3 More High School Wake Ups


So that was a fun morning assembly. Goodness I can’t wait to get out of this damn school. I suppose the silver lining is that that was the very last assembly with my HOY I’ll ever have… except for the graduation assembly we have on Friday that I’ll be leaving early from for rehearsals.

Every damn week he does the countdown.

Today he FINALLY brought up Prom and was like: “oh hey lol there’s a prom email going out tonight lol yeah do the form and get the cheque and bring it in tomorrow or else lol”. I want to throttle him.

Then he went on to talk about Muck Up Day and how it shouldn’t be called “Muck Up” Day and that we’re essentially getting rid of it thanks to last year’s cohort. Which is great. Not. One by one they’re whittling away our “Sixth Form Privileges”.

We have a fire drill during P2 so that should be interesting… today is pretty full on actually…

P1- Normal
P2- Fire drill
Break- Ladakh meeting + See HOY about acapella performance on Friday
P3- Concert rehearsals
P4- Normal (ughhhh it’s English… might try to skip it… but he has DEFINITELY seen me in school so I’ll need to be very careful about how I do this…)
Lunch- Choir rehersals
P5- Normal
P6- Normal (but I have an essay due in that I haven’t done, whoops)
Biology Tuition
Maths Tuition

And then I get to stop and breathe and TRY to get an English essay done for tomorrow. IBFML. No, I am the main reason I’m in this shitty position. I don’t know how to get my act together… I’ll sort it out somehow.


You guys were a bit funny yesterday, the searches that got you here were quite nice!


All except the marshmallow death one were quite sweet! 😛


And This Is Why I Love Him

Honest to god. How could you not completely fall in love with him? I am devoted to his every breath because he is SO DARN ADORABLE!!

This is the first time I’ve ever been so in love with an actor that I ship him with his wife because I just want him to be happy and then THIS happens and I know I made the right decision fangirling over this man.

Jared Padalecki, you are a beautiful, beautiful human being.


Once Upon a Ballpit…


This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it so much! My friend sent it to me and it’s made my day. SO CUTE! Why can’t they do this in Singapore?! (Besides the obvious hygiene problem- some people in Singapore… most people in Singapore… like to spit. Hence SARS was HUGE here…)

GETTING AWAY FROM SAD THINGS- if you’re having a bad day and want a small cute video to cheer you up then watch this! So sweet! Ugh! Too much squee! 😀


Staples <3


This is my best friend Staples (left) and Jimmy, my second best friend (middle). I think that Staples is the nicest friend ANYBODY COULD HAVE, she’s my math buddy, hammock buddy, Mt Kinabalu buddy, aeroplane buddy, badminton buddy, after-school buddy…. man we’re just buddys!

On a serious note though I think that I have so many memories with all my friends in school, and I’m seriously gonna miss them. xoxo gossip girl/ goat


Okay… the above was all written by Staples pretending to me, hurhurhur

PS- “gossip goat” is a local legend/ school prank gone WAYY too far. It happened about December of Year 12 (over a year ago now- I’m in Year 13). Basically, this website “Gossip Goat”, was set up and all these rumours were spread on them. It got shut down pretty quickly, then set up again- it happened about 5-6 times that day, each time the rumours got nastier (we all think that there were copycats by the end of the day as the rumours were targeted at younger and younger yeargroups). No-one really knows who the “goat” was, but we all have our suspicions as to who it was, but it was never officially announced. As far as we know, the “goat” was never caught. It’s quite an insult at our school to call someone a “gossip goat” now, it’s a big accusation… but it’s a joke when you use it within friends. JUST SOME CONTEXT FOR Y’ALL!! 😛

Sports Assembly

Sports Assembly

So I gave my assembly this morning- all 2 or 3 minutes of it (woohoo). The head of P.E. is a bit of a dick… he shouldn’t have the job he has (you only have to meet him once to know that), but whatever, that’s generally the case with most people in my school. *Rolls Eyes*

So let me give you a little history about me and public speaking. I’m quite decent at it. I’ve given dozens of speeches in the past. I got the finals of a public speaking competition (runner up isn’t winner, but it’s not bad! Haha).

So I kinda know what I’m doing when I speak in front of a crowd- but still the head of P.E. decided I needed a pep talk before the assembly started… it was sweet, but annoying (seeing as he can’t give a speech anyway). He told me to stare at the backboard on the other end of the hall… really? Really? No. Eye contact, fluid movement in the neck, move around minimally if necessary to help engage people. Not stand rigidly and stare at a spot above all their heads.

Haha. Oh well. Biology is nearly over. I don’t know if I have Chemistry… I guess I’ll find out soon. I hope we don’t, then I only have 3 lessons today and I can finish work/ sleep (had to get up early and so far I only have a teensy headache but I can tell there’s going to be hell to pay when my eyes start acting up. That should happen soon…)

AND I might be able to watch 3 episodes of ‘Supernatural’ later! Yay! 😀


Post-Goulding Fangirling!






