Lunchtime Lecture

On Friday last week I went to a Classics lecture and I just googled the guy who gave the lecture and found this:


Ughh!!!! The whole University thing is getting to me more than usual. All (99% at least) of my friends are going to the UK and I’m off to Australia. I know the degree I want to do… but as far as I’m concerned it’s only offered at Exeter… which, if I’m not wrong, is only ~63 miles from Bristol… where Chimmercharlie is planning to go.

I know you’re not supposed to go where your friends go… and if I applied to Exeter I wouldn’t be following people per se… I’d just be going with the crowd. But the most compelling argument for applying to the UK (in a sudden change of heart…) is that it is the ONLY place I’ve found that offers the degree I want.

Dead serious.

I want to do Ancient History and Archaeology. Exeter offers it. See?



Nowhere in Australia offers it. I’ve looked and looked and looked. I’ve emailed the Universities… it really isn’t offered there. To make matters worse, I don’t live there so enquiring about it instead of just emailing is nearly impossible. I shouldn’t be worrying about it until after the exams, even I changed my mind and applied I’d still be going in a year behind everyone else.

I so desperately want to do Ancient History and Archaeology… I don’t want to lose my friends either… this is a solve for both. It does my degree!!! Does anyone realise how torturous it is to know that the degree DOES EXIST but I can’t take it? I mean I could… but I’m not sure if I’d be allowed to.

Moving to the UK… it’s against everything in me. I have always dreamed of going home to Australia and being with my whole family. Australia is the dream. But this dream… it isn’t as complete as I like to make it out to be.

The degree isn’t there. The family is a shattered mess all over the country. I don’t even have a preference as to which Uni I want to go to.

The thing about Australia though… WEATHER. WEATHER. WEATHER. And… um WEATHER. But aside from that it’s just easier! I’ll be with my family (more or less), I’m pretty much guaranteed entry for a single degree (29 points people… 29. UK is asking minimum of 36.) and there’s no “UCAS” and “Personal Statement” bullshit. It’s straight-up grades for Australia.

UGHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m going to focus on my work. I can’t think about these things. It’s giving me heartache. And a headache. And a pit in the bottom of my stomach.



Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, the festivities began last night. No doubt the lion dancers will be filling backyards everywhere!

Shame the weather is so rubbish! It’s scarcely 1 in the afternoon (I just woke up an hour ago- hurhurhur) and the skies and grey/black. The other day when it flooded, thankfully, Orchard was okay, it was only the first floor of my school that flooded- teehee.

Last night I watched 4 hours of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with my parents, goodness I love that show. So brilliantly done! I’ll be watching the last 2 hours… tonight maybe? Tomorrow? Anyway, I can’t wait! I’m finally starting to know the lines! 😀

I still feel crummy and I have A LOT of work to do… :/

But if I can get it more or less out of the way in the next few days, I should have a decent amount of time to relax *cough* I mean REVISE.

Yes, yes, yes.

Not really much else to say. Keep an eye out for the “educational” posts as they’re on their way! 😀


Wet Wet Season!

Wet Wet Season!

Singpore weather has taken a turn for the worse! Pretty much the entire first floor of the school is flooded. Yeah. Fo REAL.

I will upload pictures when I get the chance!

Hope you’re all having a better time of it than we are! Visibility is almost nil! Hahaha!

Thinking about last time this happened… I really hope Orchard Road doesn’t flood again 😛


Just Looking For an Escape

Just Looking For an Escape

Tuition… nearly had a melt down in from of him because I’m fucking retarded with numbers. Also, my phone is the same as his ex’s, so I felt like an insensitive bitch when he mentioned that (hid it under the table for the rest of the session).

Called the family when he’d left and they were all like “oh my god we’re just chilling on Orchard Road and having fun but you stay there at home because it’s really boring and if we do something we’ll call lolololol”.

They still haven’t called.

I’ve blogged about 600 new pictures on Tumblr and I know I should do work but I just feel so shitty. Can’t stop listening to the latest Muse album over and over again. Good stuff.

It’s about to rain (how’s that for pathetic fallacy) so I should probably go get the rellie’s clothes off the line outside.

I just want to leave already. Staying here isn’t good for my freaking sanity. It’s like I’m slowly dying inside and I can’t be bothered to save myself.

What a pitiful mood to be in.

School usually boosts my mood, being around my friends and all, but I don’t know how cheerful this week will be now that I’ve come to despise some teachers and people and my friends are in blue moods from uni shit. I want to be there for my friends, but I hardly have my own shit together, how can I help others? Plus we have two basketball games and I just lajskvbyikjg. Don’t want to move. Don’t want to do anything.

