So I Guess I Have A LOT Of Explaining To Do…

So I Guess I Have A LOT Of Explaining To Do...

It has been 60 whole days since I’ve last posted here for you all.

I am so sorry.

I don’t know what happened.

Well I do… but you know what I mean.

There are some saved drafts I never finished that bring you up to date until November… but I feel that perhaps I should just summarise it all here now.

I guess I have failed in my attempt to write a post a day for a year. It’s such a shame… and I was so close as well! Ugh!

So here are the BIG THINGS that happened that I never wrote about between now, the 17th of December, and then, the 18th of October.

1) I started working at Myer
3) I went to see Beyonce
4) I hit triple digits on Wattpad in my fanbase!!!
5) Randers moved home! (And now semi-lives with me)
6) I catered cupcakes for an engagement party
7) I quit my Market job
8) Mum went to Singapore for a week, leaving my sister and I to fend for ourselves… lots went down, as one could imagine 😛
9) I turned 19
10) We had a family photoshoot
11) I went to see Muse
12) I semi-fixed my hair!

Those are the biggest things I think back on over the past 2 months.

I’m sure I’m missing a thousand anecdotes. I wish I hadn’t been forced to set my blog aside for those precious months! I love going back through this site and reminding myself of events I’d half forgotten! And now there is a 2 month hole that stretches uncomfortably between this post and my last.

I don’t even know where to start in my attempt to catch up.

Supernatural is going well (read: heartbreakingly). I’m halfway through Season 8. I finally started Season 2 of Sherlock, too. Randers being here certainly has had an impact.

I’ve become somewhat familiar with The Valley. Randers and I have gone there without the boys now, confident enough to tackle the place on our own 😛

My last weekend was insane. Insane stupid. Not insane off-the-walls. LOADS of fun. But good LORD did it come with a price 😛

So where to start?

Mum and I have had out ups and downs, but she’s more focused on Mei at the moment. Since the exams finished and I’ve started work, she’s really laid back with me (not to jinx it or anything).

I’ve gotten more confident with the boys… they’re all desperately trying to figure out the link for this blog. They want to know their nicknames…

It’s corny I know, but I know I’m going to miss them all terribly when I leave. I’ve been here 4-5 months and I’ve probably only spent 3 months of that with them, but they’re all so lovely and funny and sweet and they make me feel welcome and part of something like a family.

It’s not Singapore, but it was never going to be. They tease me when I bring up Singapore, but I can’t help it, I still feel homesick sometimes… but it’s more for the past than the actual place. I wish I could holiday in Singapore now so I could see all my friends, but a few months ago it would have been familiar streets with no people to laugh with.

Brisbane is slowly but surely becoming my new home. The boys, although I can’t say I see them with any discernable regularity, are my new family. Despite the fact they tell stories about people I don’t know, nor will ever meet, they make me laugh. I don’t know many people independent of the boys… the people at work, sure, but I don’t see them outside of work.

Perhaps I should tell you about Myer now?

Three words.

I. Love. It.

Sure, I have bad days and I can’t find anything, but on those days I pack until I have run out of paper… then get some more and continue on my mission to burn through as many orders as possible. On a good day I’m pretty sure I walk 10km within the store walls, picking up sheets of items to be collected and moving swiftly through the shoppers and isles to retrieve all the items on my list. I have risen from incompetent newbie, to confident floor navigator. I am usually the first one to work (aside from the managers) in the mornings, so I get to help set up for the day and get first pick of the floor I want.

I’ve made work friends and I really enjoy being a part of such a busy team. Sure, shifts can be frustrating, but what job is bump-free?

I’ve met some very good looking people at work. Two, really. And they have the same name. Which, you know, isn’t confusing at all when I try to explain it to Chimmercharlie and Randers -.-


The whole “crush” thing has become somewhat more complicated over the last few months. I mean, there are many people I find hot… and it’s hard to decide when liking a hot guy and wanting to date a hot guy is the same thing. Take, for instance, the guy I like here… I decided to suck it up and actually DO something about it after 3 months of wallowing… Only to find it a lot more difficult than anticipated. The boys here are dense as dense, I thought I was being obvious and had to physically TELL them who it was before they knew. Then? Oh, they couldn’t have been more obvious about that they think I’ve made a bad choice. Ughhhhh…

Oh well, it’s out there now and I’d be stupid to think he doesn’t know by now. They sure love their gossip… mind you… they can be surprisingly loyal (the surprise isn’t that they’re loyal- they’re fiercely loyal- but it’s more WHO they are loyal to in different situations)… so perhaps he doesn’t know… It hurts my brain to even think about it too much.

