrrrrrrr. Mum’s home and it’s driving me NUTS. -.-

I fixed the argument we had yesterday morning after I came home from revision (and two episodes of Supernatural). There really isn’t much that cake doesn’t fix. So yeah. Then I watched “Cloud Atlas” again last night (3rd time and I still cried). I think it’s probably the best movie ever made and I adore it. Simply cannot wait to read the book! It’s torturous.

19 days left now. I’m going to revise with Chimmercharlie again in about an hour or two… don’t even know if she’s awake yet. NORMAL people most certainly are NOT. Ughhh. I can feel the headache growing. :/

So yeah, that’s about it. Also——— Canada had a bit of field day yesterday, so just a shout out to Canadians: THANK YOU! 😀



Catching Up


Eeeesh. So much to say and so little effort to say it. I’ve just downloaded pretty much every Disney song ever (that’s… over 40 something songs). Yay me! Plus a little of “The Piano Guys” music while I was at it- I love their mash ups!!

Okay… let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

I went clubbing on the 6th (yes, I finally got my act together and went), then slept over at Chimmercharlie’s. We went to Marina Bay Sands again, hit up Ku De Ta and Avalon. It really irks me that we still bother with Avalon when we all know it’s shit. Seriously, I’ve been about 3-4 times now and it’s been crap every dang time. The dancefloor is so big that no-one starts dancing until 1am! That is rubbish!!!!! Especially since we have to be home by 2am. At 1am people start to “fill” (in the broadest sense of the word- by this I mean that half the floor is still empty) the dancefloor.

*Rolls eyes*

Anyway, we went, we danced a little (no sweat broken… so I’d hardly call that “dancing”) then went home EARLY because it was so dull out. Yeah. Well- not before Chimmercharlie got a guy’s number (soooo funny, he just gave it to her right as we were about to leave). Umm… so we got back to her place and then watched “Stardust” at my request. SUCH a cute movie! It’s been soooo long since I’ve watched the whole thing start to end. The guy who plays Tristan is soo cute :3

Hmmm… we went to sleep at about 4:20am and then woke up at 10am-ish. After that her dad dropped us to school, where we promptly watched 2 more episodes of Supernatural! Yay! 😀

After that we went home and I went to see “The Croods” with my dad (**purrrrrrr** I love Guy so much. It’s crazy how many feels an animated character can force out of me). Then we went home and watched the second Bourne movie (verrrrrry good!) and to finish the night off we watched a couple of episodes of “Hyperdrive” (a British comedy show with Nick Frost and Miranda Hart).


So yeah! After that we went to bed… exciting stuff, I know, haha.

This morning my sister got home from Australia (mum’s coming back later in the week), dad flies out tonight to see his dad, so I’ll have the house to myself more or less. Dad dropped me into school about an hour or so ago and I’ve done no work so far- I plan to start some more past papers after I post this so yeah. Bye all! 🙂

Movie Night with Dad

Movie Night with Dad

I’m a total daddy’s girl and not afraid to admit it. We just came back from watching “The Croods”. He loved it! I KNEW HE WOULD!!! But I had to pretend that it was my first time watching it (hurhurhur). Loved it just as much as last time. GAH- GUY AND EEP ARE SO CUTE! ADSGIUSHGLJNSDV!!!!

Now we’re about to watch Bourne 2- I’ll post later (or might even go to bed “early” and post to you all tomorrow instead…) so yeah 🙂


I Feel So Lazy


I could have blogged 100 times today… but I’m too lazy. Apathy had fallen over me and I can’t be bothered to shake it off.

Everything is just… meh.

I’m supposed to be going out clubbing in a few hours and I really can’t be bothered. I just want to dance with a hot guy and I know the chances of that are slim to none so I therefore have no motivation to go. I know that’s a bad reason to go clubbing but I don’t care.


Today was a bit of an adventure though. Very up and down-y.

When I woke up this morning I knew I had to work. I was really pumped and ready to work. However, I had to return the movies dad and I had borrowed earlier this week, so I did. Then I meandered over to the pharmacy and got some cotton buds… then I wandered over to the book store (they really shouldn’t have put the three damn shops next to each other) and LO- they were having a book sale! Books from $4 and up!

Naturally, I scoured the entire basket. No joke- I looked at every single title they had in the sale section (when I walked away, they piles were much tidier than when I’d walked in- thank you OCD) and wound up buying 3 books- “Sense, Sensibility and Sea Monsters”, “Emma” and “Persuasion”- for $12!!!!! ONLY $12!! I was chuffed with that, let me tell you! Haha!

To make the day even better, I bumped into my old Latin teacher and chatted with her for a while. She’s so lovely, it sucks that she doesn’t teach at the school anymore…

Anyway, after that I started my journey into school. Only I didn’t quiet get that far. I had planned to get a taxi to Holland Village (for those of you who don’t live in Singapore…. ummm… it’s sort of a tourist place… sort of… ummm… I’ll add a photo below) to get some food from the hawker before heading into school.


