Living the High Life

Living the High Life

What does a normal 18 year old girl that’s about to finish her IB diploma do on a Saturday night, I hear you ask?

Well, allow me to give you some insight.

She goes to an 18th Birthday Party for a friend that she’s known and loved for 14 years. Yes. She rocks out and parties hard.

Because that’s what you do at a ‘Childhood Dress-Up’ party. You dress up as a character- not a sexy animal- and go to a party where you play ‘Pass-the-Parcel’ and ‘Disney Karaoke’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’… among other activities.

And you know what else a NORMAL 18 year old pre-graduating girl does mid-dress-up-party? She leaves half an hour in to go to the Opera.

*Nods sagely*

Hang on… none of you are nodding with me… you mean to tell me normal 18 year olds prefer to go clubbing and hook up with STD-riddled strangers because they’re too drunk to notice?


Guess I’m a little less than normal then.

OH WELL! I had an absolute blast last night! As I said, I went to a dress-up party (I went as the Greek Goddess Athena- pretty good considering I had to throw the outfit together in about 18 minutes flat…). Chimmercharlie went as Wednesday Adams. Other people dressed up as: Zorro, Red Riding Hood, Nature Guardian/ Poison Ivy, Doctor Who (11th Doctor), Monkey, Cat, Indian Traditional Dress and something from ‘The Legend of Kora’.

Yeah, but Chimmercharlie and I had to leave nearly as soon as we arrived in order to flit off half way across Singapore to go to a mini-Opera, or an Operetta if you will, with another friend- I’ve known him for 14 years as well! Such a blast to the past! Anyway, the Opera was called “Opera Comique: At The Airport”, a French Opera that was played by Singaporeans. They spoke their “witty script” in English and then burst into popular Opera songs in German, French or Italian. It was so funny! They sang two of my all time favourite songs: ‘The Laughing Song’ and something from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (I can’t remember the title…).

So yeah!

Then we went back to the party for a bit before going home! I had such a lovely time. Can’t wait for the next Opera to come to Singapore, haha!

Ugh… back to work.



New Year! Welcome 2013!


So I had no curfew tonight. I know. ME!

So it’s 4:45am and we’ve just walked in from the parties. What started as 2 parties quickly turned into another invite then back to the original party.

I’ve had SO MUCH FUN!



Buiface, Chimmercharlie and I are all going to order food (probably Maccers) and then go to bed. What an awesome way to start 2013!!

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G’night/morning! 😀