Then there are the two at work, one I have no chance with, that’s fine, I call him my unicorn because he’s gorgeous and funny, but I rarely see him. Then there’s the other one. Who I have an inch more of a chance with… I’m flirting with the idea of asking him to coffee sometime… if the guy the boys know I like thing doesn’t interfere… UGH IT’S STRESSFUL ENOUGH A SITUATION WITHOUT MORE COMPLICATIONS!

I knew exactly what I was doing when I told the boys who I liked. I told the guy’s best friend for crying out loud. I had it all planned… but then, seeing their reaction… I don’t know… and then the slightly-more-realistic-guy-at-work then had to start talking to me beyond a polite smile and nod as we pass each other in the store and I’m starting to think maybe I should stay away from making a move on guys in my current friendship group… do I really want anything I do with him to be public to all of them? Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t exactly be a private thing between just the two of us… I’m new, they’ve all known each other for years PLUS if anything bad happened they’d have his back… and I’d be- at best- forcing them to pick who to sympathise with.


I’m probably making no sense. Sorry.

The other thing?

Because it just couldn’t possibly be any easier… the guy the boys think I like… he’s great for a fling. I don’t care that they think he’s immature, if we get together and he is then whatever I walk away, no harm done. But if he’s not then we have a great few months together and I go to Uni and he goes off to do his thing with the army…

I am not looking for a long term relationship here. Just to be abundantly clear. If I was looking for that… well let’s just say the guy I WOULD pick out of the friendship group… it’d become even more impossibly complicated, and not only because Rander’s dibsied him.

I can’t think about the long term thing though, even though it hurts to think he might like me too and I’m still gunning for one of his friends…

WHAT EVEN IS LIFE I DON’T UNDERSTAND! My problem used to be that there were no guys worthy of interest, and if there was then there’d only be one at the most… and he’d always turn out to be an asshole and he’d invariably hurt me and walk away unscathed. But this situation? There’s something like 5 guys that I’d like to be with… 3 of which are realistic and 1 of those 3 that shouldn’t happen because I wouldn’t be able to walk away from it after a few months. I want to be single for Freshers. I want to experience flings and be able to flirt (however bad I am at it) with whoever I like as I meet them. I have friends who have started Uni with boyfriends in other Unis and it’s just… I don’t know… it’s difficult. A long term relationship based on 2 months of being together? Yeah, that’s not going to work. So it’s better to avoid the heartache and go for the guys that it won’t go on beyond 2 months with anyway.

So do I go for the work guy? Or the guy that the boys know I like.

Christ, it gives me a headache just thinking about it all.

SO! Moving on to simpler things. Concerts. I’ve been to two.

Heck has it been fun.

Beyonce was insanely cool! I snagged a last minute ticket off one of the girls I hang out with here. She was supposed to go, but then she realised she wasn’t in the country and so she sold me her ticket. We were right at the front of the mosh. The Queen rocked the house down. The only problem was I didn’t know many of the lyrics. I recognised the songs… but couldn’t sing along.

I still bought a t-shirt.

The most recent concert I attended was Muse.

Holy. Shit.

What a concert.

Probably my favourite mosh concert EVER!!! EVER EVER EVER!!! The entire concert from start to end had me screaming, jumping, fist pumping and headbanging. I have never done those last three things in a concert before, or at least, never to the extent I did at the Muse concert. Randers and I screamed ourselves silly.

For Beyonce, I got there 7 hours early… and there was still about 20 people in front of us. For Muse, 4 hours early… and the queue was about the same.