This woman is unreal. She is AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better performance. She didn’t drop a note, she didn’t fumble, she was sweet and funny and humble about everything. Ellie Goulding is by far one of the best performers ever- if you ever get the chance to see her live then GO YOU FOOL!

I don’t know how she did it! I’ve been to a few concerts and sure they were fun and had great show value (bread and circuses style, not really about the content, but more the packaging). Not our Ellie girl. Nope, the stage was simple, the lighting was more or less straight forward. Her voice shone. Seriously. Unbelievable. I know all her songs by heart and when she sang them… *pants*

She is a crazy good singer. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! I have a video from after the concert (she did an autograph session- I already have her CD and am flat broke so I couldn’t buy her CD again in order to be allowed to queue… oh well). She made us wait 50 minutes, but it was worth it when she came out! She hugged the people she signed for… holy crap I can’t even imagine what that must have been like! 😀

So yeah, I’ll try and put the video up at some point (read: don’t count on it, haha).

Ellie Goulding is a goddess on stage. So beautiful. Her voice is flawless and every song she sang probably could have been put onto an album- that’s how good it was. It was almost like she was recording for a live CD. *Sigh*

So yeah, I got home about an hour ago… and selfie-d like crazy. Again. Whoops. Oh well, here are some of them. It’s been a while since I last did this, haha!




I apologise for being so vain (haha), but HEY! It’s my blog! 😀

I have some stuff to do for tomorrow, but I’m quite tired and I can’t decide if I want to stay up and do it now, then sleep at school… or just do it tomorrow. I have to wake up early tomorrow for the damn Sports Assembly… Hmmm. Well I guess if I stay up you’ll know… if I sleep then- NIGHT ALL! 😀

Girl On A Mission

Girl On A Mission

So after the debacle of last night I’ve convinced my mum to let me stay home and work all day. If you can’t read the “To Do” list there on the right then let me tell you what it says:

– English P2 Mock
– Chem (Colour IA)
– Chinese Oral Prep
– Maths Worksheets
– Philo Essay Plans
– Bio Past Paper
– World Lit Finalising
– Revision Notes

The other 3 are just extras (renew library books, blog, wattpad), stuff to do should I finish everything and I’m sure you’d agree (after seeing the first list) that that isn’t likely today, haha.

My top priority is TOK, then I’ll focus on World Lit, then Chem. Once those 3 are cleared then I’ll start figuring out about the rest of them because those 3 are the ones due tomorrow (well Chem is *kinda* due, but it’s final deadline in Monday). IF there is any time after those three, my next priority is the freaking English P2 mock that I’ve avoided for the past week… 😛

Apparently there’s another IB convention at our school tomorrow (AGAIN! UGH!)… the only upshot is that my English teacher will probably be there (and therefore not in class), same with my TOK teacher so I can do finishing touches on the essay if necessary. Who else… yeah I think that’s it, which would mean I only have… 2 classes with teachers tomorrow? Ish? Yay!


Perhaps most importantly… WATTPAD WILL BE UNBLOCKED! Not only on Friday, but most likely for the entire weekend too! 😀

Mind you, I really need to get a wriggle on with my revision notes so I’ll try my best to stay away from the temptations this weekend. There’s 2 months or so left, the harder I work now, the sweeter the freedom of post-IB will be. I have to dissociate the stress from my work and keep my head above water.

This week alone I have handed in:
– My Philosophy IA (I GOT 27/30!!!! LEVEL 7!!! That all-nighter was so damn worth it!!)
– My final CAS Reflection
– My World Lit essay (final edits in by tomorrow so that anything desperate can be changed by Wednesday before they’re all sent off on Thursday next week)

Wow… okay… that’s a smaller list than I’d anticipated. I’d expected to have… whatever… it feels like a lot more than just that. As far as IB goes, that’s a huge amount of coursework GONE! Philosophy is officially finished now, English will be the second I hand in my final final draft, CAS is officially finished… yeah. Ok, it feels like a lot more than just that but whatever. I have survived 3 major deadlines AND a Parent-Teacher Evening. That’s impressive.

Now just to finish the rest of it. Once this TOK essay is in, that’s it, I’m done with TOK and then get 2 extra free periods a week! 😀

My Mondays and Fridays will be so sweet! 😀

Now to focus on the big stuff. Exams. The sooner I hand in all this coursework, the sooner I can revise, the sooner I revise, the sooner I can start believing I stand a chance at getting 6’s and 7’s in my exams.

AND SO! Filled with determination, our protagonist sets off into the sunset of her IB deadlines, fighting the foes of IB monsters and leaving level 7’s in her wake. Fight on, weary child, fight on.


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