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3 More High School Wake Ups


So that was a fun morning assembly. Goodness I can’t wait to get out of this damn school. I suppose the silver lining is that that was the very last assembly with my HOY I’ll ever have… except for the graduation assembly we have on Friday that I’ll be leaving early from for rehearsals.

Every damn week he does the countdown.

Today he FINALLY brought up Prom and was like: “oh hey lol there’s a prom email going out tonight lol yeah do the form and get the cheque and bring it in tomorrow or else lol”. I want to throttle him.

Then he went on to talk about Muck Up Day and how it shouldn’t be called “Muck Up” Day and that we’re essentially getting rid of it thanks to last year’s cohort. Which is great. Not. One by one they’re whittling away our “Sixth Form Privileges”.

We have a fire drill during P2 so that should be interesting… today is pretty full on actually…

P1- Normal
P2- Fire drill
Break- Ladakh meeting + See HOY about acapella performance on Friday
P3- Concert rehearsals
P4- Normal (ughhhh it’s English… might try to skip it… but he has DEFINITELY seen me in school so I’ll need to be very careful about how I do this…)
Lunch- Choir rehersals
P5- Normal
P6- Normal (but I have an essay due in that I haven’t done, whoops)
Biology Tuition
Maths Tuition

And then I get to stop and breathe and TRY to get an English essay done for tomorrow. IBFML. No, I am the main reason I’m in this shitty position. I don’t know how to get my act together… I’ll sort it out somehow.


You guys were a bit funny yesterday, the searches that got you here were quite nice!


All except the marshmallow death one were quite sweet! 😛



AHHHH!!! Just finished watching it, homigod it’s funnier than I remember it being… some of the lines aren’t very audible, but you get the idea!

The Christmas Panto is a Year 13 privilege (as it’s our last year at school before we graduate and head on to Uni). It’s traditionally very dirty but the teacher that I play (I am the “cake is forbidden” lady) is “cleaning up” the whole panto thing. We have to get all our scripts vetted by the teacher I roleplay as… Last year this resulted in a terrible show… this year however, it got really good reviews.

The show is basically our opportunity to give our honest opinions of the school, what we like or don’t like etc. It’s all pretty political for us as students, however I hope the humour still translates to all of you! (Some bug bears in the school: no 100+ until after school at 3pm (it’s a sports isotonic drink for anyone that doesn’t know), short skirts, undershirts with logos on them, hair down- the hair lice thing was making fun of the fact that the teachers told us that there had been an outbreak of hair lice and having your hair down for even a second could induce a hair lice catastrophe on par with WW3… yeah. My school is slightly anally retentive…)

Bad news, the teacher I portray in this show is the one I have to impress in order to get my Alumni Grant for Ladakh… whooops haha

Anyway, watch, enjoy, laugh! 😀

As for me, it’s back to revision!


Revising in the Library

Photo on 2012-12-18 at 11.54

Not a minute too soon to get out of the damn house. Mum tried to pick a fight with me this morning, ugh. So glad to be away from that place.

I’m no longer allowed to talk about Greece at home… which means they can no longer think I have this blog (or that I update it at least). It frustrates me no end that they don’t understand the point of this blog.

This is where I get the strength to go through another day of school and force myself to smile at teachers who make my blood boil. This is where I find the desire to actually *pass* school at the end of the year.

Sixth Form has been such a wake up and it feels like the entire world (as I know it, at least) has shifted under my feet. I’ve had a lot of my dreams crushed under the indifferent steamroller of school, found things out about myself and my family that have irrevocably distorted how I feel about them, and perhaps most importantly: I’ve found a new dream.

I need to keep moving forwards, I can’t afford to wallow on the past and although I often *do*, I try to see the silver lining.

School is hell, Greece is my motivation.

Why don’t my parents understand that??


I guess it’s back to the books. Growing up can be such a bitch… that’s life though I suppose.