We were so close to the front of the mosh at Muse *dreamy sigh*

I actually knocked someone’s phone out of their hands I was rocking so hard. In my defense, they shouldn’t have been holding the damn thing right over my head. It wasn’t like a randomly started fist pumping, I’d been doing it all night along with everyone else in the crowd. I have no idea if the phone broke, but they at least got it back- after it slammed rather painfully into the back of my skull -.-

Uhmmmmm. Randers pretty much lives here now. Her real home is an hour and a bit away from mine, but because the it makes more sense, she stays at mine pretty much every second night. I love having her here. The girls here are lovely and all, but I’m not quite as in with them as I am with the boys… and even then there’s still some ground to cover before I can say I’m really “in” with the group. Randers and I are at least on the same wavelength, we have a friendship that is significantly longer than 4 months 😛

What else… so far I’ve covered boys, friends, work, concerts………… OH! Wattpad! Yeah! I got to 105 fans!!!!!!!! So incredibly proud! I am about to start writing again soon actually! I just wanted to post this first. I owed you all this at least 😛

So yeah… when Randers came back I got to meet some of her family and family friends- two of whom are engaged. Randers recommended me as baker for their party and they agreed and thus I got my first ever catering job! I was so flattered!

I baked about 100 cupcakes, probably more, then Randers came over to help ice them. We were told to only make 50, but because I was trying a new recipe I didn’t know how many cupcakes each batch would make… the book said 18 per batch, so naturally I doubled it. Yeah. Lots of cupcakes. Lots and lots.

Not that anyone was complaining!

We were told the colour scheme was red and green but STRICTLY NOT CHRISTMAS.

Randers and I were stumped for a while before we came up with the genius idea of mint chocolate cupcakes and then strawberry and cream cupcakes. I aimed to bake 25 vanilla for the strawberry ones and 25 chocolate for the chocolate mint ones….

They went down SO WELL at the party! People were taking them home with them after the party and stealing them before the party. If all else fails, at least Randers and I can start a cupcake catering company together (called “Miralin Cupcakes” because we’ve already thought this through and we’re going to be a better version of “Two Broke Girls” if we ever get the chance :P).

I quit my market job! Yes! Big news! Not because of any terrible things that have happened at work, but just because if I quit then I could give full availability to Myer (leading to my big Sunday shift the other day- huzzah for Sunday rates! :D)

I turned 19. Ew. I’m so old. Goodness. I didn’t have a party or anything… I had a gatho the following week, everyone called it my party, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Then mum went away for a week. I was left as guardian and my sister was in her last week of school before the Christmas holidays. I worked every single day that my mum was away. I should probably mention that my shifts are 7am-3pm… meaning I have to wake up at 5:30am to get to work on time (well, 20 minutes early actually, but I can’t afford to risk getting a later train). So I was always away when my sister woke up for school. She essentially had the house to herself and I had freedom.

So I went shopping. Really. I spent more money in that week than I ever have before in a self-funded shopping spree. It helps that I’ve got a job and get paid and can actually think about buying myself a fancy lil sumthin sumthin every now and again. I bought a whole bunch of new work clothes, Christmas presents, cards for various occasions, a chinese bowl that I have wanted for AGES and a book or two. But of all the things I bought? I prize my two dresses. I really treated myself with these two purchases. They were the most expensive items, but my most cherished. I am SO GLAD I decided to get them :3

Hummmm de dummm… oh yeah. I am an AWESOME big sister. But a really shit guardian.

We were told no boys over, no sleepovers, no this, that and the other. Mei was allowed one day off school.

First night, we had my sister’s friends over, girls AND boys. The girls slept over. Two rules broken on the very first bloody day. The next day, no boys, but the girls came back and one slept over AGAIN. I like her gal pals so I wasn’t too bothered, but I wasn’t too impressed that I’d have to lie to mum. They all took Wednesday off. They got their hands on some weed and they MADE a bong. I had no idea how to react. They didn’t get stoned and stink out the house. Thank god. They just got a little high- WHILE I WAS AT WORK- and asked me not to tell mum. Frankly, I’d get in more trouble if mum ever found out, so there really was no need to say anything.

Boys came over again and girls slept over and thankfully no more weed was had. The week ended uneventfully with a massive house clean up before mum got back in the afternoon while I was at work.

