I’m Running Out of Titles About School!!


So hey guys! 🙂

Once more I’m back at school. I come here for at least 6 hours a day, 7 days a week… HOW FREAKING SAD IS THAT!?!! Weekends and schooldays are no different- only on weekends I’m not skiving class. I’m like the ultimate rebel nerd. I like it. 😛

So when I came in to the usual classroom just now I found this:


Which is, of course, an illustration of all the main characters in the two fandoms that my girlies want me to join (I’ve already joined the ‘Supernatural’ fandom (on the left), they’ve yet to convince me to watch ‘Merlin’ (on the right), but that’s mainly because I don’t want to fail IB. I’m already worried about my growing addiction to Sam’s… I mean Jared’s beautiful freaking voice I swear to god he’s an angel in disguise he’s so gorgeous and my baby and oh my god and **OVARIES EXPLODE**

*cough cough*

Heh… hehe… sorry bout that. I just get… a little over emotional about such a stunning specimen of man meat. *Sigh* WHY CAN’T ALL MEN BE SAM FUCKING WINCHESTER! I NEED HIM! o.O

…..Ok, I think I’ll stop now.


By lunchtime, 12pm (it’s now 10:30) I will have my two Chemistry IAs finished and sent to my godawful teacher (grr). One was due in yesterday- hence the “I hate Chem” post, I really was desperately trying to get that first one in on time (it’s only a first draft), but I couldn’t. Then I showed up for class and she completely, blatantly ignored me. She’s so childish! I’ve hated her since day 1 so it’s no surprise that she’s such a little bitch, but when she ignores me and gives the ONE OTHER KID IN MY CLASS DOING SL WITH ME extra advice about the IA, you can’t expect me to attempt to give her respect right? She lost my respect ages ago… anyway. I’ll hand them both in today and say the other one is late because I wanted to give them both in together. She can suck eggs. I know she won’t have them marked by Monday anyway.

Ciao for now! 🙂


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