Night Before SEASAC

Night Before SEASAC

Nerves have vanished… Not a good sign.

This is it. My last ever school sports trip. The last time I represent my school outside of Singapore. It’s all ending so fast I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel a bit like Katniss, I’ve primped and shaved and done all the necessary clean ups before a big competition. I’m unfit as hell, so I’m actually more unprepared than she was, whatever.

What else happens tomorrow? Oh yeah, only my ALUMNI GRANT MEETING! D:

So now I have to go memorize a 60 slide powerpoint on this trip…

Originally I’d planned to go around my classes and get as many mock results back as I could in my free first thing tomorrow… now I think I’ll just spend an hour in the library freaking out, trying harder to memorise stuff than I had for my mocks…

Thank god the whole “Mocks” ordeal is over though! Such a relief to be clear of those woods. I know I did really badly, but I honestly don’t care right now (read: I’ll probably have a melt down later…………… who knows… I don’t… life… IB… what even -.-)

So yeah, my bags are packed and by the door. I just have to remember to bring Fluke (my penguin- he comes everywhere with me. I’m an 18 year old kid, judge away, at least I have a bedmate :P)

As I said whenever ago, I’m not sure about internet in the hotel we’ll be at… with any luck there WILL be internet… There’s so little that I know. Ugh. Hate not being in control (I know I could take control if I actually tried a little harder. But. Effort. No.)

I’m thinking about bringing a movie to watch in the hotel room with my co-captain. Dunno though, my laptop is really crappy when it comes to movies. It hates everything, haha. I think the only movies it plays are “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Pirates of Penzance”… the denominator in both being the excellent, the wonderful, the amazing Kevin Kline! 😀

As much as I LOVE those movies… I don’t think my room mate has the same tastes… she’s more your “Gossip Girl” type. *Sigh*

I’ve known this girl for years and she really is one of the sweetest and funniest girls you’ll meet… but she doesn’t read. I used to be really in with that friendship group… but then I started to distance myself from them and began to hang out more with the kids that played D’n’D on a Friday Night for fun, rather than Friday Night Sushi Nights.

I don’t really fit in on the team. I’m the oldest there, my co-captain/ roommate is in my year, true, but we’ve got more different than similar in interests. Sure you can see the silver lining and just talk about the similar interests… but it’s an easily exhausted set of topics. Then what?

She doesn’t like reading. She doesn’t like philosophy. She doesn’t like k-pop. I don’t know. She’s sounding quite 2-dimensional here, I promise she’s not. It’s just that her interests are very different (that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t really help on the bonding side of things).

We’ll make it work, it’s what our school teaches us best. To be political. To make nice. But I can’t help but feel like an outsider during training or on trips. The whole team is like my roommate, in fact, they’re all younger versions of her (more or less).

The team consists of us two captains, then our younger sisters and all their mates, then the younger sister of her boyfriend. Yeah. I know I’m only as involved as I allow myself to be, but I genuinely find it mind-numbing to sit with them sometimes. They, the younger ones, have such wild misconceptions about my interests. They’re more interested in laughing AT me than WITH me. I’m like an animal at the zoo that they like to pay attention to every so often, but only to poke fun at it.

I’m not into fashion, or drinking, or that god-awful show “Vampire Diaries”. Whenever I try to join in the conversation I just come across as trying too hard or being condescending. There is no middle ground. I’m either watching them on the periphery, pretending I get along with them, or being ignored. I’m not very good at tolerating idiots, or at least, idiotic ideas.

I really hope they don’t see this blog. I don’t think they ever will, but for the sake of saying it, I really hope they don’t.

The next 4 days will be interesting. Can’t wait to play, at the same time I’m scared shitless because it’s my *last* SEASAC, my *last* school sports trip, my *last* basketball competition…. (well not really, the school league hasn’t finished yet, but we’ve won all those games and have one to go when we get back before the semi’s and the finals.)

Anyway. I better start reading up on this powerpoint and making notes of points to bring up. I have so much work to do over the trip… I have to FINISH my CAS, my EngLit freaking “Perfume” essay (still… *grit teeth*), and my Philosophy IA. They need to be in by next Friday. I think I promised my English teacher that I’d have the “Perfume” essay in by Monday……………..

I should probably pick out a nice burial site for my poor body when this is all done. I just don’t think I’ll cope. “Cloud Atlas” better still be in the freaking cinemas next week, it’s pretty much all that’s keeping me going. Either Thursday or Friday next week I’m going to see it again, for the third time, fuck yeah. Can’t wait, but I’m worried it’ll be taken out of cinemas on Wednesday… they do the movie schedule change overs on Thursday.

We’ll see. But first. Ladakh. Alumni Grant. Revise. Gah.

PS- Oh sweet jaysus, I’m missing another Sports Council Meeting. Ugh. I’m supposed to be the responsible one in charge. We’re a week off half-term and we’ve not yet had a SINGLE COUNCIL MEETING since we go back! I have to do that damn assembly on the Council in February! Ugh! Ugh! UGH!



Sailing 2012

PicMonkey Collage

It dawns on me, now that we’ve come in from our last day of sailing, that this is the last time I’ll be sailing until 2013. Sounds so far away…

I’m more burned than ever, but I’ve loved every hour we’ve spent at sea. I’ve finally just got the hang of the ropes and knots- mind you I’ve lost most of the skin from my palms in doing so… haha.

It’s been sunny and rainy and hot and cold and so very, very good.

Now, all the sheets and sails are away. The ropes are tidy and all that’s left to do is pack for the flight tomorrow.

Didn’t see any dolphins today, just penguins 🙂

My boat shoes have officially fallen to pieces, I’ve been trailing bits of sun-faded purple rubber all over the boat as I’ve run about to secure the mooring lines and all that.

Nothing much else to say. I’m covered in salt- feel a bit like the “stalwart Odysseus”, except, not scaring poor royal maids with my wild nakedness, nor pissing off the gods for blinding their sons… Think I might head for an early shower to cool off the burns to be honest. I have no clue what to wear home that won’t chafe the burns while at the same time keeping me warm… Gah. Clothes. Why.

I have done NADA revision. All that “focus” has vanished and I have barely anything done. Well, guess what I’m going to be doing on the flight home!! Eeesh. What fun. -.-

Well, I have gone a bit camera crazy so here are a lot more photos, enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage-4 PicMonkey Collage-3 PicMonkey Collage-1 PicMonkey Collage-2