The biggest scare we had was on the Wednesday when the house owners showed up literally 5 minutes after they’d cleaned out any evidence of the bong and weed. I was out, so these people showed up at the house on a school day to find a high schooler and all her mates in the house. There was nothing I could do. Nothing. Apparently they weren’t allowed to come over, but how were we to know?

Whatever. Nothing happend. They bitched about a rug that they thought was theirs- but is actually ours- and left. CUE HUGH SIGH OF RELIEF.

Next thing- we had a family photoshoot (sorry, I’m not exactly following the order I posted waaaaay above :P). I got to wear my favourite of the two new dresses I bought. It was so much fun and at the end we bought the CD of the photos so we can print them as we like 🙂

I think that’s it.

That’s all of us up to date.

I’m shattered.



Good lord my head feels so heavy and yuck. Mei has a gross ass cold and I think she may have given it to me! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It feels so shitty. Fingers crossed the headache passes after a good sleep (which I won’t get tonight because my mum’s making me play netball STARTING at 9pm… and I have work tomorrow so 5:30am wake up again. But perhaps tomorrow night I’ll be able to sleep in?).

Hokays…. the weekend. Thursday night I slept over at Randers place after Christmas shopping in the city. We saw “Delivery Man” (VERY GOOD! We were both incredibly surprised at it, neither of us like Vince Vaughn, but the storyline was lovely) before crashing at hers. Friday morning I journeyed home while she went to work. We were apart for possibly 8 hours before she came over to mine to sleep over and go clubbing. We headed out, not expecting to see anyone, all dolled up and ready to enjoy our ladies night out. Only to bump into a few of the guys… one of which is the guy I like. My expectations of the night went soaring. I knew I looked good. It was my new damn dress for crying out loud!

Then they came crashing down when the boys all disappeared a few hours later (one of their buddies had had their face smashed in by some random idiot on the street). Nothing had happened. Desperate to salvage the night, Randers and I headed to club we had been to the week before that had been awesome… only to find it completely dead inside. So we were home by 2am. We’d had a fun night, but I just couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Then we had the genius idea to skype all our UK friends until 4 freaking 30 in the morning. After a couple of hours mum had woken me up for my sister’s birthday. Randers managed to steal an hour or two more of sleep while I went for the morning celebrations with the family.

Randers left a little after that and my family all trouped down to the beach because Mei wanted to catch some sun. I slept a bit on the car there and back. The boys then text me while I was hiding at the back of our beach tent- desperately staying away from the sun- and offered me to come out with them that night.

I had work on Sunday at 9am. That was more or less a sleep in. Expecting the guys to head home around 3am.

Oh my naivety.

They picked me up around 6:30-7 and we headed to someone’s for pre’s. Got to The Valley around 10 or 11-ish. During pre’s I’d agreed to do the infamous “Dragon Shots”. Let me now tell you all, I had eaten a few chips and half a sausage roll at around 1pm at the beach. Hadn’t eaten since then and CERTAINLY had no plans to drink. “Dragon Shots” are a series of 3 shots (head, body, tail) that supposedly get you flat on your back drunk, heavy weight or not.

I agreed to do one. Because I am incredibly intelligent young gal.

“Dragon Shots” are either not as potent as the guys make them out to be… or we just had a smaller than usual dose. Mind you- the way the guys reacted (ignoring the fact they’d drunk at pre’s and I hadn’t), I would suggest there’s just something seriously wrong with me.

I felt nothing. Well, that’s a lie. I got a bit light headed for about an hour, then nothing. No stumbling, no alcohol fuzziness, no symptoms of being anything aside from half buzzed after one set of “Dragon Shots” on an empty stomach. *Sigh*

I can’t decide if being a heavy weight is a perk or curse.

Anyway, the night was super fun. Despite the boys promising that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE WILL BE IN THE VALLEY TONIGHT! Our little group only gained one person once we got there. Yeah. Not that it mattered, we hit about 4-5 different places and danced and danced and danced.

We didn’t stop dancing until 3:30ish when the club started to become noticeably empty. We piled into a cab at 4am, at which point I started- dumbstruck- at the sky and watched it get lighter in absolute horror. I was to sleep over at the boys place, which we reached at 4:30am. I felt like crying.