I need a fresh start, but I have to wait another 5 months before I finish school (and that is far too short a time for me to revise enough to get good grades on my exams). My friends tease me that I never work, which is true. But it’s also untrue, because I do revise. I just hate being at home, at the same time I get fuck all done at school.

UGH I HATE BEING THIS PATHETIC! But I’m home alone with nothing better to do. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to help myself by going outside and seeing friends because something in me genuinely doesn’t want other people to see me like this. I’m not like this. This isn’t my personality. I’m fun and bubbly and upbeat and silly. Serious when the situation calls for it. Shitty when my friends tease me, but not too angry.

But mopey? I don’t do mopey. Yet here I am. Fucking hormones. That’s what I’ll blame it on. I hate being a girl sometimes.

PS- Can we just take a moment to notice how fucking perfect my curl is! I noticed it in the mirror and tried to get a good photo of it… but couldn’t. Frustrating but whatever.


New Dress

I just went shopping with my motherrr!

She’s taken me to this shop before and I couldn’t find a single thing that I liked… this time was more or less the same until I spotted this silvery material poking out from the surrounding grossness.

Pulling it out, I was pleasantly surprised to find this:



Isn’t it gorgeous?? Took a bit of hummming and ahhhhing over before we decided to buy it. Now it’s mine. I have no clue when I’ll ever wear it (the main hesitation over buying it…) but you know what? I’ll make an event to which I can wear it if I have to!

Yeah. New Years Eve is going really well!

…Well, except for the rain. Lots of rain. Heavy thunder-and-lighting-like-crazy rain.

Ah well, that’s Singapore for you! Haha.

Sailing 2012

PicMonkey Collage

It dawns on me, now that we’ve come in from our last day of sailing, that this is the last time I’ll be sailing until 2013. Sounds so far away…

I’m more burned than ever, but I’ve loved every hour we’ve spent at sea. I’ve finally just got the hang of the ropes and knots- mind you I’ve lost most of the skin from my palms in doing so… haha.

It’s been sunny and rainy and hot and cold and so very, very good.

Now, all the sheets and sails are away. The ropes are tidy and all that’s left to do is pack for the flight tomorrow.

Didn’t see any dolphins today, just penguins 🙂

My boat shoes have officially fallen to pieces, I’ve been trailing bits of sun-faded purple rubber all over the boat as I’ve run about to secure the mooring lines and all that.

Nothing much else to say. I’m covered in salt- feel a bit like the “stalwart Odysseus”, except, not scaring poor royal maids with my wild nakedness, nor pissing off the gods for blinding their sons… Think I might head for an early shower to cool off the burns to be honest. I have no clue what to wear home that won’t chafe the burns while at the same time keeping me warm… Gah. Clothes. Why.

I have done NADA revision. All that “focus” has vanished and I have barely anything done. Well, guess what I’m going to be doing on the flight home!! Eeesh. What fun. -.-

Well, I have gone a bit camera crazy so here are a lot more photos, enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage-4 PicMonkey Collage-3 PicMonkey Collage-1 PicMonkey Collage-2

Just Chilling in the Chill

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 08.42

We got back to the boat a couple of hours ago (feels like it at least), we’re just chilling on the boat because it’s raining and windy and cold outside. Dad’s turned on the internet and so we’re all just being blobs. I should do revision but screw it (<– I’ll regret this I know).

My backpack has officially broken- the one with all my books of revision in it. Yeah, one of the backpack handles has snapped off and now there’s a great big hole in the top of it. *Facepalm*

I’ll need to get a new backpack from somewhere to put all my revision in before we fly out… YEAHHHH! AN EXCUSE TO HIT THE POST-CHRISTMAS SALES!! 😀 haha

Looking forwards to going home, at the same time I’m not. I like it here on the boat, it’s so nice and relaxed. I get to sleep! Revision is preferable to exams, let’s be honest. But all my friends are at home and I like being in Singapore. University will be so strange. I keep feeling like this will be the last “normal” Christmas season ever. I mean, after this I will technically be flying the  coup!

I’ll have finished school, hopefully have been to Greece, applied to University and accommodation and be visiting my family. Then it’s off to Uni, living by myself for the first time in my life. Come on, it’ll be so WEIRD! After that it just gets weirder because I’ll have to move into my very own home and start living like an adult!!! That’s all so scary and close!

Yeah, I won’t think about that right now. Have IB Exams to ace first.

Hope you’re all having a great Boxing Day!! 🙂