Kick Starting 2013 the Right Way…



It’s the second day of 2013… why the hell am I back in school already? Freaking IB revision.

Oh well, I’m here with two of my top Asians:


Ugh I’m so tired… it’s evident. Whatever. Mum was getting on my nerves so I hightailed it to school to prevent a fight so early in the new year.

I am procrastinating like hell, while at the same time panicking about how quickly the mocks are racing towards me. I feel so unprepared, which gives me the motivation to want to revise. I sit in front of my laptop and my will to live anymore flees and I wind up doing NAAA-TING!

So yeah, I’m currently working on a crappy short story. Five chapters long from four different perspectives. It’s doing my head in to make them all curtail into each other.

But never fear, I’m meeting a friend for lunch in about an hour so I won’t have to think about that for much longer either!