In the whole time between Friday and Sunday, I probably only collected 4-5 hours of sleep.

Work on Sunday was, understandably, a minefield. I knew I’d be testy due to lack of sleep and I knew that stress levels of the managers would be high thanks to Christmas being around the corner…

…I- and all my co-workers- came out unscathed at the end of the day. I even worked 2 extra hours! Once I’d hit about 1pm I felt the sleep deprivation melt away and I was completely myself. My eyes were a bit sore up to that point, but that was the only thing I suffered after such little sleep. I was thoroughly impressed with my body’s ability to revert back to IB Survival Mode after all these long months.

So yeah! I had work yesterday, none today and another shift tomorrow. No more shifts until Boxing Day.

Boxing Day when my shift starts at- drum roll please- 5 in the morning. FIVE AM. THERE ARE NO TRAINS! NONE! I HAVE NO CLUE HOW I AM GOING TO GET THERE!! D:

Short of asking my parents to drive me to the city at 4:30am.


But rumour has it, we’re allowed to wear our own casual clothes on Boxing Day, which is definitely something to look forwards to if it’s true :3


I am about to go to a friend’s birthday dinner and then on to netball. Hopefully I’ll be in bed early enough to not drop dead at work tomorrow 😛

The guy I like will be there tonight. I don’t know if he knows I like him… I don’t know my next move from here. This is the 21st century, I’m seriously toying with the idea of just asking him out… but I’m not sure I want to hit that shitstorm just yet… So I’ll see how tonight goes. No pressure on anyone.

Then tomorrow, if I see the cute guy at work, I’ll talk to him again and see if I want to ask him out.

(There’s also a VERRY cute guy who works at the news agency outside the city train station who just so happens to be a co-worker of one of my Myer friends- she has two jobs- so she’s my “in” if I choose to follow up that one… to be honest I might just leave him as a guy to admire from a distance… it’s not like it’s not complicated enough as it is.)

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! My last 60 days more or less completely accounted for!

Oh how I’ve missed writing here!

Not sure if my posts will be more regular from now on. I think I might just aim for one or two posts a month- JUST A HEADS UP! What with Uni coming up. Maybe I’ll establish a bi-monthly schedule. Post on the 1st and 15th of very month maybe? Hmmm, we’ll see 😀



Finally Friday!

Finally Friday!

The sleepover was… uneventful… sort of.

I got to the house, dropped off my bag and we were off! We walked barefoot to the train station, which wasn’t a smart move because I stood in a thorn plant thing and had to walk all the way to the train station with these god-awful thorn things in my feet because I couldn’t see them well enough to take them out without doing more damage than good.

Once we were on the train she introduced me to two of her friends… they were all very LOUD. I kept cringing, but had to put on a brave face when they looked over at me.

Fortitude Valley. Wow. That was something ELSE! I knew it wouldn’t be like Clarke Quay, but WOW. I don’t know what I was expecting… and still don’t know if I’m ready for tomorrow night to be honest.

We first hit up a bar called “Our Place” for $3 basics and $2 shots (when the bell was rung). After that we headed to Alhambra to get stamped.

I would most definitely go back to Alhambra. It’s gorgeous! I really liked the feel of the place- not that we actually clubbed there… oh no. We stood in there for maybe 10 minutes before coming out because the girls wanted to go to another bar called “Rick’s”, which we never made it to.

The two other girls disappeared with some people while we waited for them and waited and waited. The girl I was with started complaining (well, didn’t START per se… she’d been complaining all night) about her sore feet and blah blah blah. She’s a lovely girl, don’t get me wrong, but holding conversation with her was difficult.

In the end we decided to call it all off and head to her place, stopping at 7/11 en route for some Ben and Jerries, to watch a girlie movie.

We got back to hers at around 1am and started watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” (one of the all time best chick flicks ever!) at around 1:30-2:00am. We’d both fallen asleep by about halfway- after finishing our respective tubs of ice cream, naturally.

Then this morning happened. She woke me up BEFORE 9AM. I actually wanted to throw something at her. I was soooo tired. Who the hell goes out, then comes back with ice cream and passes out around 3am AND WAKES UP BEFORE 9AM!?!?!?!?