But of course after my run of good luck that morning it had to go sour. It started raining. That means no taxis. Fine, that was fine. I was okay with that. This is Singapore. It rains all the time. I walked across the road and caught the bus, planning to get off near Holland Village. The bus was fairly crowded- but nothing impossible. Except for these two rat-bag children with their helper who got on just before me (I’m courteous like that) and they beeped on and just stood there. They completely blocked the entrance of the bus so that I had to stand by the driver. Just as we were about to arrive at Holland Village I started to push through them to get to the exit door- only for it to shut in my face as I beep off. The bus was bustling at this point and I couldn’t shout to the driver to let me off. The front door was open to let people on, but the back door was shut and I couldn’t get off.

I stood there like a lemming until the bus started moving again. I was furious. This little detour cost me about half an hour (in Singapore terms that’s a long time). AND it was raining so traffic was slower than usual. Eventually we got to a bus stop that I could jump off at and swap to the other side of the road to make my way back to the stop I was supposed to originally get to.

Maybe I should make something clear to non-Singaporeans. When it rains here- it doesn’t just rain a little. It rains a lot. We’re talking tropical storms here people. You step out of the shelter for even a second and you’re drenched. Soaked. Wet to the bone. With that in mind I shall proceed. Once I got off at Holland Village I had to try and shove the books into my backpack and pray it was waterproof because there’s no cover between the bus stop and the hawker. None. Ughhhhh.

I ran for it- got drenched- and thankfully didn’t slip over (flip-flops are a blessing and a curse here. Good because if it rains then whatever, it’s not like you’re ruining them. Bad because you fall over on everything). By the time I’d bought lunch… the rain had stopped. It took me about 5 minutes to buy lunch and the rain had completely stopped. I wanted to laugh and or punch something. If I want to look at it with a silver lining- at least the detour meant that I waited the rain out long enough for it to be no problem when trying to get a taxi after buying lunch (OUCH, would you LOOK at that bad english, haha).

So yeah. I got a cab pretty quickly after that.

But everything comes with a pinch of salt. My taxi driver was deaf. Not in the “oh he went the wrong way” kind of deaf. In the “he actually has no clue what I’m saying right now unless I shout and gesture wildly” kind of way. I had to cling to the front seat (I never sit in the front… I have no idea why not…) and point the direction to head in constantly (my arm was like the needle on a compass) in order to get to school.


Anyway, I got to school. Sat with Chimmercharlie for a bit. Decided we were bored so we packed up and headed into the Music Dept. Sang a few songs from “Les Mis” really loud for a while… then started going through our operatic songs and danced around like fools. Went home. I had dinner and watched “Hyperdrive” with dad for a bit.

Which brings us up to date with now! 🙂

I am supposed to be going to Chimmercharlie’s for a sleepover tonight. I said I’d be at hers in around half an hour-ish. Oooops. That’s really not going to happen, haha. (If she’s reading this- SORRYYYYY hurhurhur!)

Uhmmm, yeah, we’re going to go clubbing and then tomorrow I’m crashing her tuition. Then back to school to work and THEN I GET TO WATCH “THE CROODS” WITH MY DAD!!!! 😀

Can’t wait to watch that movie again. Mmmmmmmmmmm :3

So yeah. I better go get ready! Byee! 🙂

Slight Change of Plans

Slight Change of Plans

Not seeing “The Croods” again tonight.

Dad doesn’t feel up for it *sigh* 😦

It’s a shame… but no matter, he’s assured me we can go on Sunday night.

So how am I going to spend the rest of tonight? Well I had the option to go see a movie alone (I was sooo tempted to go and see “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”, I really want to see that!), but I figured it’s probably not a good idea.

Instead I’m going to revise because I just can’t do Biology… it’s embarrassing. So yeah- revision for the rest of the night. Then I might finish it off with some “Buffy” Season 4. I think that’s a nice plan of action.

Bit disappointed I couldn’t go to “The Croods” tonight, but what can ya do :/


With the Girlies

With the Girlies

Having a great time so far. We saw “The Croods” earlier tonight- if you haven’t seen it then GO! OMG it’s amazing!!! Nearly had me in tears at 3 points in the film. IT’S ADORABLE!! 😀

Yeah :3

I’m going to see it again with my dad tomorrow night (teehee)

I also introduced Staples to “Jeeves and Wooster”, it’s really funny how easily she’d fit into my family (Pheebers too, it’s strange- all these girls could take on the family name and no one would question it. Their taste in humour and books etc is IDENTICAL to my family’s).


Finally Home (more or less) Alone

Finally Home (more or less) Alone

Dad left this morning- he’ll be back soon enough, but for now I’ve got the house to myself. I just watched the trailer for “City of Bones” HOMIGOODNESS it’s going to be SO GOOD! (It better be… otherwise I’m going to have a very serious letter of complaint to write).

^ There are the trailers.

All the movies coming out look SO BRILLIANT! 😀

Going to head into school now so byee!


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