Awkward semi-conversation continued until around 10:30 when I called it quits and split. We’re going to go out “properly” some time soon. I’m looking forwards to it, honestly I am, but I need to figure out a way to make it less awkward.

Getting home was an ordeal and a half… O.o

I had to catch trains I’d never been on before, save myself from nearly getting lost, pray that I had enough on my go-card (because public transport here is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!) and make it home just in time to see my parents driving off.

Not to mention being shat on by a bird.

Oh yes.

On my walk from the train station to my house I had to walk under a tree… big mistake.

I didn’t know birds could poop so much (and this was a BIG ASS BIRD).

I was happily walking along, bopping to Ellie Goulding and marvelling at my ability to get home safely when BAM! Waterfall of bird crap from cheek bone to hip.

It was on my face, my shoulder, shirt, arm, hip… I’m just so glad it didn’t hit my jeans or phone or bag. I would have cried. In fact, I nearly DID cry.


Got home and dived into the shower, unpacked and soothed myself with some Supernatural SEASON 6 BABY! 😀

I’m up to episode 9 now :3

Uhmmm, what else. Nothing much really. Watched “The Wizard of Oz” with the family tonight. Dad flies out tomorrow morning. My friends turn 18 tomorrow night! PARTY TIME! SATURDAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!

I haven’t seen these guys in 2 weeks and I don’t think I can begin to describe how much I’ve missed their company. It’s pretty pathetic. Anyway, I’ve been invited to pre’s at a gal’s house, then I’ll go to the party, then we’re all going clubbing and then I’m sleeping over at the boy’s place. I AM SO STOKED! THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!! 😀

Better yet? Being victim of a poop-bomb by the birds is actually supposed to be good luck so WOO THIS WEEKEND HAS THE ADDED BONUS OF ME BEING LUCKY! MAYBE I’LL ACTUALLY **GET** LUCKY! 😀

Haha, I know, I know, a gal can dream 😛

Anyway, I’m shattered and I have to get up early tomorrow. Night all! 🙂


Social Sunday

Social Sunday

Skyped Chimmercharlie last night until 1am… probably not my smartest move considering I had work this morning- but it didn’t turn out too bad. I’m still not sure I’ve officially “got” this job… I have another couple of hours next weekend… whatever, as long as I’m being paid I don’t really care.

After work this morning we had family friends come for lunch and now we’re heading out to dinner with more friends so I’ll write more later bai! 🙂


Delightful but Dim

Delightful but Dim

So last night’s party was… yeah. It was like a party back in Singapore with the rich kids… After kicking back at each other’s houses and having a laugh it was utterly bizarre to get back into the old lifestyle of fake laughs, much-too-loud music and people who, let’s be honest, couldn’t give less of a shit if I was having a good time or not. Not to say they SHOULD care, just, if I sit with them it would be nice if they didn’t move away 5 seconds later. *Sigh*

I felt unbelievably uncomfortable and left after 2 hours. Fun! Not.


I’m up to episode 4 of season 5 now. WOO! 😀

Only to find out I had to walk the dog again (an hour early mind you) because we were going out to the BBQ thingy with old friends at 4! NO JOKE! So… me… at 3pm… wearing old sports shirt, gross jeans, make up left over from the night before and sweaty from doing stuff around the house and whatnot… had an hour to PROPERLY walk the dog AND be ready to go.

Mum also agreed to let my sister and I go to a gatho with the boys “if the night got boring” or “if it ended early”. I was so excited for the damn gatho. I miss being with people I like and know I’ll have a good time with. It’s been a week, I know, that’s nothing, but when I genuinely have NO OTHER THINGS TO DO IN A DAY BESIDES TALK TO MY DOG AND STUDY… you can see why I’m slowly going insane.

(Speaking of my dog- she now has an instagram account! Follow her on Cait_Rayy! :D)

Anyway. I walk the dog for 40 minutes or so, race home, shower, forget I’m wearing non-waterproof mascara, desperately try to be presentable and wind up leaving the house at 4:30 with no make up on, my hair in the same bun I’d been wearing all day and an outfit that I could have probably done a better job with.


Then we actually GOT to this place. I know I used to be good friends with this gal, she was sweet… now? She’s… different. Bit of a party gal if you ask me. She pleaded with me to come out bar hopping with her tonight and wound up getting smashed off the champagne her mum kept pouring her. I have this job trial again tomorrow so I couldn’t go (and wouldn’t have anyways- I wanted to go to the gatho with the boys).

By 7:30pm, we’d been there for 3 hours by now, I was ready to leave. The boys had said to be at theirs by around 8 so they could take us to this gatho out somewhere I’ve never been before… only for my bitch of a little sister to decide to throw a strop and not want to go. I COULD HAVE THROTTLED HER.

So, freaking naturally, we don’t go. And we sit there with this girl as she gets more and more wasted, talking to her about things I’d really rather have not talked about, until 11pm.

No. Freaking. Joke.

I only just got home. I feel utterly miserable. She’s a nice girl, nothing against her really (except I think I’ve gone deaf), she’s taking me out on Thursday night, which should be… interesting.

I really wish I’d been able to go to the gatho though… :/

Oh well.

Tomorrow is job trial number 2, then lunch with yet more family friends then Sunday dinner with mum’s tennis buddies. Joy of joys.

I’m not going to see anyone I’d like to see until next weekend. *Headdesk*

All I have is Supernatural to keep my loneliness at bay now. Well, and Chimmercharlie and Randers… and anyone else on Facebook.

Oh well. Night all! 🙂


So My Friends Got Me Tumbling Again

So My Friends Got Me Tumbling Again

Oh dear lord the seventh ring of hell has reopened and swallowed me again. I’ve started tumblr-ing. UGH!

Today was boring… ish. I got work done. Then procrastinated, which was fun.

I skyped Randers and Chimmercharlie and some guys I used to know in Singapore. Then I tumbled a lot. Then I got my 98th WATTPAD FAN!! WOOOOOOO!!! 😀

What else… not much really. Mum and I are getting along again after last nights- quote- “breakthrough”… Sure.

I watched two episodes of Buffy.

I got the loveliest email from my old Philo teacher AND I set up an instagram account for my dog :3

So today was awesome but more or less completely unproductive.

And now it’s bedtime, teehee. NIGHT! 🙂


The Reappearance of the Forehead

The Reappearance of the Forehead

Teehee… I would put it down but it looks awful 😛

Had the job trial this morning and it went preeeetty well (I hope)! I think… Well, they left me in charge of the stall and the money for 10 minutes all by myself while they went off to get more products from their car. I SOLD STUFF! I actually sold stuff! Plus they kept me on for an extra hour… 😀

SO yeah. Had a crepe. Yum. I sense a tradition starting. 😛


Then promptly fought with mum- what’s new. Theeennnnn supermarket shopping with mum. Then walking the dog and now I’m here! 🙂

Byee! 😀


Breaking From the Norm

Breaking From the Norm

The boys are hosting a “gatho” tonight so I’m all dolled up and ready to go! It makes for a nice change from sitting at my laptop, alone, all night long.

I’ve started watching Buffy again- the end is nigh! D:

It’s getting even betterer and betterer (if that’s even possible!) and the increased budget has me jumping at least twice per episode. I’m impressed and SOO NOT IMPRESSED. Buffy isn’t meant to be scary, ugh hahaha…

Didn’t do much today. Anyone surprised? Nope? Didn’t think so 😛

I know I’ve said it before… but I should really start tagging stuff. My viewings have nose dived, not that I’m writing this for the publicity… but still. It’s nice to know people are stumbling onto my blog- who knows, they might find my old IB English Quotes and find them to be lifesavers?! (One can only dream :P)

Uhmmm… what else. Not much to report.

Oh! Tomorrow I do my trial run at the market place! Have to say I’m pretty excited about that! After calling the tax people the other day, I’m keen to start bringing the “swag dolla billz” (as my Singapore girlies say) into my bank account 😛

Still waiting to hear from Myer, I’m not too worried about that. Yet. 😛

Okie dokie! Bye! 🙂


Shakespeare Adaptations

Shakespeare Adaptations

Although today was dull as dishwater (did skype my lovely Chimmercharlie for a while- yay!), tonight has been fun.

Mum, mei and I have watched “10 Things I Hate About You” and we’re now watching “She’s the Man”. Having a bit of a Shakespeare chick flick night :3

We all know the movies so well we can quote them line for line. It’s nice to be getting along for a change though.

And so… with nothing more to say (surprise, surprise -.-) I big you all goodnight 🙂


So the Bubble Finally Burst

So the Bubble Finally Burst

Mum and I are back to fighting. Big whoop.

This morning mum decided to bugger about for AGES instead of getting me the orange dye she’d PROMISED me last night, meaning the icing and fondant stuff wasn’t done until 1-ish. I wasn’t going to the see film today, I knew that, whatever, it was wishful thinking, but the freaking BANKS!!

They close at 3pm… I could go into details about what happened, but it’s really not that interesting. Basically what happened was (surprise, surprise) mum buggered around some more until it was 2:10pm and her phone rings so she sits on the phone until 2:30pm and VOILA there’s no longer any time to go to the bank. THEN she tells me it’s MY fault I didn’t get to the bank!

I FAIL TO SEE HOW THIS IS MY FAULT! I’ve been asking to go to the bank ALL WEEK! ALL WEEK! Not since last night, not since a day ago- ALL WEEK! I’ve been doing my best to fit in with everyone’s plans and be oh so very good… only for it to blow up in my face. This is so frustrating and frankly I want to cry because if they shut this bank account down I have no freaking clue when I’ll be able to set up a new one.

At least the cake looks good. *sniffle*

carrot cake

And the cookies should be kick ass.

I’m just going to be trapped in this hell-hole forever. I reckon mum’s doing this just so I’m financially dependent until I’m 50 so she can bitch at me for being useless. Dramatic or not, I honestly do think she’s doing this on purpose. The thought of me being financially independent is terrifying to her because it means I actually have a shot at leaving. Soon.


OH! Something positive to focus on! Ellie Goulding has 7 new songs out! Bringing my grand total of Goulding songs to 74! YAY! 😀

So now I’m “studying”, it’s nearly 4 and I reckon people won’t show up until 7 or 8 earliest… that’s kinda how things work here… I think. Maybe if I mention there are baked goods they’ll show up sooner?? I don’t know… I haven’t told anyone I’ve baked for this so we’ll see how it goes 😛

Bye! 🙂


Bizzarre Occurences

Bizzarre Occurences

Soooo- mum and I actually got along today. For pretty much the entire day.

No joke.

We bonded pretty well!

I now have tuition lined up until the November exams, I had a light lunch with mum and NEARLY applied for a job in the cafe… but then didn’t. When we got home I completed the most laborious two job applications ever (to Myer and David Jones) and then watched the first two episodes of the 1995 “Pride and Prejudice” with her.

Sweet stuff right!

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be seeing “City of Bones” again… I finished reading it (for the 2nd time) this morning and wanted to cry at the injustice of the movie. I’ve never felt so acutely betrayed by a book-to-film adaptation. I hate to admit it, but even “Twilight” was more faithful to the book.

I’m shocked and appalled that Cassandra Clare would allow this version of her brilliant series to be sent out around the world. After re-reading the book (don’t get me wrong, the movie is great AS A MOVIE… but as an adaptation… *shudder* it’s such an insult to her!!) I have come to the realisation that I’m pretty sure I know exactly how it was scripted.

Here’s my theory:
Some guy flipped through the book and wrote down each of his favourite little bits on separate pieces of note cards… then again with the quotes, not bothering to write down which character said which quotes.
The note cards were flung in the air like Hollywood actors throw money in the air in movies like “21”… randomly recollected and then set down as the plot for the movie.

There are quotes that are loyal to the book… but for goodness sake they’re rarely from the right character and in the right timing. Entire chapters have been rewritten, removed or rejigged to fit their fancies.

– Simon isn’t a rat? HELLO?
– What the hell happened to the Asylum?
– Since when was there a LIQUID portal in the freaking INSTITUTE of all places???

UGHHHH I don’t want to post too many spoilers… but, frankly, it’s shocking.

Anyway, I have to go so I’ll write to you all again tomorrow!! Bye! 🙂


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